Thursday 30 July 2015

Spitfire Friday

 Last weekend at the Silverstione Classic  this was Spitfire on display as part of the Battle of Britan display. Silverstone used to be an RAF bomber Base

 A while later I heard the sound of an engine and it took a few moment sto realise another spitfire was doing a flypast

An awesome sound
Taking Part in Skywatch Friday

Monday 27 July 2015

Swans & Ducks at Mottisfont

A few weeks ago my wife & I visited a place called Mottisfornt and while there we walked the nearby grounds and mill stream. Along it we noticed a pair of swans and on the way back ducks, here are a few of the photos of what we saw. If you want to see more from the Blog on Mottisfont then click the link

You can't help notice the ducks when you walk into the gardens

Or the swans for that matter

I should have said swan & cygnets

but dad was not far away
But better to hang out with Mum

She makes a nice cosy bed 

to snuggle down in
or watch the world go by

Not the same being a Duck

Mum watches you
 and you have to snuggle down together 

Mind you Dad keeps and eye on things

and Mum is not far away.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday.

Small Mural

I showed the Mottisfont Angel  a couple of weeks ago this week I am showing a smaller mural from inside the house. It sits above the door beside these two magnificent paintings and is by part of the old chapel that used to be in the house.

You can read more on Mottisfont in my Blog
Tanking Part in Monday Mural

Thursday 23 July 2015

Blue Sky over Pool

On Tuesday I posted a blog on Selfie Sticks a light hearted look at people taking photos of themselves when we visited Corfe Castle. The sky that day was one of those ones where there were some clouds and you could see for miles. Have a look in the first photo and see if you can see the selfie. I might add the girl I took for my blog photo is there as well.

Poole is in the distance it's by the area centre photo

Did you find the girl taking the selfie. She is second from the left the girl I took the photo of in the blog I wrote is stood around centre photo.
Taking part in Skywatch Friday

Monday 20 July 2015

Selfie Saturday

Bit of a change from my normal post for Tuesday but I thought I would show you what I noticed When my Wife & I visited  Corfe Castle. It was not a day I would normally go but we were in the area so took a chance. First thing that happened when we got there was coach load of a tourists tuned up to go with the other which was already there. Getting to the place was easy and getting in but then I found I was tripping over people taking selfies.

It started here  and after getting past

these young lady's had the selfie stick out

Then I took some photos for a panoramic and when I downloaded them I noticed someone taken a selfie in the bottom left.

I wanted to go and get a photo from this point but the girls were back for another selfie

 People were sat on the walls having a photo taken

or waving to their friends to take one

no matter where you looked someone was taking a selfie or a photo

He strikes a nice pose but did he realise I was watching him take it.

So there you have it, Selfies everywhere. I'm not going to say it people should not do it because I do it as well, it's just I happened to notice everyone doing it on Saturday.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Corfe Castle Mural

Visited Corfe Castel with my wife on Saturday and while walking round the village I noticed a mural in a park shelter asking me to come over and get a few photos

The local kids pulled the picnic bench in

Ceiling shot

and a pano shot showing the whole mural.
Taking part in Monday Mural

Friday 17 July 2015

Red Kite Flying By

Ever been photo bombed? I have seen photo's of people who have and never thought it happened that often till I checked this photo I took over Llandrindod Wells from the Old Church  yard that looked over it. There in the photo was a Red Kite flying past. How inconsiderate of it.

Happy Skywatch everyone

Tuesday 14 July 2015

The Balloon man

Steam Rally Part 2

Last week I showed some photos from a Steam Rally I went to with my wife, steam engines were not the only attraction as I will show you in this blog.

There were tractors

all sorts

from the Fordsons, ( I have driven one)

this might be an old MOD one

nice orange one

red ones which is a Nuffield

old ones

and even older ones

They had Indians

and lots of cowboys

hanging around though I'm not sure what he is up to with the gun
But the sheriff was around to keep order

 Mind you the army was not far away, well some restorers were

stationary engines

fairground rides


even a six wheel drive one

quite a few classic cars

from big to small

to small. for you who do not know this is a Hilman Imp, came out the same time as a Mini

has to be one of the cars I always wanted a Astin Healey 3000

My wife has an affection for these which go under the nickname Peanuts. She owned and learned to drive in one 
Pontiac Firebird 
now the only this missing from the show was an Mini, I was gutted to find there were none there. Well that is what you can see at a local steam rally in the UK, might add this was the prelude to an even bugger one a week or so later at Woodcote not far away.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday