Friday 31 December 2021

Sunsets on 2021


I was going to leave off posting till next week so as to have a break from blogging but by Friday the bug had bitten me again to do something and as the day turned out quite nice after the rain we had overnight I thought it might be a nice sunset, I suppose it set with the indifference we have felt about things all year a bit of a let down. The bathroom window has become my place to get a sunset while at home so that is where I went.

The sunset at 4:08 so these were taken around that time
Moving slightly right looking over the nearby housing estate
A plane flying high makes an appearance
10 minutes later the show is over
Looking south the glow lessens even more
Sunrise in 2022 will be over this way but I don't hole my hopes up for that.
 Happy Skywatch
Stay safe and Have a great evening and a Happy New Year

Thursday 23 December 2021

December Sunrises


As we came in to December some beautiful sunrises were to be had

On the 11th I let out or dog and could not help but see this beautiful sky

A wider view only showed more beauty 

From the bedroom a superb sunrise

The winter solstice was the day before and on the next day the 22nd I heard on the radio of a red sky well I only had to open the shutters and there it was 

Nearby a star shone well the lit up star on the lamppost where they had been cheeky and strung lights

Zooming back out the sky was that colour when the sun is peeking it's head up painting the sky with colour

Go wide and a panoramic of the sky

Zoom in a little to show the beauty of the sunrise.
That's it from me this year, hopefully I will return in the new year with more sunrises
Till then may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year
Happy Skywatch

Wednesday 22 December 2021

More Christmas Lights


Tonight I thought I would pop up another part of the village to see the lights, it was worth it. 

Along the road I was visiting this was in one garden

The retired teachers garden with the display cabinet all lit up

Just along the road a little

This does not look so good a it is on my phone but if you see it for real it looks quite magical

Just out of sight

Wider view along the road a little

The retired teachers front garden

and that is a view up the road I had been along

This one is on a corner near where I lived as a kid.
There were quite a few people walking around the village looking at the lights enjoying them.
Hope you did to

Merry Christmas

Sunday 19 December 2021

Christmas Lights


This year our Village seems to have really gone to town with the lights on their houses, fist thing I noticed was the Christmas tree in the Village centre, I cannot recollect them having one before but the local shops provided one. I took a few photos over a few days of the lights

This is the tree looking towards the Forty which is the village green

On the other side of the Forty you could see this cottage all lit up

Going out of the village you pass the old school now a residential home and community centre

Last week my post was the Polar Express, well this is what it looks like at night

A week later I went along and took this photo near the Christmas Tree

This is the garden of the lit up cottage

A few  days later I took this along a road near where I live

The lamppost has a star and lights on not lit up the last time I walked along here

Christmas tree

Lit up front gardens along the road

Have a great Christmas Everyone, I will be back in the new year

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Saturday 18 December 2021

Thursday 16 December 2021

Evening Star


A couple of weeks ago on evening  I looked out the kitchen window and noticed the evening star and a crescent moon, no need to say what I did next

Up to the bathroom window for a couple of photos with my phone

 Zooming in you could see the star and the moon clearer though I little grainy but really what do you expect using a phone on full zoom

Lets try it again with a camera

 I only used the medium zoom I had with this which was 230mm but it shows the moon sharper

Change over to portrait mode

and crop it a little, Could have been a little closer but beggars can't be choosers

Happy Skywatch