Tuesday 31 March 2015

Lambs on the Run

Return to the Vyne

The Vyne in Hampshire dates back to roman times and before no doubt but is more Famous now for the Tudor Mansion that is there.  Now I have visited the place before but as it was crowded that day my wife & I decided we would return to the place and see the place with less kids running around.You can see my previous visit in the link at the top.

 This is the Vyne with the main entrance drive leading to it
 Wider view of the drive

Remember I said Tudor Mansion
the date on the tank is 1696

Probably not Tudor but still this down pipe I collector is really old

 This is the coat of arms over the door to the Kings Bedchamber it belongs to Henry VIII as he visited a couple of times

 And no doubt went to mass in this chapel
 and the glass here is 15th century
 The Hundred Guinea Tree, named as the Royal Navy  offered the owner 100 guineas for it, the fact it is still here my tell you his answer

 Daffodils  coming out along the walk to the house

I'll leave you with a view of what my wife & I came to see, it's called the Cursed Ring of Silvianus but it was the ring that inspired Lord of the Rings. Read the link it tells the story better than me.
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Monday 30 March 2015

War Horse

Different kind of mural this week  which I saw on the back of a coach in Lacocok carpark. An advert for War Horse, with the horses eye watching you.

On the side of the coach was a London city scene

Taking Part in Monday Mural

Thursday 26 March 2015

Sunday Skywatch

Back to my favorite place for a break Fforest Fields and on Sunday Evening I took a few photos for Skywatch.

 How about that for a Blue Sky

Looing along the site past the tree gave the same sky
 Evening in the setting sun gave this view of the lake

and this one looking along the track
As the sun set I got this one
Happy Skywatch

Monday 23 March 2015

Blogging from A to Z Theme Day

In case this is the first time you have visited my blog I come from Oxfordshre in the UK and started Blogging a few years ago starting with Spuds Rural Exporations which was soon followed buy one called Forgotten Fairmile which has gone on the backburner a bit as it was about the conversion of a local hosptal which is now nearly finished.  I then started another called  My Grave Place which I am seriously considering a name change for (bit morbid sounding). The last blog I started was the one your reading

Now some of my regular followers may have noticed on the sidebar a badge saying Blogging From A to Z Challenge 2015 well that is because this year I am entering it again. Last one I did was in 2013 and I was fully intending to do it again in 2014 but due my my laptop breaking and me dropping the hardrive with my photos on I could not do carry on with what I had with the Theme I had planned. This year is different, this year I have a theme which is Places in the UK most which are around the area I live and a few from further afield. I will be showing you a different place every day through out April going from A to Z apart for X because in the UK there nowhere I can find on the Ordnance Survey map beginning with X so I will have to come up with something else. Buy the time you read this  I will have finished the A to Z as all the posts will be going out pre Scheduled.

 This is a map of the Elan Valley in Wales I used maps like this to find places of interest to vist

 The only drawback with the Challenge is that I may well not be joining with some of the Meme's I do each week. I am one of the few photographers who enter the challenge most seem to be writers though there are many other bloggers who post their hobbies and thoughts on there. At the time of writing there were 840 blogs entered though I'm sure saw 2000 odd last year. Below is a photo of a place called Martyr Worthy and is the type of place we will be visiting.

By the time April 1st comes around you will be shown some places in England you may never have heard of I hope you enjoy the tour.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Monday 16 March 2015

Misty Day on the Ridgeway

 I have shown some photos from parts of the Ridgeway before so I thought I'd bore you with a few more from near Wantage. This was part of the Berkshire downs which is now in Oxfordshire. Most of the Ridgeway is known by me as I have walked along may parts of it and from time to time I will show you more

We only stopped off to have a coffee from a flask we took and a short walk but the track was too muddy for the footwear we had and it did not help that it was very murky that day

 This looks towards the monument to Lord Wantage VC which you can see mid photo

Near the carparks to seach section you will see a map

like this pointing the way and where you ar

this is looking across the road towards the track which will take you to Letcombe Bassett

One thing you should always find is a Signpost pointing the way
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

The Chaplains Room

The last mural I'm showing from Lacock abbey is in a room called the Chaplain,s room  you can read about it's use in the information below.

The mural is over in the corner and probably partly damaged at some time by the pipe put in the wall, it also looks to have been covered over and now been uncovered again. Can't help wonder is there are any more to be found in this room.

Taking Part in Monday Mural

Thursday 12 March 2015

Countryside Sky

I think a bit of the sky form down near Winchester is on for today with snodrops growing on the roadside taken last Saturday

Sir Terry Pratchett RIP


The Disc World has just become a very lonely place. RIP Sir Terry

Monday 9 March 2015

Lacock Village

If any of you follow or read my other blogs you will have see I visited the village of Lacock a while ago so today I will share with you some photo's from the Village itself.

One of the pub's in the village

The NT  who own the village have their own shop there as well

the place also has a post office

The main street through the village

Nice old house but the part with the bars in the window is now a bus shelter

This lot coming out from the pub must have been a tour party as they were stood round outside the pub when I went past

Another of the pubs, this one is near the church

and the old village school which is still in use as a school

I'll leave you with this stitch photo of a tythe barn in the village I walked into on the way back to the carpark. 
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