Thursday 11 July 2024

Different Outlook


These photos were taken the day after I first found Pip's bench up on the hillside

On climbing the quarry I looked back over the valley to the hills where the weather was very overcast with low cloud

On the hillside I looked out over the campsite where a few people could be see in the camping field

Taking in a wider view shows the cloud covering and the sun fighting to be seen

 Further up looking back told that rain threatened. It did though only a drizzle as we walked on then back to our caravan. Next week the photos are from a different location taken later in the day

Happy Skywatch

Monday 8 July 2024

The Wrens Nest


My post with the critters you might have taken some notice of the little wren chicks looking out of the nest. Well I set up a wild like camera and here are some photos of when went on.

You can see them in the photos which for my liking was a bit far away at first

So I moved the camera much to my wife horror as she thought I had put it a bit close

The chicks were poking their heads out in this cropped photo

as it got dark one of the parents came along with food

they were hungry little things

Getting fed

still hungry

I got my camera out with zoom lens and took a few more photos

There are always two heads poking out, I counted three in there when they ducked back in

I found this one a bit odd as the parent came along and did not feed them

They were actually encouraging them to fledge and take flight. This one did come out and then went back in. The video I took on the wild life camera shows the parent feeding again but after that the chicks must have fledged as when my wife checked when she went to the greenhouse they were gone. I had hoped the camera would have caught this but they are quick so I missed seeing this.

Take Care

Saturday 6 July 2024

St Peter Filkins



This week the Church Explorer visits St Peter Filkins a very nice Victorian church in this small village 

Wednesday 3 July 2024

Chapel Sky


For the last few weeks I have been showing sky's from the same day only take in different places. This week will be the last from a couple of places I stopped off at. On my way to revisit a church to update some photos I passed by a couple of chapels, I stopped off at them on my way back to get photos.

This was the second chapel which I visited the sky behind enhanced it

The view over the cemetery

This looked even better from the perimeter wall

Wider view

There was a seat nearby so it made a pleasant place to be

After leaving I stopped off on a hillside that overlooked the Wye Valley

Looking further up the valley, in the distance is the Brecon Beacons

Below me the village of Erwood

The road that twists down the hill

Finally looking across the valley

Happy Skuywatch

Tuesday 2 July 2024

Some critters


 I have to admit I have not been very good at posting on a Tuesday and have been tending to post one so it can be used on two memes. This is due my feeling I had not got any photos worth showing but this week I thought I would show some critters I have taken over that past few weeks

I do like pigs and this particular grunter was rooting in a small woodland near the campsite I visit

Squirrels this one I noticed sat on a planter eating a nut

a walk around the lake and mother coot with a couple of young

Common darter having a rest

This dragonfly was scooting around the lake but was had to get a focus on until it landed

It even swiveled its head to watch me as I got closer

How a bout closer still

My wife pointed out something in the wrens nest we have

Two little chicks waiting for mum. Now the thing is the nest sits in an old seating arbor I converted for my BBQ and the other week I was BBQing on in. Now the burgers will have to wait till they have fledged

Took this yesterday with my iphone, The red kit was sat on the telegraph pole opposite when I came out of the back door. I just went back in picked up my phone and went to our front room and took the photo out of the window. The kite just carried on eating the food it had in it's claws

Take Care

Saturday 29 June 2024

St Peter & St Paul Broadwell


St Peter & St Paul Broadwell is a  beautiful church with splendid tower with spire and wonderful interior, The churchyard is large and overgrown with some really old headstones

Tuesday 25 June 2024

Three I Missed


The last post I showed Pip' seat I forgot to show this photos I took was we go back to the bottom of the hill 

Pip's seat is somewhere on the hilltop you see in the back ground. We noticed the field on our way up but I stopped for a few photos on our way back. A filed of Buttercups 

A couple of years ago this was covered in saplings grown as an experiment by a university, the field was reinstated after the trees were removed

In the background the hill we climbed 

On our way around the lake at the bottom we spotted a cote with her young
Happy Skywatch

Take Care

Saturday 22 June 2024

St Stephen Clanfield


This week the Church Explorer visits St Stephen Clanfield a church which dates back to around 1250 and with many original parts of the church you can still see. 

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Pips Bench


Sorry I missed posting this week as I was away and did not get a chance to do anything before going but I always find something for Skywatch

My wife and I took a walk up Aberedw hill and as normal I stopped to take in the view

The track through the quarry on the left used to be a hard climb over a rocky surface but over the winter it was smoothed out, bare in mind I have been coming up here for 20 odd years and struggled up to now because the going is so much easier

We took a different track when we got further on and came across this bench

It's one of the best ones I have come across and was placed there in memory of Pip Morgan who died of cancer and was a local postman who was a very keen cyclist 

I like to thing his friends remember him when they ride past

The view from the bench was worth the effort

It sits at a cross roads of paths cyclists use


It has become our new go to place and I sit here and take in the view and remember a guy I never met.
Happy Skywatch