Monday 26 June 2023

Weston - on - the - Green


Weston on the green always seem to me to be a few houses along the side of the what was the old A43 to Northampton. We would pass through on our way to Silverstone and it never looked much of a place to stop. It did have an RAF parachute training base there as you could see the balloons taking them up in baskets to jump out of.  When they built the A34 dual carriageway to the M40 the village got bypassed. Last week I went to visit the church at Weston on the Green and knowing the A34 might be very busy I took a route that would take me over it to see how bad it was. Turned out very as the traffic was slow from Oxford the the M40 junction. I decided to take another way and came in the back of the village

I parked by the church near this old Phone Box, it is now used as a library which is quite common to see in villages, this is our version of the little library 

Looking down the road towards the old main Northampton road you not help notice the thatched houses 

This was the village show which sold bread and fresh produce as well as other groceries and some hot food, I went away with a very tasty pasty

Sadly is is under threat as this sign tells you. I hope it is saved villages need shops

Going back the way I came I stopped to take this shot. It was only when I processed the photos I noticed something 

A bird and bee had flown past when I took the photo. I've not been photo bombed by a bee before.
As I will be useing this on SkyWatch Friday
Happy Skywatch
Take Care

Saturday 24 June 2023

St David’s, Llanddewi Fach


This week the Church Explorer visits  St David’s, Llanddewi Fach in Wales.  This is the first one I visited in Wales this year, it stands on a remote hillside and was one of the churches that Frances Kilvert visited 

Thursday 22 June 2023

A Welsh Hillside


The other week I went to visit a hillside church in Wales. I took a few photos as for Skywatch as well

This is the church I went to, as you can see a perfect blue sky above

Looking out toward sthe hills from the churchyard

I did have to walk along a footpath to the church which you might be able to see in the distance

This looks down onto a nearby farm not far from where I left my car 

 Vome evening my wife & I went for a walk and I managed to get right up the top of the one you see with the blue sky above. I had been aming to that since comming out of  Hospital. The church will feature in The Church Exporer this weekend
Happy Skywatch

Monday 19 June 2023

The Ducks


Remember the photo of the duck nesting on Friday well I went out the next day with my camera and 400mm lens to get some more photos

I started by taking this one of a bee in a flower

Spotted this bird on a bullrush, I thought it was a sparrow

I got a better photo of the duck which had ducklings if you look. Just after I took the photo I went along the lake for a better viewpoint only to watch a coot swimming towards the next with nesting material. Next thing I see was the duck go for the coot and the ducklings scatter.

They disappeared into the reeds

Can you see it in the reeds

The coot had to dive underwater to get away from the duck and moments later popped up and was back with it's own young

I took this a week later with the same long lens and the ducklings sat around mum

I got a little close so they decided to go and hide. Turns out there are 5 duckings.

As you can see 5 duckings, I made a retreat after this and they went back to mum.
Take Care

Saturday 17 June 2023

St Mary Sydenham


This week the Church Explorer visits  St Mary Sydenham the last of the three churches I visited in the Chinnor benefice and one of the few churches in Oxfordshire with a wooden tower

Thursday 15 June 2023

Welsh Sunset


First of all let me apologise for not posting Tuesday Like I normally would, over the weekend we had a power cut during a thunderstorm. it knocked out my router and I had to have a new one  

This was the beginning of June when we were at our caravan, I normally take the dog around the lake for a walk so take photos with my phone, I spotted the geese with their gosling 

Quite happily swimming by

I also noticed a duck on a nest

Around 9:30 in the evening I saw the sun has set and there was a beautiful colour to the sky so I went out to the lake fro some photos

Going a bit closer to the hills

I did like this effect the sun had on the clouds

Looking back the sky looked clear blue

In reality the sunset looked a little like this which is how it looks through my camera

Happy Skywatch

Saturday 10 June 2023

St Andrew Chinnor


This week the Church Explorer visits St Andrew Chinnor a beautiful historic church on the boarder of Oxfordshire 

Thursday 8 June 2023

June Sunset

The second of June and while looking out the back door I noticed the setting sun shining on the trees

The effect is lost on them I'm afraid

The leaves on this one were glowing

Looking through the front room window you could see why

Looking out of the bathroom the sun had set

From the front room a glow was all that was left

Happy SkyWatch

Monday 5 June 2023

Random Photos


After searching out photos  from a couple of walks along the remains of the Wilts and Berks canal  I found I had taken over 500 photos some of which I have never shown on here so I thought why not a few random photos this week

While walking across the fields from where we left the car you saw Childrey Church over the fields

Restored part of the canal 

An old oak grows beside where the canal ran

In Challow a build that dates back to when the canal was in use

The road through Challow from where the bridge that we not over the canal use to stand

Further on at Grove you will see this a hint of the old airfield used to be in WWII

A canal spur ended near here where a flour mill was, it is now closed.

On the way back to my car we passed the statue of Alfred the Great who lived nearby and supposedly burnt the cakes
Take Care

Saturday 3 June 2023

The Nativity of the Virgin Mary Crowell


The Nativity of the Virgin Mary was a church I only noticed on the OS maps while searching them one evening logged it on my Google maps for a future visit. A week ago I managed to visit along with two others I wanted to see. The church was locked but I had the opportunity to look around inside a week later after arranging fro it to be opened. It turned out to be a very nice little church.

Thursday 1 June 2023

Campsite Sky


A week or so ago my wife & I visited our caravan in Wales, I wanted to see if the swans had had young and the geese too 

Setting off along the lake with our dog I took the opertunity to get a view of the blue sky

I soon spotted the Geese with a gosling, as to the swans they were nowhere to be seen. Turns out the eggs they laid were damaged so they cleared off

I had to zoom out for a sky shot now didn't I 

We walked up the hill but fund it was getting hot so returned and I got another shot towards the caravan site 

I'll finish with a grey scale shot of the first photo
Happy Skywatch