Thursday 26 February 2015

Monday 23 February 2015

My World Saturday

This is what we faced on Saturday morning, you would think we had a lot of heavy rain but no this was a blocked sewer, was bubbling up through the manhole covers

 It had been like this since Friday

In the end it was cleaned up and drained away. the Cause was a rag and fat blocking the pipe furter down
Hope you had a better weekend. Taking part in Our World Tuesday

Nativity Scene

The Altar backdrop from St John in Burford, a magnificent nativity scene

Taking Part in Monday Mural

Friday 20 February 2015

Evening Skytrails

Could not help take this one of the skytrails in the setting sun

Taking Part in Skywatch Friday

Monday 16 February 2015

Donnington Castle

Most of you will never have heard of it but there is a Donnington Castle just outside Newbury, and there were Two battles fought there in the Civil war. It dates back to 1386 and was demolished in 1646 all you see now are some wall outlines and the gatehouse. I visited on a cold January Day.

Donnington Castle from the  carpark below
 First sight of the gatehouse

 You can see Newbury in the distance
 The gatehouse from the front, the steel gates are a recent addition, I seem to remember then not being there the last time I came here

Headstop decorations are still there

So are lots of doorways and fireplaces

this was probably one of the out walls or towers  which was grubbed out

Here we look from out side of the keep area

Someone brought a couple of quadcopters   to try out

after this it did a circuit round the Castle
 Wide angle shot of the castle area

Zoomed in a bit towards the gatehouse
 The back wall of the keep
 And another shot towards Newbury with the car park below. The muddy are below I thing was the civil war  defense that was added.
Taking Part in Our World Tuseday

Crucifixion Mural

This mural and the one next week comes from St John's Burford, the first one shown here depicts the Crucifixion and sits high up above an arch at the end of the Church Nave, you can see more of the church by clicking the link above.

Taking Part in Monday Mural

Saturday 14 February 2015

Alice's Tree

You can read the story about it by scrolling down it is about Alice who was a local lady who worked at the park. I borrowed the story from Amy at lovemademyhome
who works here . 
The photo was taken today on Valentines day

When the 101st Airborne were stationed at Basildon Park one of the soldiers called Bill fell in love with a local lady called Alice, and this is their story.

Alice and Bill met at a dance at Basildon Park, they fell in love and planned to marry.  Bill took part in the D-Day operations and returned home.  Bill was later sent to Arnhem in Holland where he sadly died.
How does this fit in with the tree I hear you ask.
Alice never married, she remained in love with Bill for the rest of her life.  After she retired, she came to Basildon Park to work as a room guide.  Following her death her ashes were scattered under the Copper Beech Tree.  Alice is as close to her memories of Bill as she can be.

Happy Valentines day

Thursday 12 February 2015

Morning Sky

Took these last Friday as I got into work, Some skytrails as the sun is rising, it's still an hour or so away

And turning round the other way the moon still shinning over the restaurant 

Happy Skywatch

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Wellies by the Door

A Visit to Burford

I visited Burford with my wife as a day out on our Wedding Anniversary, must admit I could have a different day when it was warmer. On the day of our visit it was perishing with a clod wind not helping.

 This is Burford High Street, a typical Cotswold town if you like. I pass though here quite often going to Wales along the A44. The town dates back to Saxon times so is full of history, I took a few photos of the place when we walked round so you can see yourself.

This is one of the road which leads to the baptist church as we came out of the car park

Another of the buildings in Burford, Think it may be a hotel
Not sure about this building but I think it's called Tolsey, a market house from Tudor times now a museum.
Looking down the High Street from the War Memorial

Very Tempted to go in here for some Cheese
 One of the side alleys leading to a house

Brush Shop, you can get all types here

This is the River Windrush that runs round the town going through Witney before joining up with the Thames at New Bridge

This is the lower end of the High Street  as you come to the bridge over the Windrush

One of the older buildings which now Burford House Hotel

One of the pubs along the High Street this one is the Mermaid
This is the Place we ended up at. Hufkins it is a bakers and tea shop. It was lunch time so I treated my wife to Lunch and very nice it was too. I might add they also serve High Tea and there were quite a few foreign tourists enjoying one. Next  Time I we visit High Tea is on the cards 

After I went to visit the church for some photos .
 This looks towards St Johns Church and the older building are the  Almshouses which were for the town poor they were Founded by Richard Earl of Warwick in the year 1457
 And this is the main entrance to the St Johns Church and if you want to see my blog on that then click on the link.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday