Thursday 30 November 2023

Rainbow Road


A double rainbow along the road, wee it was rude not to get a photo now 

It was a beauty a full rainbow with a second just forming above

Zooming in on the colorful arch

The other side not quite as bright
I'll leave you with a second look at this stunning rainbow
Happy Skywatch

Monday 27 November 2023



Not the Woodstock made famous by rock festival back in the 1969 but the town in Oxfordshire. I visited the church there and found  service going on so had a look around nearby.

The church with the War Memorial

Town hall

The town hall stands between two roads

From the town hall you look up this road

Opposite the church are the town stocks. this type is quite common to see in towns though luckily not used now unless for charity

Which is in front of the county museum

I did have a look around and found it very interesting and took  this photo of a mammoth jaw, I have a mammoth tooth and now know how it sits in a jaw

This is an Roman Headstone, it's the oldest headstone I have seen

Outside in the grounds is the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum which I intend to visit another time

Back to the stocks, they provide a seat for you though I doubt it was there for the poor soul who was interred in them 
Take care

Saturday 25 November 2023

Brecon Cathedral Pt2


This week the Church  Explorer returns to Brecon Cathedral to finish my look around this amazing place.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Last from Wales


These are the last photos I took down in Wales this year, hopefully I will return for more next year.

The camping field with mist, one hardy person could be seen

Wide view gives a cold feeling

A hint of mist rises of the lake

Which sits in the valley

Looking like smoke rising 

Across the path the hills are shrouded in mist

Later the sun came out and a bird watches me

The mist gone from the lake

Some dark clouds show up

But the blue sky is still there
Happy Skywatch

Monday 20 November 2023

Whats in the Garage


Been a while since I went in my friends garage but it's a place I do like to go just to reminisce.  

The reason is because he has these two beauties in there, when we were younger we used to ride scooters like this around 

On the shelf nearby are a couple of models

A lambretta

And a split screen, something I wish I had owned

He also has one of these, it's been a while since I sat in one

Take Care

Saturday 18 November 2023

Brecon Cathedral


This week the Church Explorer visits Brecon Cathedral in the first of two blogs showing you around this amazing building 

Thursday 16 November 2023

Home Skys


One morning I went out the back yard and noticed the sky was lined with vapour trails

A lot of planes had flown over leaving their mark

It was the same the other way

 I even spotted one of the culprits going past

Happy Skywatch

Sunday 12 November 2023

Some odds and ends


Back in the middle of October I went out with my 400mm lens for a few photos  just for something to do.

 Walking alongside the brook I spotted this guy walking along the footpath through a field, he writes a blog called Cholsey Wildlife

Further along I saw St Mary's church sticking above the railway embankment

Teasel's always make a good subject  

As does the odd butterfly

A peacock butterfly sunning itself

 The butterfly was not the only winged thing flying that day, this plane flew over as well

I'll do another odds and ends again soon#

Take Care

Saturday 11 November 2023

Beili Heulog Congregational Chapel



 This week the Church Explorer visits  Beili Heulog Congregational Chapel

 and Gwenddwr chapel which a are a couple of miles apart in rural Wales

Monday 6 November 2023

A Different View

Back in October 2010 I went off to get a photo of a Triangulation Pillar on a hill just outside Didcot, since then the area has chanced so I thought it was time I took another photo

While walking there from where I left my car I took this photo of Didcot Power Station

Present day & I take a different route to get the photo passing a field of corn (Maze) that was cut

 The fields were quite wet from the rain we had

 The path was easy enough to follow

This view looks back to where I left my car

 Following the path takes you through a hedge where you look to wards Culham and the JET project

My first view of what I am looking for

This is what it looks like now. The small hill you see over to the right is made up of household rubbish that has been dumped by the council. It is still growing

Remember the fist photo well this is a crop of the one above and as near as I can get it to the original photo. The old power station has now gone, you might remember the photos I showed of it being demolished. The link will take you to another blog I wrote about the power station.