Saturday 30 October 2021

St Giles Cumnor


This week the Church Explorer visits St Giles Cumnor a wonderful church in a prominent position in the village. This blog is split over two weeks with part 2 showing the inside of the church

Thursday 28 October 2021

River sky


A few more photo's I too from Days lock the other day only making sure there was a good helping of sky in them

On the way there I stopped off to get a photo of this new estate which is another piece of land grabbing so the farmland up to the bypass could be used for new housing, these are the first few built, all around more are going up.

Days lock only this time taken with my R6

Looking upstream from the lock

The other way through the lock, in the background you can see part of Wittenham Clumps

This a closer look taken from the bottom of the bridge, this part of the clumps is Castle hill which is an old iron age fort

From the bottom of the bridge again looking towards the weir

On the way home we stopped of at this place Neptune wood which is part of the Trafalgar woods project in 2005 to mark the Battle of Trafalgar. HMS Neptune was one of the ships in the battle
Happy Skywatch

Monday 25 October 2021

Days Lock


Day's lock  is at a place called Little Wittenham along the Thames near Dorchester. I went along there with my son to get some photos of the lock and other interesting places nearby.

After parking near the church you follow the path along here towards the bridge you see. There is another one after this I did not get a photo of which is the Poohsticks bridge of at least was, the arch bridge I remember has been replaced by a flat decked bridge that is able to support traffic to the Environment Agency compound there

Skipping a bit here and over the third bridge this is from the bridge looking towards Dorchester and the abbey there

This is Days lock which is to the right

The arch span I took the photos from

The weir with a lot of water flowing through it

Not something you would want to fall in

You can just see Poohsticks bridge in the distance which is not as romantic as the old wooden one. No doubt kids still play pooh stick there

This is the bridge I took the photos from earlier

Time to head back over the bridge past the Lock Keepers cottage You can see more photos around the lock on Skywatch Friday

Take Care and have a good week

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Take care everyone 


Saturday 23 October 2021

St Mary the Virgin Kidlington


 This week the Church Explorer visits St Mary the Virgin Kidlington, a church which is not easy to get to because of all the roads through the town but well worth visiting. The church is know locally as Our Lady's Needle

Thursday 21 October 2021

Monday Morning


Monday morning it was time to get up and let the dog out. On opening the door I looked along the patio  & noticed the sky, it was red

Though this was take after the next two it gives an idea as to what I saw
After letting the dog out I ran back upstairs with my phone and took this shot across the houses the sun causing the sky to go red
with an odd streak where there was a gap in the clouds

I went back upstairs when I noticed the sky deepening in colour
Such a beautiful colour
Like a fire burning in the distance
The colours changed again
and 20 odd minutes later it was all over. As the saying goes Red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning. A little later it rained a lot
Happy Skywatch

Monday 18 October 2021

A Couple of Squirrels


 Some photos of a couple of squirrels from different pats of the country

The first ones are form Wales and a tree just over from our caravan. In the tree is a squirrel

He looks aware I'm watching him

Even when he sits on an old log
Move on a few weeks and a church in Kidlington Oxfordshire, I spotted this squirrel run across the churchyard and sit on a tomb

It felt save enough to get down and did for some nuts they had buried 

Then thought they would look somewhere else. I moved off after that when it decided to move on

I'll leave you with a cropped shot of the squirrel on the tomb 
Take care and have a good week
aking Part in My Little Corner of the World  Our World Tuesday and Imag-in-ing, you can find all the links in the right hand column Take care everyone

Saturday 16 October 2021

St Giles Newington


 This week the Church Explorer visits St Giles Newington. This is a church I have passed by many times and quite often stopped to see if it was open only to walk away disappointed. A few weeks ago I noticed it was open so stopped to get photos of the inside

Thursday 14 October 2021

Walk Around the Lake

 I showed a few random photos a couple of weeks ago, these were the skywatch photo's I was meant to show that week.

The rock form the random photo blog

I cropped it from this photo taking out the sky behind

Bit further on we look across the lake to the shelter

Around the top of the lake and back to the shelter

Looking towards the hill

Looking down the lake

Then up the lake from the jetty
Happy Skywatch