Wednesday 31 August 2016

St Clements Sky

 Taken one morning atthe begining of August St Clements Church in Oxford. Those of you who visit my Church Explorer blog will be seeing this in a future blog.

Thursday 25 August 2016

Wedensday Sunset

Just come back from shopping  and saw this sky which I tough was rude not to get a photo of. The last photos shows rain clouds looming up and later that night it rained.
Have a good Bank Holiday Weekend


Monday 22 August 2016

A Walk Round Cranbury Road

Cranbury road is one of the roads full of terrace housing along the Oxford Road in Reading which was built back in Victorian times. I happened to be there one evening with my wife and while she was in the church hall I went for a walk around the area.

Cranbury Road sign on the wall of one of the houses

This one which has a corner shop and still got the ghost writing on the wall

Looking down Cranbury Road from by the shop 

And looking back the other way past Battle School. I had a school friend live along Cranbury Road but cannot remember passing the school

Battle school takes up a large part of the street

 It's a huge primary school which takes in two streets baking onto Kensington Road

and much of the exterior is still Victorian

I think on the right was the school masters house

The school playground where the kids play in brake time or have PE in

I think the tower may well have been the water tower for the school

Along Kensington Road is this church where no doubt the children's religious needs were taken care of


Heading round Prince of Wales Avenue past the north side of the church

and back up Cranbury Road passing the other end of the church

I'll leave you with this view down Cranbury Road to the Oxford Road end
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Dragon on the Wall

This is up a side ally along the main road going through Builth Wells, I love how the cat is sat there looking down at the Dragon which is chained to the wall and looks like it dozing. Mind you it is a pet dragon waiting it's owner
Taking Part in Monday Mural

Thursday 18 August 2016

Sunset Over Fairmile

I took these photos one evening on my way home from by the River Thames. It's a view you will not see any more as a few years later the place was redeveloped and the water tower and telecommunications mast were demolished

The next three photos were zoomed in showing the silhouette of the buildings

I walked along looking at the sunset and stopping to take photos

Orange Sky's silhouetting the buildings

Monday 15 August 2016

Lancaster Flypast

Reading Felicity at Parsonage Cottage yesterday prompted me into showing these photos of a Lancaster Bomber  doing a flypast over a model exhibition that was happening at a local school

 This Hurricane was restored to flying condition from a few parts  and was a common sight in the sky's round the area, it's now part of the Shuttleworth collection

I went to the show and was waiting like everyone else when the Lancaster fly over from behind us at tree top level causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end

It flew round a few times

Giving us a  wonderful sight

We had our own air show for a few moments

 before it turned an flew off to a show in the next village at the place the Hurricane came from. I have to admire the people who managed to get the crew to detour for this. The Lancaster is part of the Battle of Britain Flight and together with the Hurricane & Spitfire they do fly past on occasion but not like this. One word summed it up Awesome
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Lost Graffiti

I call it lost Graffiti because it is no more, a few years ago Network rail removed the bridge and built a new one to replace it  the graffiti went along with the brickwork, even the access road I am stood in has gone

Taking part in Monday Mural

Thursday 11 August 2016