Saturday 30 May 2020

Graves of the Famous

This week the Church Explorer shows you something different and shows you Graves of the Famous. These are a few of the famous people I have come across buried in Churchyards & Cemetery's. The first one I came across was Agatha Christie whom I did realise was buried in the local churchyard till I wandered around it many years ago. I then came across other people as I travelled to different churches & churchyards. These are just a few of the ones I have seen and I will bring more at a later date. 

Friday 29 May 2020

Sky Through the Roses

To end my Rose show this week
 Veilchenblau growing over the barbecue shelter
 Beside it is this Rosa Californica
 Reaching up to the sky
Grace as Beautiful as ever
Happy Skywatch

Monday 25 May 2020

Roseshow in my Garden

After a quick look around the patio last week it is time to see some of the roses around my garden where we have our own mini Mottisfont. 
I will start with this one called Malvern Hills, It was planted last year in an old water butt I made into a planter and is growing well.
A couple more roses in pots, I have forgotten the name of the near one but the far one is Ronald Dahl

Out the front of the house you can see this one called Buttercup and a standard rose called Iceberg

It has a very pretty flower though the rose does get blackspot
This rambler is Veilchenblau  and took a while to establish but now is growing well

Beside it is a rose called Rosa Californica a beautiful pink wild rose. This one has grown to over ten foot tall and was saved from being thrown away when we did an extension. My wife managed to grow it back from a remnant and went on to take a cutting growing another for the bottom of the garden
Think this is called Pink Perfection and is a small patio rose which we put in a raised bed

Between a Lady Hamilton a beautiful scented rose, it makes up for the lack of one in the pink rose

Nearby is another climber called James Gallway
Forgotten the name of this one by the path but it smells lovely
Blue for you is still putting on a display
Veilchenblau rambles over the Barbecue enclosure 
Ronald Dahl at it's best giving off a sweet sent
Californica keeps blooming
Tottering by Gently attracts the bees
Veilchenblau at it's best
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday 23 May 2020

The Churn Benefice

This week the church explorer shows you the churches in the Churn Benefice a group of churches that are is a small radius of where I live, I must admit I did not realise how many there were till I started writing the blog

Thursday 21 May 2020

The Birds Tree

Remember last Friday I featured a tree with a bird singing it's heart out. Over the years I have seen a lot of birds in that tree from Kit's to Wrens. The day before I posted the blog I heard a chain saw and thought they were trimming the branches off a tree in a nearby garden I then looked out the back door in the direction and saw the lower branches on the tree move. My first thought was they are trimming the lower branches

 I then noticed movement in the tree and spotted a tree surgeon hacking off the branches, I then knew that was the last of the tree 

It was not long before he was well up the tree

and not long before he was on the last bit
 The last few branches came off

He spent a few moment preparing the last bit for cutting and then the birds perch was falling
 The birds would no longer no singing in the tree

 He worked his way back down
 To this point

he was about 15 foot off the ground and cutting the last section I could see
 And then it too was gone
Now this is the view from my back door, no longer will we hear the birds singing out of the tree though we still hear them in the morning I feel they morn the loss