Saturday 29 February 2020

St James the Great Radley

This week the Church Explorer visits Radley and St James the Great. A church which is near Radley College and  well worth the effort of visiting.

Thursday 27 February 2020

Skywatch a Year and a Day

The other night I was uploading photo's of a site I use and noticed the day, it was the 22nd February, I thought it would be neat to get some a year later but it was a little late being it was late evening so the next day I went off and took some new photos in the same spot more of less, you will see why.
PS this blog is a little longer than usual

The crocuses grow on the bank at the Pavilion

There are still blooming a year and a day later

 The end of Ferry lane  year ago the Thames flowing past smoothly

You will pass this sign if you walk along the path

Cholsey Marsh

Ferry Lane, used to be called Papist way but they made a ferry years ago and changed the name. My Dad used to use it  but after the war it fell into disuse and stopped operating
Managed to do a stitch of the marsh and Ferry Lane
So a year and a day later this is how it looked

The marsh is not a lot different

The lane has some big puddles in it there have been times I would have been up to my kneed in water here

And this is as near as I can get to the Thames. The signpost you saw is in the floods to the right, the Thames some where past the green outcrops

 A new pano of the marsh
 and one of the sky
I went back today & took this shot of the Thames, it had gone down even further. No doubt it will flood again

With my iPhone, today

The 23rd a few days ago
 Wallingford Bridge on the 20th, the water had gone down

Looking downstream from Wallingford Bridge, if you look over on the left you can see a narrow boat, it slopped it's mooring and is over on the bank, now sure where it is now but the river has gone down and unless they moved it it high & dry
I know someone who visits my blog who has had tea here a few years ago the water was over the top and in the place. If you want to see more photos of the weather then have a look at my other blog called the British Weather 
I have to feel for other parts of the country who are having some awful flooding and there places I travel to Wales where it is not passable because of flooding. That is not to say there are places around here that get like that but at the moment we are OK but there is more rain on the way so who can say what will happen
Happy Skywatch

Monday 24 February 2020

Interesting Shops

Thought I would do something a little different this week on the back of a Wordless Wednesday Post a few weeks ago. While in Wallingford the other day I visited the shop because I found out it sold bread flower. Before I took the bus home I had a quick walk around to get some photos of some other interesting shops


I'll start at the Cookhouse Deli which is where I went to get bread flower which is made at a local mill not far away  in Wantage. I  wanted onion bread flower (flour with bits of onion in) which they had. On the top of this counter they had cheese to taste, the Stilton was top notch

The other display had various meats to purchase. They also sell fresh bread which people who have bought it are impressed with. I'll be going back here that is for sure

Along St Mary's street is Just Trading which sells  Fair Trade goods and organic food. I have been in here to get a present for my wife

Nearby if you look across the road you will see this entrance. Many years ago this was not here but made when the area to the left was redeveloped

Go though and you find Pettits, this used to dominate St Mary's & ST Martin's street  until it was bought out and redeveloped. The shop now operates out of these precesses

Not been in in this one but it looked interesting selling some nice little gifts

Opposite you will find this place the George Hotel
It a 16th century coaching in and I've spent many an evening here with my fiends when I was younger. It is also the place we had our wedding reception after we got married

I'll finish here. The Old Post Office this was built in 1936 and is one of the very few places you will find a coat of alms for Edward VIII he was king for that year the abdicated. The post office some the building and moved to a trading estate outside the town. The took the Roll Of Honour that  used to hang on the wall and I used to look at when I went in. It is now a restaurant
Never been here maybe one day
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday 

Saturday 22 February 2020

St Swithun Kennington

This week the Church Explorer visits St Swithun Kennington, a 1950's church that replaced it's older counterpart that is still in use as the Church Hall

The old an new St Swithun's church

Thursday 20 February 2020

Sky at Pishill

Last weekend on posted a blog on Pishill Church (no saint name) after I finished getting photo's I went up the road a bit from the church and took another shot of the nearby valley

 Inside the church the sun shone through a stained glass window reflecting on the pews
The window looks amazing and made by local artiest John Piper in 1967
Outside you got a good view of the clouds above the church
 Looking South you have the clouds over the rectory, lucky the sun was behind the clouds at the time
 Walking down the path to the entrance there was a blue and cloudy sky
The other way you looked across the valley in the direction of Stoner
Happy Skywatch

Monday 17 February 2020

Medow View

Meadow view is a new housing estate built in our village. About 18 months ago the place was just a field now it is almost finished. I took a tour around to see how the field had changed.

This is what the place looks like now

The developers sign is still up advertising houses for sale
 So this is the road in it's called Agatha Christie Way named after the Author who once live in Winterbrook which was in the Parish of Cholsey before it was purloined by Wallingford. She is buried in the village Churchyard

The only green bit on the estate they cannot build on because they found Roman Farmhouse here

This road turns right  from the entrance road

If you go left this is the view you get
 Keep going around and you walk along this long straight part

It finishes here along a road called Ashfield Way, just beyond that van is another field I have no doubt that developers would like to get their hands on. I night add the road ends there as well. This part of the estate was built on wasteland an the end of another road

I was stood here when I took the past photo the junction of Agatha Christie Way

Which is where I went to get a photo of the last house being built, Might add it has the biggest garden 
I walked back out and took this photo of a  seating area in the green space though I really do not know the purpose of the rocks
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday