Thursday 29 February 2024

Blue Sunset


Sunday evening in mid February I spotted the glowing clouds out the front of our place

They had a fiery look about them

Turning pinkish as I turned towards the allotments 

Coming out wider you got blue sky mixing in

Wider still shows the blue and glowing sky

Which got darker as the glow lessened 

Till it was just a strip

 Turning towards the south a pink like was all you could see of the glowing sky
Happy Skywatch

Monday 26 February 2024

Minster Lovell Hall


I had heard of Minster Lovell Hall but it  was never somewhere I thought of visiting. Some of the guys I used to work with came from the village. Last week I was visiting St Kenelms church for my blog and noticed that Mister Lovell Hall was next door so I took the time to have a quick look around the place. Minster Lovell Hall is now under the care of English Heritage and is open during reasonable daylight hours to look around.

You literally walk out of the churchyard and you are in the ground of the hall

Wide angle view of the hall remains, the main entrance is blocked off because the ceiling is unsafe

The remaining tower near the River Windrush

The view you normally see in literature on the place

The west end of the hall

A great hall used for entertaining royalty and other dignitary's 

One of the other rooms in the place

the corner which took you to another wing of the building, the old doorway which took you to an upper floor still in place

In the foreground you can see a covered well where they would have drawn water which is a couple of foot below the grate

This I think might have been the entrance to the chapel 

The grand entrance with the intricate ceiling, I managed to get a photo over the top of the fence

View of the hall take with my phone

And one of the church through the ruins

Take care

Sunday 25 February 2024

Forever Young


It was my friends Birthday the other day, I only found out after going around for a chat, we have know each other since we were kids and in our teens both rode around on a Lambretta scooter. I know he still owned one (top right) so I made a birthday card with a collage of scooters. He might sill own a couple but I'm happy to go and sit on his now and remember when I owned one.

Take Care


Saturday 24 February 2024

St James the Great Stonefield


This week the Church Explorer visits St James the Great a beautiful old church dating back to the 13th century which is steeped in history

Thursday 22 February 2024

1st February


I thought the sunset on the 1st February was quite spectacular especially as it was the beginning of the year.

I first noticed the sky from the kitchen window so went upstairs to see this 

The sunset was beautiful

Zooming in the sky glowed orange

Looking the opposite was the clouds were beautiful

Blue sky and pink clouds

The sunset colored the clouds

An amazing pink

Even towards the setting sun the vapor trails took on color

On my way to pick up my son I passed the gravel pit so on the way back I too this photo of the silhouette of the gravel elevator  
Happy Skywatch

Monday 19 February 2024

The Earth Trust


On Sunday I stopped off a The Earth Trust to see an exhibition in some archeological finds that were on show over the weekend

The converted barn where the exhibition was held

This was what I had come to see, it is an iron age Tyuere from a back smiths forge that was uncovered nearby

Remains of a crucible that was also found

Various finds which you had to guess what the were best of it all was the archeologists did not know either

Roman finds

Roman coins

More roman finds

some wood carving

I went back outside to visit the dig remains and passed this building where I have been before on a photograph course 

This is the area of the archeological excavation, in the background is Wittenham Clumps, the hill on the right was an Iron Age Hill Fort
Take Care

Saturday 17 February 2024

St Mary the Virgin North Stoke


This is a return visit to this wonderful old church St Mary the Virgin North Stoke to see the Medieval wall art that decorate the walls of the church  

Thursday 15 February 2024

Blue sky and Skytrails


Every sky is different even the blue ones you see, there is always something that makes them stand out, towards the end of January I was outside and looked at the blue sky crisscrossed with vapor trails

As I walked out the back gate to the garden this is what I saw

As I turned left the sky was just full of trails

The sky was full of them
Happy Skywatch