Saturday 13 April 2024

Wallingford Methodist Church


This week the Church Explorer visits Wallingford Methodist Church on which I have passed so many times I have lost count. This was the first occasion I managed to visit the church as I saw it open and also the first Methodist church I have been inside

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Hospital Sky


 It's over 20 years ago since the mental hospital my parents worked in closed and just over ten since they started converting it into housing

The main entrance into the place, it has not chance since it was built in Victorian times

If you have been looking here when it was open you would have seen the kitchen

 This is looking towards where the boiler house was, my friends dad worked here and we used to visit quite a lot

 The yard of the boiler house now a carpark

There used to be a tree here you can see the stump, I have a photo of my dad stood in front of it, the area was the male airing court where the patients exercised

The cricket pavilion, not that old I suspect it was built in the late1940's but some famous cricketers have played here

Here we look over towards the old Rotherfield ward where my father also worked, it was demolished the building you see is about where the place used to be
 This pond is new it is where the excess rainwater runs to and has become quite a wildlife area

 Here we look back towards the old hospital, this view I doubt has changed

This used to be part of the old farmyard, the hospital used to have it's own farm where the patients worked
It was pretty much self sufficient as the grew their own food and had a dairy 

I'll leave you with the entrance off the main road with the gatehouse on the right. 
Take Care
Happy Skywatch

Saturday 6 April 2024

St Mary Swinbrook


This week the Church Explorer visits St Mary Swinbrook a church where you can see the effigies of the Fettiplace family along with some of the oldest headstones I have come across 

Thursday 4 April 2024

Easter Sky


To finish off Easter photos this week some flowers

After getting photos of the Easter egg tree

I walked on along the road and noticed the daffodils looked superb

They looked great with the cottages in the background

Or the Horse Chestnut tree

 Happy Skywatch

Monday 1 April 2024

Saturday 30 March 2024

St Nicholas Asthall


This week the Church Explorer visits St Nicholas Asthall  a rather nice church with some old headstones and Victorian wall paintings to view

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Rainbow Road


Not the Mario Kart one though it has to be a favorite of mine but one we drove along coming back from Wales a couple of weeks ago. 

First of all on lour was back we were just driving up into the Brecon Beacons when I noticed the snow on the hillside

You could see it better as we passed the place where the water main burst last year

A little while after driving off the motorway my wife spotted this start of a rainbow so I took a photo out of the windscreen (My wife was driving)

She stopped along the road for me to get this shot of a second one starting

The we pulled off for me to get another 

Then further along stopped again so we could look at this beautiful full rainbow

It mad the drive home worth while
Happy Skywatch

Monday 25 March 2024

Greenhouse move


Towards the end of 2023 my wife & I decided we did not like the greenhouse where it was so I set about moving it with my son


The old razed bed that was here was removed and by the time this photo was taken we had moved over a ton of soil into a skip (dumpster)

A few weeks later I had the base down and we moved the greenhouse

This is how it looks now

Looking out the side you can see where the old place it used to be only now there is grass just starting to grow after we put down seed

Inside the greenhouse I have set out the pots for the plants I want to grow

On both sides now as I moved the staging to the end of the greenhouse

And made up a couple of smaller top shelves

Where I have seeds growing nicely

Lots of seeds

Cucumbers and tomatoes which will be going in the pots you saw

Take Care

Saturday 23 March 2024

St Kenelm Minster Lovell


This week the Church Explorer visits St Kenelm Minster Lovell a beautiful old church beside the River Windrush next door to the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall

Thursday 21 March 2024

March 1st


I happened to be over a the chip van (Mobile fish & chip truck) ordering some for our dinner, while waiting I looked up at the sky

Ok very cloudy and could rain but there were some clear bits where the sun was setting

I took more as I turned

Then over towards the road

I even looked down

The puddle reflecting the sky

Happy Skywatch