Monday 28 June 2021

Three Photos


Something a little different today, just tree photos take in different years 

This is Alison's seat, dedicated to her memory, she was on this earth from 1958 - 2003 RIP. The seat sits in a clearing on the track which goes along the hillside at Fforest Fields caravan site. It was taken in March 2008. In the background you can see the fir  trees clearly and the view in front of the seat is quite clear

October 2017 the area looked a little different with all the fir trees in the background gone

Lets move on to the present day and June 2021. Lots of green and if you look you can see young trees growing around. I did not take any shots of what can be seen from the bench but back in the previous two photos you could see easily to the hills now though you can see the hills it is getting quite obscured by the new growth.When the woods were fist cleared the planted native trees which I thought would take years to grow to any hight but now they can be seen growing on the hillside

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Saturday 26 June 2021

St Marks Ysfa


This week the Church Explorer visit  St Marks Ysfa a small country church with a Monkey Puzzle tree dominating it

Thursday 24 June 2021

Early Morning Walk


The last time my wife & I went to Wales we got up early and went for a walk up the hill we started before seven in the morning

This was taken at around 7-15 looking down the hill towards the caravan site

The little hump near the sheep is where I usually stand to take in the view

 Looking back down the path

Further on a spotted a thistle growing and thought it made a good sky shot with the wild lupin in the background
Happy Skywatch

Monday 21 June 2021

The Beehive



Garden Birds


 This week I'll show some of the birds we have in the garden which we enjoy watching


The dovecote birdhouse at the bottom of the garden from our arbour we noticed a great tit flying to it


after feeding the young it pops out to fly off

There is a bird feeder half way up the garden we can see from the house on the ground feeder mealworms are placed and starlings demolish them the blackbird does not get a look in
The reason they bring the family along
The young ones always peck around the lawn thou we did notice an unusual one with while plumage in the tail feathers
The blackbird is always around looking for something to eat
And loves to have  bath when he sees it has been filled showering the plants while he is at it
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Saturday 19 June 2021

St Gwrthwl's Llanwrthwl


This week the Church Explorer is back in Wales visiting   St Gwrthwl's Llanwrthwl an interesting church with a pagan stone stood outside

Thursday 17 June 2021

Sky Roses



After the weather we had this week and me showing our roses  it seemed only fitting to fit the sky into a few of them, lets face it I am always on the look out for photos for Skywatch

Just looking out of the back door produces a shot with the clouds in the sky behind

One of my favourite roses covering a shelter  gives the hint of sky

 Behind it an expanse of blue sky

Into the garden and you see this beautiful one my wife loves

Look above and get a hint of blue sky and clouds

I will leave you this week with this view of what I think is  Scots pine that was covered in ivy and cleared earlier this year. The white flowers you see are mock orange blossom, the pink rose my wife's favourite and the blue the one I like so much, No doubt there will be some more Sky Roses to show in the future. Happy Skywatch

Monday 14 June 2021

Roses are Blooming


This week as the roses are coming into bloom I thought I would show some of the beautiful ones we have. If you walk around our garden you will always see  roses growing, many bought quite a few my wife had grown from a cutting.

The first rose you will see on coming out the back door is this standard one which has a wonderful perfume to it.

We have had this one a while but early this year I replanted it to this position on the patio

It has a small flower head but the plant is prolific when they come out, I'm hoping it will grow better in this position

This white one is also growing on the patio but is one we are growing on

Another one opposite the door called Gentle Hermione

 Another stunning one is Blue for You

 Which is full of roses

One of my favourites growing is this rambler called Veilchenblou 

Which has a beautiful flower

Looking past this clematis you can see my wife biggest success the Californica rose. We have had this rose nearly as long as we have lived in the house. It was moved when we had and extension and lived in a pot for a while. My wife rescued from nearly dying and nurtured it to what it is now and grew another from a cutting  

It has a prolific amount of rose heads

I could go on showing more but I will leave you with our most recent purchase  Mortimer Sackler which is still in it's pot and will be planted in due course

Taking Part in My Little Corner of the World  Our World Tuesday and Imag-in-ing, you can find all the links in the right hand column Take care everyone.

Saturday 12 June 2021

St Andrews Oddington


This week the Church Explorer visits St Andrews Oddington a very nice looking church with the added attraction of a superb preaching cross nearby 

Friday 11 June 2021

Glider Sky


The other day we were sat on the patio when a plane towing a glider went past, I watched it fly away and missed taking a closer shot. I though it may well turn around and it did though higher this time

About here the glider was going to let go of the line towing it

 Then it was off flying away silently on it's own

 It disappeared into the clouds

 The tow plane too over in that direction

 Happy Skywatch