Thursday 30 May 2019

Hospital Sky

I'll finish the week with some more photo's from round  Fair Mile showing the sky with puffy clouds behind.

 This looks towards the back of the old hospital years ago you would have seen a nurses accommodation block in front and the occupational therapy over to the right of me
 The huge fork marks were you might find the allotments which are in the distance to the left. Over on the right you would have found a football pitch many years ago
 This looks to the North side of the Chapel and I doubt the scene has changed much since it was built
 This is the way you would have gone to the boilerhouse years ago, just beside the car you see is a weighbridge. If you walked left along the wall you come to the Hospital Mortuary, It's a house now
 The courtyard around the side of the boilerhouse where the coal was stored. I've been up the top of the chimney as well
I will leave you with my favourite shot of the day. The photos were all taken on my iPhone and a few moments after I got home they uploaded to Google photos. Moments later it had Stylised the photo. if you want to see more from the place then visit my blog Forgotten Fairmile.
Happy Skywatch

Monday 27 May 2019

Hospital Walk

There are times when I struggle to find what to post on Our World Tuesday but usually I manage to find something, at the moment I have a enough to choose from. Today I will show a place that took up a fare bit of my time a few years ago out of which came a blog called Forgotten Fairmile. I took a walk around the place a couple of weeks ago for some new photos. These are a few of the ones I took and with some of them you will find a link taking you to the blog about the place. The places used to be Fair Mile Hospital and was a mental hospital where my parents used to work

 The main administration block, in my blog I called it The Oval after the central lawn you see. The frontage was used in an episode of Midsummer Murders

This is another place which used to be the male airing courts where the male patients  were allowed to walk around in the fresh air The blog was called the Hermitage Lawn. The one thing I noticed was the tree that was here has been cut down

This is Faringdon ward and was where the female patients were looked after, on the right is the airing courts where they were allowed to go out and walk you can see the blog which I called The Faringdon Lawn
 This is a view over towards the Great Hall, on the left is where Basildon and Caversham wards used to be

This is the old Chapel which was used up to a few years before the hospital closed  I have to admit I could have cried when I saw the state it had got after all the years empty. Now it's future is still unknown.
Last on the list today is the Boilerhouse a place where my friends father used to work. This was the entrance to the building. If you have time visit the links and have a look at how the places have changed. The Forgotten Fairmile blog in limbo at the moment and is updated from time to time though I do note there are a few of blogs I can still write on the place.
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Saturday 25 May 2019

St Andrew's Chaddleworth

This week the Church Explorer takes you to St Andrew's Chaddleworth a gem of a church in West Berkshire, one which is well advised to visit if you are nearby.

Thursday 23 May 2019

Plane Sky

Sat on the patio one evening I noticed the moon shining above me and planes flying through the sky, I thought it would be good to see if I could get one flying past the moon

 The ultimate would be to get one over the moon

Not to be, the one below was the nearest

The next evening I managed a good shot of the moon

and one of a British Airways plane flying past
 These two left a kiss

I missed the best one which flew right across moon. Next time.
Happy Skywatch

Monday 20 May 2019

The Four Arches

The Moulsford Viaduct also known locally as the Four Arches, the photo below was taken over ten years ago on the  South Stoke side of the river I have not been back since to update the photo. The tow path here is part of the Ridgeway walk from Goring to Mongewell where you leave the river.

This is the approach on the Cholsey side of the river again it was taken
over ten years ago and is where yo follow the Thames path

Under the arch it would have looked like this

On my recent visit it looks like this

Between the arches you see this, the photo one the left was taken from on top of the base you see,
Since it was taken 
Electric pylons have been added

 This was taken from the river meadow

Which is over to the left of the fence, Ten years ago this was the Thames path

The fence is still there but so is a lot of green fence put up by Network Rail making it a little difficult to get another shot from the meadow which is owned by a school

There is even more green fence stopping you getting to the river here. You can see the electrification pylons in the photo. At least when Network Rail put in the railway electrification they were sympathetic to the bridge. If you follow the link at the beginning of the blog you fill find more information on Wikipedia.
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Saturday 18 May 2019

St Mary Fawley

This week the church explorer takes you to St Mary Fawley a Victorian church in Berkshire

Friday 17 May 2019

Tokyo Sky

One on of our weekends off from work in Tokyo we went off looking for Tokyo Tower and after taking the underground and walking a bit we found what we were looking for

 Tokyo Tower
 Now you could go to the second observation platform but as it was windy that day we only got to the first one you see in the photo
 At least we did get to see out of the windows and look at the city
 So here are the photos I took of Tokyo, remember I took them with 35mm film
If I'd had my digital camera I would have gone mad with it. These were taken back in the 1990's so no doubt looks different no. I'll show more of my photo's from Japan another time
Happy Skywatch 

Monday 13 May 2019

Tokyo at Night

You may have noticed |I have posted pictures from different parts of the world I have visited. I'm still going through my photos trying to find the places I have been that would be of interest. One of my Favourite placed I went to was Japan and while there on one of my visits we stayed in Tokyo in Roppongi right in the centre of the city. We went out for meals at at various restaurant's and one time I took my camera to get some photos of what it was like at night. You will have to forgive me as this was back in the 1990's and I have not got a clue as to where the places are in the city.

 Even at night the streets are busy with people and traffic
 There were shops open and people everywhere
 Don't ask me why but I was drawn to this sign for Konica, I did uses there film but preferred Fuji
 Another shot looking at all the lights, you might noticed on the right is a huge LCD screen
Last this one of the Gorilla on the Hard Rock Cafe where we went to one night
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