Monday 30 January 2017


I visited Ardington  with my wife for a DSLR photographic course at the village hall. Part of it was practical and while we were outside takeing photos I popped out in the road and took some though the village which is one of the more pretty ones round Oxfordshire. 

The Hall where we had the course 

Just ouside in the road looking down to the corner 

Looking back past the hall the other way  

Zoomed in towards the other end of the road. I hope to go back for a more advanced course and will get a few more photos then.
Taking Part in Our World Tuseday

Thursday 26 January 2017

Sunrise Panoramic

Over the weekend and the beginning of this week has been one of cold frosty mornings at times getting down to -9deg Centigrade. Tuesday morning I arrived at work to a beautiful sunrise and as I only had my phone took the opportunity to take panoramic of the sunrise for you to enjoy

Monday 23 January 2017

Teddy's on Display

Just before Christmas I took the dog to a local vets and passed a house which uses Teddy's for telling a story in a big display case. Normally this time of year I expected a nativity scene but I was surprised to see a different one

 The display case with the Teddy's on show

Think his was supposed to be a village scene

Come Dancing something people in the UK will relate to as its a well watched TV show 

I think this was the Royal Barge and is set in the great fire of London era 

  The bears in the Come Dancing scene

 The bears in the Village scene. There was quite a bit of condensation in the case due the cold weather we had been having so it was difficult to make out the notes. I thought it was great & found out that the people who put on the display do it around three or four times a year. I think I may have to walk pass a little more often.

Kids Corner

I was in a large DIY stre today and spotted this mural in a kids corner of the store

Taking part in Monday Mural

Thursday 19 January 2017

Thurl Down

Last week I showed a coupleof photos of Streatley Warren which were taken just off the Ridgeway (Tesdays Post) Well on the other side of the track is Thurl Down. 

 Thurl Down is on the left it was taken at the start of my walk

 A little further along the walk 

Monday 16 January 2017

A Ridgeway Walk

Carrying on with my series of The Rigdeway path which is one of those ancient paths that was used around 5000 years ago and runs from Overton Hill, near Avebury, to Streatley, then follows footpaths and parts of the ancient Icknield Way through the Chiltern Hills to Ivinghoe Beacon 
Today I will show you some of the path from outside Streatley to Lowbury Hill where I was walking. The main reason for the walk was to get photos for another blog I am writing. There are quite a few photos in today's blog.  In retrospect I should have taken a map with me but felt I knew the area well enough not to get too badly lost

Above my start was here in the carpark along Rectory road. On the right is a view of the field beside the ridgeway

The path here is quite easy going if a little uphill

Looking back to the carpark

Above the first signpost showing a nearby footpath and a footpath in a different direction

If you saw my Skywatch Friday photo of Streatley Warren, well this is looking down from near the top

Another signpost and path, the one to the right will take you to to a Village called Aldworth

This is were I'm going to turn off to Lowbury Hill and as you can see I have to negotiate a large muddy area

bit of a contrast to the path I just walked along

and the way it looks going on

but once your past it the footpath is quite easy to walk on

Near Lowbury hill you rejoin the more substantial path with takes you to the Fair Mile

Lowbury Hill and on the top an Ordnance Survey Triangulation Pillar, the view looks towards Chilton

This one on the edge of the remains of a Roman Temple looks towards the Fair mile 

Going back I took a wrong turn and ended up back on the Ridgeway lower down

Because I don't remember this part

Anyway I followed the path back

till I got to this fork where I had to take the left one which I knew would  get me back to the carpark. 
Hope you enjoyed my little walk this week
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Thursday 12 January 2017

Streatley Warren Sky

This was taken on my first walk of 2017 where I was off along the ridgeway to Lowbury Hill. I stopped off along the way to get this photo looking towards Streatley Warren

 Turning the opposite way looking towards Streatley you still saw the wonderful Blue Sky

More photos from the walk in the future blogs.
 Happy Skywatch Friday