Thursday 28 November 2019

New House Clouds

After visiting the church in the blog last Friday I went to get some photos of a housing estate that had been built on an old farm in the village. The sky had a few clouds on a blue sky with hints of dark clouds among them

 Hard to believe that a over a year ago this was pasture land
 This is back to wards the main road
On the other side of the trees is more pasture though I think that is now ear marked for building on

Monday 25 November 2019

Building updates

Wallingford is changing on a regular basis early this year I noticed this bike shop had close and moved premises

around the back it looked like this
 Months later the building beside it was finished and awaited businesses to open on the ground and above people to purchase the flats

the old shop had bee demolished

around the back hording had bone up

and the parking area empty, all that was left was some empty ground
This is what will takes its place, just have come back later to see how it is going 
Taking part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday 23 November 2019

St Deny's Northmoor

Thia week the church explorer takes you to St Deny in Northmoor, this is the first of Three West Oxfordshire churches I decided to visit because of their historic interest.

Thursday 21 November 2019

Sky over St Mary's

Took a walk to St Mary's church to visit the churchyard the other week, the sky looked wonderful
With light clouds floating overhead
and sheep grazing in the field
Happy Skywatch

Monday 18 November 2019

More of Henley on Thames

Bit more from my recent trip to Henley,

Walking along New Street you pass the Kenton Theatre it is the fourth-oldest working theatre in the UK and a registered charity. It has had many famous actors walk it's stage

Along a bit further you can see part of the old  Brewery which were the oast houses

Which is now a trendy place to live

Henley Brewery was across the road you can sill see the sign on the wall

Once this would have been a busy yard now it a place to drink
It seems a long way from it's former use

Above the oast house of the old brewery, left the end of New Street by the Thames

And this is Thames side, normally this road is full of traffic, I must have been lucky on this occasion.
You can see Henley bridge in the distance

On the way back I could not help stopping to get a photo of this building which dates back to the 1500's
I also noticed this fire mark on the building

 Nearly back to the carpark and I pass this place

The Bell Street Brewery  which still brews beer

Hope you enjoyed my little walk around.

Thursday 14 November 2019

Misty Morning Sky

These were taken a few weeks ago when I was in Wales, I went for a quick morning early walk as the mist was clearing
 The lake was mirror still
 The dawn was on the way
 Further along a track the sheep were grazing on the hillside
 the clouds rolled in behind the mist
The colour of the sky on the long lake reflected in the water.
Happy Skywatch

Monday 11 November 2019

Henley on Thames Almshouses

I have been to this town many times and have noticed a couple of blocks of almshouses, the ones near the church being the most seen but there are more and if you walk along New Street towards  the Thames you pass one set near the Teddy Bear Shop

They are called Barnaby Cottages and date back to 1582

They take up this block though the last part on the right is the Teddy Bear Shop

Further along you come to Church Avenue

where you come to more houses dating back to 1664

and another two on the end a bit newer at 1669

The ten older ones go the length of the avenue

With the remaining two going towards the church

On the opposite side of the churchyard is another set

these are the oldest being endowed by the Bishop of Lincoln in 1547, in that year Henry VIII died in January and was succeeded by his son Edward VI

As far as I know they are still lived in today
The also go the whole length of the Churchyard, I always wondered why most almshouses are beside a churchyard.