Thursday 31 October 2019

Heathrow Sky

A few weeks ago I went to meet my son from London Airport or LHR as we know it, I went up on the Rail Air bus because I could not be bothered with waiting around in traffic. I took some photos with my phone while I was on the Bus.

 This is the coach you take, I used to travel on it a lot when I was working and going out on installations in different countries. It was never as luxurious as these though 

 I was hoping to get this plane head on as it was coming over the M25 to land but this was as good as I could get, the coach was a little too quick

 As you go around the roundabout before the tunnel you see this plane, when I used to go on a regular basis it was Concorde (I miss that) then another airline bought  the advertising space now this one

 On the way out I took this one of a globe but I forget the airline

Then it's back past the plane on the roundabout again. It was interesting to see how the place has changed from when I was a kid because I remember going there when I was around 10 with the school and we could go on the roof of the Queens building that had just opened. Times have changed.
Happy Skywatch

Monday 28 October 2019

Spells Kitchen

Creepy Walk in the woods

Last week I took you for a walk through some of the woods near where I say in Wales well as it is Halloween in a few days I though I'd show the creepy part I went through first.

  As I started to walk through the woods I noticed something on a tree
 Close up a face can be seen
 A door in a tree maybe fairy's live here
 A skull stares from another
 Something looking like a ghoul with a long neck
Another with a long tail
I look back the way I just came thinking I would not want to come through here at night
Happy Halloween

Saturday 26 October 2019

Holy Ascention Littleworth

This week the Church Explorer visits The Holy Ascention Littleworth a church built in 1836 on the foundations of a Norman church

Thursday 24 October 2019

Hillside Views

 After the walk I showed you on Tuesday I took a path that went uphill and from there I took a few photos across the hillside
 This looks towards Gilwern hill
 This is a little to the right of the last photo
 Here we look across the village of Hundred House
 A wider view of the area with blue sky poking through the clouds
Wider view of the first photo
We finish with a view towards Castle Bank
Happy Skywatch

Monday 21 October 2019

Woodland walk

A couple of weeks ago at my Caravan I went off for a short walk along a path that eventually took you to the village pub that people went to from the campsite. People walked along it during the summer evenings, in the winter I could not advise it as you will see.

The path comes through the woods from here

But you walk through some very pretty woodland

The undergrowth by now is dieing back

You head over another bridge past a track that takes you uphill to moor woodland

You pass the stream by again before you come to a gate

and at this time of year you encounter a problem, the stream that normally trickles downhill and through a culvert washes over the path 

and as you walk on further you come to more mud, I retraced my steps here and went up another track but I will come back along here with you again.

Next week I will take you through the wood for Halloweeen

Saturday 19 October 2019

Thursday 17 October 2019

Reflective sky

Took these back in September, the sun was setting and the hills reflected in the lake
 Beautiful colour on the hillside

Reflected in the lake

 A little to the right and a couple of photos stitched together

  Next morning This lake was very still
 The blue sky reflecting in the lake
Even the moon if you look
Happy Skywatch

Monday 14 October 2019

Quiet Corner

Last year I noticed a building being built in one of the fields near the Caravan site. When I returned in March I went along to have a look at what had been built

I was told it was a quiet are so people could go and meditate

The building had a tarp over the window so was not quite finished

Looking down from the building you got a view downhill and towards the surrounding hillside

 Inside was a bench that went around the building

Looking up you saw a simble of Ying & Yang

Another one showing them as fish on the wall

Another simble on a plaque 

and a lotus flower

Outside nearby a partly finished rope bridge you walked across to get to the building

Later this year I went back for a visit and by then the window had been placed across the front and a fence placed around the building

The bridge was finished all that is left is a path that will lead to the bridge

I will look forward to taking you along the path one day