Monday 29 January 2018

Around Camperdown Dock

Robin of the Rusty Ring  noticed the lightship in the last photo of my blog of last week so this week I thought I'd show some ships I noticed in and around Dundee harbour.

I spotted this boat sunk at it's moorings in Camperdown Dock. I thought it was a WWII landing craft but I'm afraid I can tell you noting about it

The trawler is called the Discover Rose

Afraid this one is looking a little past it's best

Another boat on the dockside only it looks like it has been recovered from the bottom

This is looking along City Quay

This trawler is out in the Tay estuary
Oil exploration platform

Another view of the trawler in the estuary
The discovery in dry dock

The Unicorn

 The Unicorn from across the City Quay bridge


Its now a museum
I'll leave you with this shot of an Anchor which I think belongs to the North Carr Lightship 

Thursday 25 January 2018

Dundee Law

This weeks Skywatch photos were taken back when I was on holday in Scotland with my wife, we went to visit the Dundee Law

 The top of the Law looking towards the River Tay 

180 degrees around and you see this view of the telecomunications mast and the road that brings you to the top.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Around the Quay

After last week I thought I should show what was around City Quay in Dundee

the rails you see down the centre may well have been from the trains that took waggons to the dock

The uprights from the buildings still have the makers name on them
Even the casting on the top is still there

Above an old Buoy and
left one of the old dock building now converted into apartments

Above the converted building and adjoining warehouses that have been converted into small businesses

Right an old ship anchor

some of the remaining old warehousing

More old railway lines and cobbles from the docks

This old building is derelict and I could not say if it is still there
I will leave you with view of the new and old, the old buildings you can see to the left are apartments now. I'll bring you more photos from around Dundee again
Taking part in our World Tuesday

Thursday 18 January 2018

Sky on the Tay

The Tay road bridge in Dundee, taken back in 2010 when I was there

Tuesday 16 January 2018

City Quay

Some time last you I posted a View from the flat and showed a few photos of City Quay in Dundee. You can read some of the history on the area here.
The building on the quay used to be all warehousing for the docks now they are small businesses, shops and restaurants  the photos were taken form the flat my son was saying at

The Quay at night

Up towards the city, I think the tall building you see in the distance has now gone

The quay at Dusk

Looking well lit up

and finally daylight

You can see some of the remaining warehousing in the distance, the ship us HMS Unicorn which is worth a visit

again towards the city

The walk way over to City Quay
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Thursday 11 January 2018

Station Sky

Boxing Day I popped down our local station to update some photos on the work happening on the platforms. I had to get some of the wonderful blue sky over the railway

Another had to be taking over the station buildings