Thursday 14 December 2017

View from Hagbourne Hill

Took these on Tuesday Morning and evening showing the snow that  came down on Sunday and the cold sky overhead

 Looking out the office window first thing in the morning

On the wa home I stopped and took  a photo of Didcot Power Station in the distance

Last week I showed some photos from over in that direction

The photos were taken from a carpark between the two hills in the distance. A big change in the Sky's
Happy Skywatch 
And May I wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New year.
 I'll be back in the New year

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Christmas Lights

Vew from the Eye

We go back to the year 2000 for these photos which I took when we went on a works outing to the London eye I took a series of photos out of the gondola 

 Looking up the Thames or is it down

The Houses of Parliament

 Looking straight across the Thames

 This was County Hall now the London Aquarium 

 Another of The Houses of Parliament

and a last one the opposit way.
Taking Part in Our World Tuseday
Have a great Christmas

Thursday 7 December 2017

Threatening Skys

Taken a few weeks ago when we stopped at Whittenham Clumps

 Looking across the valley towards the Berkshire Downs

Castle Hill

Tuesday 5 December 2017

Ho, Ho, Ho

Slow Down

So on Saturday we went to Wales to close down our caravan. On the way home the traffic was flowing smoothly till outside Bristol where we saw a sign telling us there was congestion between Junctions 18 & 17. A little nearer anther one flashed up saying the time to the junction 15 was an hour. This did no bode well and sure enough just past junction 18 we hit the traffic which slowed down to a crawl, a little further along we noticed the far lane was closed and guessed there had been an accident. This meant all the numpties in the fast lane would stay there as long as possible and cause everyone hassle pushing in

 A bit nearer out fears were realised when we saw this sign saying closed down and a car upside down. It may look comical but in reality that does happen quite a lot. A couple of motorway patrol cars went past in the emergency lane
 The we saw where the problem was, the whole central barrier had gone

Then we passed who I think was the culprit, a Chelsea Tractor with the front wheel and suspension gone . It had been dragged away to the emergency lane, the person who was driving no doubt lost control causing the jam we had to put up with. Still on the bright side they will loose their no claims and with luck the Range Rover will be written off.  As we cleared the conjestion the motor way on the otherside was begining to back up and for the next few miles the traffic was jammed up just like we had gone through.
Hope the had a Merry Christmas (not) for the trouble they put not only the people using the motorway but the emergency services and guys who will have to repair what they did which hopefully will end up with the person who caused the problem