Monday 29 May 2023

Back in the Garden


I don't think you can ever have enough roses in a garden and as they are flowering I thought I would treat you to another look

In the last week this one called Malvern Hills has been flowering profusely 

This one called Mary Delany is also now flowering

Nearby Mortimer Sackler is also flowering, thing is the same rose as the previous one, in 2022 it was renamed because of some thing going on across the water. I think Mary Delany is a worth name if you read the link

Blue for you is going berserk 

Olivia is doing the same 

The foxgloves are flowering which will please the bees

These are over five feet tall


A few of the roses flowering in our garden

outside our back door we have to of these Nemesia Wisley Vanilla and every time you walk out you are hit buy a wonderful sent. If you live in the UK you really need to get one for you patio
Take Care

Saturday 27 May 2023

St Mary the Virgin Ewelme Pt2


This week the Church Explorer takes you back to St Mary the Virgin Ewelme  to look round the inside of this beautiful church

Thursday 25 May 2023

Skywatch Collage


As I keep some of my photos on Google photos every so often it comes up with an auto generated collage. One popped up this week showing photos I took from one spot I stop at when out for a walk down in Wales. Hope you enjoy it

 Happy Skywatch

Monday 22 May 2023



It's nearly June and our Roses have started blooming, maybe a bit earlier than last year but just as wonderful as ever. 

I'd noticed this one Olivia around on the 15th May

On the 19th more flowers were showing

Blue for you was coming out as well 

Today Olivia looks like this

Blue for you has been joined buy more flowers

Lady Emma Hamilton has also started putting in appearance 

But the Canary bird was flowering before any of them 

Take Care

Saturday 20 May 2023

St Mary the Virgin Ewelme


This week the Church Explorer revisits St Mary the Virgin Ewelme. Though I visited the church many years ago I felt I never did the place justice so this week I will show you around the outside and the churchyard and next week I will take you inside. 

Thursday 18 May 2023

Dark Skys


Taken the beginning of may  when I noticed the cloudy sky out the back of the house

Out of the bedroom window the clouds looked ominous 

Looking over the oak tree

South from the bathroom window

Then towards the setting sun. I cannot remember if it rained but the clouds certainly threatened it
Happy Skywatch

Monday 15 May 2023

The Saxon Long House


Last week was the Oxfordshire Art week which I found out about at the last moment from my next door neighbour, one he mentioned was a Saxon Long house. Well I went along to see it with my son 

This is the Saxon Long House which was built adopting techniques the Saxons would have used

Nearby is a story board about it

First thing I noticed on the way in was this helmet, nearby was  a guy beating out the panels that would be used on something like this. It's a lot simpler that it looks. The helmet here is covered in Brass, under it is steel. It is heavy which I found out after picking it up. Mostly because of the chain mail around it

Nearby was another one of steel

and yet another beautiful one on a table

Along with various swords . The sword in the foreground was lighter than I expected

A Saxon well he is from the Living History Society . He explained all about the arms, he also played a Anglo-Saxon Lyre

Nearby were various spears and a shield he also told us about

On a table at the back were bowls and drinking horns. I found it a very interesting visit even if I did come home smelling of smoke from the house, the had a huge fire going cooking Saxon food.

Saturday 13 May 2023

St Mary Waterperry


 This week the Church Explorer  visits St Mary Waterperry a beautiful old church with an unusual bell tower. It set in the grounds of Waterperry house.

Thursday 11 May 2023

Coronation Fly Past


 No doubt a lot of you will have sat and watched the Coronation last Saturday. The RAF did a flypast at the end and you will have see the helicopters flying over in the low cloud. Once the Red Arrows flew past that was the end of the RAF flypast 

At least I thought it was, 20 min's later I heard a low flying Helicopter and looking out the kitchen window I watched the lead Helicopter flypast  low enough to see the pilot. By the time I ran to get my iphone and bumping into my wife only to miss the Apache's just getting two as the flew away

I did get the next two and the last Apache flying over

I got the last helicopter flying past but missed one that had done a circuit. The helicopter's are based at a couple of military bases nearby 

As it is Skywatch I will leave you with this shot I captured with a wild life camera

Happy Skywatch

Monday 8 May 2023

The Coronation


A few of you will have gone to the Coronation  of King Charles III and no doubt even more of you would have watched it in TV like I did but celebrations were well under way before hand as I noticed when I took my dog to the vet on Friday.

On the way to the vet I passed this display case that kept up by an ex school teacher

The teddy bears were already celebrating
along with the King and Queen
A party was well under way in the second display case
Even in the garden the animals were celebrating 
Take Care

Saturday 6 May 2023

St Bartholomew Holton



This week the Church Explorer visits St Bartholomew Holton a church I visited many years ago only to find it locked, mind you it was evening. This was supposed the first church I visited after my time in Hospital  but the day before I did visit another church which I will feature in the future

Thursday 4 May 2023

More Church Skys


It has been lax of me not to take any sky shot's lately so I thought as I get quite a few nice skys when I visit churches The why not feature some of them from 2023 

St Giles Bletchington was the first church in 2023 though it was taken on a cold morning in December 2022 

 St Mary the Virgin Kirtlington was next taken a an hour or so after the last church, the sky blue in the frosty morning 

St Nicholas Fyfield has a glorious blue sky

But don't ask me how this happened, a mistake while holding the camera

The sky had turned a little grey a short  time later when I stopped off at the chapel up the road

St Michael Begbroke did not disappoint with a blue sky

I visited St Mary the Virgin at Ewelme a few days ago so have not written a blog up on it yet but it shows that the skys are not always blue.
Happy Skywatch