Tuesday 30 January 2024

Glastonbury Visit


On our wedding anniversary we though it would be good to revisit one of our favorite  places, Glastonbury

The church is one of the places you cannot help but see in the carpark

The gates were open and so was the church but on this occasion I passed on the opportunity of going in for a quick look around

You cannot help not seeing these places as you walk down the street

We visited the Glasonbury Abbey ruins this part was the chancel

At the end was where the High Altar was but this area in front was where King Arthur and Guinevere were laid to rest after the monks supposedly found them in a Saxon cemetery nearby if anything the found a local chieftain and his wife but it did the trick and brought in the money

This is the crypt in the |Lady Chapel 

And this is what it looks like inside the crypt 

This was taken on the wide setting on my phone and shows the whole abbey ruins
And this is the Abbots Kitchen

This looks up the center of the roof

Panoramic of the kitchen showing three of the hearths, the fourth is behind me.
I'll bring some more photos in another blog
Take Care

Saturday 27 January 2024

St Mary Ipsden


This week the Church Explorer visits St Mary Ipsden, a beautiful little church I visited many years ago but I felt I needed to return for new photos. 

Thursday 25 January 2024

Some Sky from the floods


 I did not show all the photos I too of the floods around Wallingford Bridge as that were taken over three days, there were also some nice blue skys amongst the grey we had

Somewhere under that lot is a water play park and a swimming pool

Upstream towards Oxford, work out where the River Thames is

Looking across the bridge downstream, looks like one big river

Later in the day I went for a walk outside our village an looked from the rail arch to the sewage farm

Zooming in the place looks like it could be flooded

Looking long the railway to Wallingford.
Happy Skywatch

Monday 22 January 2024

After the Flood


The other day I thought I would revisit Wallingford Bridge and see how everything looked now the flooded Thames had receded. You might want to refresh your memory of what it looked like around the bridge by visiting the link above

This the bottom of the town steps which was not visible last time, the water was above the first arch

The river looks nearly back to normal height

The MINI who's roof you could just see is still here. the other two cars have been recovered

Collage of photo's

This is the narrowboat well up on the back, I would be interested to see how they get it back in the water, mind you they could always wait fro the next flood

If you check the link you can see this boat leaning on it's moorings with everything behind covered in flood water including the fence

The boathouse now after the water was over the steps and in the restaurant, they were cleaning up when I went past.
Take Care

Saturday 20 January 2024

St Mary Cogges


This week the Church Explorer visits St Mary's Cogges a rather nice old church  is near a two called Witney but not as easy as I thought to find

Thursday 18 January 2024

Boxing day Sky


The day after Christmas Boxing day I went out for a walk to see what the walk around the new estate was like and I managed to wintry sky shots 

The developers had their eye on this field to build over 500 houses on, The village objected and they lost planning only to appeal to the home secretary. He did not uphold their appeal and they lost, we won for now. I have no doubt houses will go on here eventually 

The sun over the estate built here in the village a few years ago

Even the kids were not playing today, more likely at home with their new toys while their parents lay around bloated from Christmas Dinner

Path winding around towards the estate

Happy Skywatch

Monday 15 January 2024

A few more Random Photos

 Some more random photos I took during last year, this year I might put them in their own file

 Spotted this fellow hanging from a tree near the vets
Dandelion head

Jeep a real WWII one, there are a few around our area and one person I know rebuilds them

 Hot Rods I spotted in the car park in Tesco at Llandrindod Wells
Steam Roller, I see them quite regular in our village

Humvee, I see armored vehicles on low loaders quite often along the M4 when we go to and from Wales this was the first time I saw a Humvee

Christmas Skeleton in the garden made me laugh when I saw it

Christmas Wreath on the church door.
Take Care

Saturday 13 January 2024

St Bartholomew Ducklington


 This week the Church Explorer visits St Bartholomew Ducklington which is just outside Witney in Oxfordshire. The  church has some really nice old features to see dating back to the middle ages

Thursday 11 January 2024

Rainbow Cloud

This was a chance sighting when I looked out the kitchen window so to get a better view I went upstairs to the bathroom and took the photos out of the window. Sorry but they do not do what I saw justice

 The cloud does not look so good in this shot

 But zooming in you can see the rainbow in the cloud

 Happy Skywatch

Monday 8 January 2024

January Floods


I had been wondering what to do this week and was about to do another random photos  post but then it rained so I went off out and took some photos of the flooding around here at Wallingford Bridge. I live in the Thames Valley so I know how bad the flooding gets which is not as bad as some other poor souls have had to put up with in the UK

 On Friday the first place I went was the town steps were the flood markers were, the one just underwater is 2007

This is what the Thames looks like going under Wallingford Bridge in flood

This looks towards the riverside park, what I did not realize is that three  people had left their cars over in the carpark

Saturday it was as high as the 2003 level

Over the bridge and a look in the carpark. I'd seen the mini on the news but it was only up to the top of the wings, now the water was up to the roof line and the other two cars did not fare much better

Here we look upstream along the river and a few boats moored up

This one has lost the mooring at the back in the third photo you can see it is still alongside the flooded bank
Sunday two of the arches are completely underwater

 The water overnight went above the 2003 level

The narrowboat slewed around into the swimming pool fence

This is the boathouse restaurant, it's flooded

The cars, well the mini I think was underwater for a while 

The swimming pool is behind the fence

This is a 180 deg panorama of the floods looking downstream

That's the entrance to the restaurant

 When I went back this morning the water had gone down. I measured the amount the river had risen and it was just over 5" higher than 2003

This was the marsh near where I live, the Thames is about mid photo

Take Care