Saturday 31 August 2013


Could be wrong about the dragonfly but I presume that's what it was when I took this while out for a walk one afternoon in Wales

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Friday 30 August 2013

Two More Bridges

As I'm on a bridge theme I thought I'd show you a couple of bridges along the Thames at a place called Radcot.

 This is Radcot bridge which is reputedly the oldest bridge on the Thames which can be dated back to 1200 AD
 It was broken down in 1387 during a battle then rebuilt but damaged again in the wars of the roses and largely rebuilt as it is seen today
This bridge known as the Canal Bridge was built in 1787, there is a third further on along the road past the pub which looks like it runs over a stream. You can see the bridges if you walk the Thames Path.

Two Bridges

Ufton Bridge

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An Old Bridge

While in Garlieston I went off for a walk to trace the remains of an old railway I had gone through the bridge to get a photo of the nearby station and turned to get this shot of the bridge.

St Swithuns Day

There is a saying in the UK that if it rains on St Swithuns day it will do so for 40 days & nights. It did not look like it would when I took these photos.

 This was taken around 2 pm in the courtyard at work
This was around 21:30 in the evening.
St Swithun's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St Swithun's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain nae mare
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The Gathering

I posted a couple of photos of steam engines being driven through our village to where they are being stored. Well today you can see where they are kept and the gathering of them at the club show.

This is the Thames Valley Traction Engine Club meeting

More Flowers From My Garden

Few more flowers growing in my garden

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The Oak

This is the remains of an Oak tree and it is one of a pair which have their name to Old Oaks Campsite. The tree is around 2000 years old and I'm stood beside it's made which is nearly as old. As you can see this one is now dead though it was still clinging to life when I first visited the place many years ago.

This is a stitch three photos 
You will be glad to know they collected the acorns and grew new trees from them so now park has lots of oak trees.
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Gypsy Lane Farm

Gypsy Lane Farm which takes it name from the lane it is along seen here  from Glastonbury Tor.


 Waiting outside a shop for it's master.

West Pennard

West Pennard a small Village along the A361 outside Glastonbury here seen from Glastonbury Tor.

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Flints Folly

Thought I'd show something different today. It's called Flints Folly and can be seen along Nunhide Lane near Theale it is now a dovecote but if you check the link you can see why it was built.

Have a great Monday

The Tor

Looking up the side of Glastonbury Tor, as you can see it's very steep.
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Sat on the Pavement

Along the High Street in Glastonbury a group of what I would call the more undesirable side you can see in the town. The lady in the rainbow top was begging outside Morrisons the day before.

The Festival

Glastonbury Festival from the Tor 
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Yacht in the Harbor

Another view from Garlieston this time showing the harbor which was at the time being reconstructed, the yacht is being patriotic withe the Scottish flag on the rails

Full Moon

The other week was the full moon so I thought I'd try and get a photo of it, the photos were taken with my Compact camera so I was at a loss as to how it come out.

The ring round the moon with clouds passing
On full zoom I was surprised I could see so much detail, not bad for a compact.
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Monday 26 August 2013

Eating the Roses

Found some of these little blighter's eating the leaves on my rose bushes,

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Sunday 25 August 2013

Sunday Photo

This Display of flowers was taken in St Botoph in Swyncombe
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Friday 23 August 2013

Thursday 22 August 2013

Blue Skies

Blue skies and fluffy clouds 

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Flowers on St Martins Street

A show of flowers outside a shop on the Lamb Crossroads in Wallingford. The shop has now moved and it is an art shop

St Martins Street is named after an old church that was in Wallingford

Wednesday 21 August 2013

The Chapel

One of two chapels in Wallingford cemetery

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Tuesday 20 August 2013

The Signpost

The Ridgeway is an ancient trackway that runs from Avebury toe Ivinghoe Beacon. You can see these signposts marking the way along the track.

 The track is 87 miles in length..

Sunday 18 August 2013

Moth in the Bin

Few years ago I came across this huge moth in a wheely bin after getting a few photos I left it alone to fly away.

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Sunday Photo

Candles in the Window

Taken at St Botoph Swyncome

Friday 16 August 2013


It's Saturday so I thought I'd post a photo of a fledgling bird I saw last Saturday, it was sat on a path. It looked like it was hurt but on going near it fluttered off. I just hope it was Ok.

 Have a nice weekend.

Thursday 15 August 2013

The Skylab

A failed attempt to take a photo of the meteorites ended with me taking the Skylab going across.

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Clouds over the Thames Valley

Looking down from Swyncombe towards the Thames Valley, over to the right you can see Swyncombe Downs.

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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Monday 12 August 2013

Didcot in the Distance

Today I will share a view I saw over the weekend while visiting a church . I stopped the car at a junction to get a few photos of a signpost and when I looked round I was looking at this view of Didcot Power Station.

The power station is now shut down and waits demolition, I will return for another photo when it has gone.
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Bees in the Hibiscus

After yo all liked my Hibiscus the other day I thought you might like to see what was in the other flowers on the same bush.

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Sunday 11 August 2013

Sunday Photo

Punch & Judy

Children and parents engrossed in a punch and Judy show