Monday 28 September 2020

Last of the Roses


Well you might have noticed I was missing last week, I took a few days break, I showed where I was in Skywatch Friday.  I feel we all need cheering up with some flowers this week, my garden is beginning to shut down for the winter but we still have a few roses cheering the place up

 Could not tell you the name of this one my wife grew from a stick she was given

 All I can tell you it smells amazing

 This one I lady Hamilton and is another one with a beautiful perfume

 Forgotten the name of this one which grows by the patio

 A beautiful white rose which I should know the name of

I do love this pink one growing by a trellis

I think this is a Nemesia Wisley Vanilla which has a beautiful sent in the evening

 Last of all a Rudbeckia which we were lucky to have as we found slugs were eating it before we sorted a way to stop them

I will leave you with this collage of some of the flowers
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Take Care Everyone


Saturday 26 September 2020

St Mary the Virgin Great Milton


This week the church explorer takes you to  St Mary the Virgin at Great Milton a church that dates back to the Norman Times. It is an unusual looking church with a short tower. No photos of the inside yet as it was locked due to the restriction around at the moment.


Thursday 24 September 2020

Misty Sunrise


Well you might have noticed I missed the posts during the week because I took a couple of days break in Wales but I did not forget to take some photos for Skywatch and the sunrise was the subject.

 On the way up the hill I watched the sun rise over the hilltop

At the top of the quarry we looked across the top of the mist

Further up we looked down on the mist

I'll leave you with this panoramic shot of from the top of the quarry. All the photos were taken on my iPhone
Happy Skywatch

Saturday 19 September 2020

Return to St Peter


This week we return to St Peter in Charney Basset where I returned to get some photo's inside after finding out when it was open. Please click on the ling to view more. The church was worth visiting for the caring in the chancel which dates back to the 12th century

I notice that blogger has now gone over to the new version and there is no reverting to the old one, I'm probably like many of you not happy with this and like you all wonder why? as the saying goes "if it ain't  broke don't fix it" but at least I did notice a few they have kept a few of the old features it had so I will carry on for now


Thursday 17 September 2020

Sunset on the M4


The other week my wife & I were travelling along the M4 to Wales, as we drew near Bristol you could see the sun setting, well I just had to take a few photo's

         The sun behind the clouds
The traffic on the M4 with an orange glow behind
Further along the sun peaking over the trees

In Wales I spotted this cloud with a wispy tail, the lamppost just got in the way.

Happy Skywatch

Monday 14 September 2020

A Cloudy Walk

We have been trying to spend some time down at our caravan in Wales but small problems with beyond our control intervened, we had thought they had been overcome but another raised it ugly head. Again we sorted that out and decided to go for an early morning walk up Aberedw Hill. 
On the way up we noticed the cloud cover was low. At the point we usually turn left we carried straight up and eventually came to this old water tank, nearby is a white stone that marks the way to go to get to Aberedw Village around five miles away. As the viability was bad we decided to go back along the hill towards our usual walk

 I looked back across the hill to wards the Aberedw direction
 And set off towards the copse of trees  we normally wet to, looking left you could see down hill towards the camp site
 The path to the trees clearly marked but which one to go along
 Further along and another view down
 Eventually we went back down hill and through the quarry we had climbed up an our or so before hand. Water tends to run down here most of the time but as it had been raining it looked like it had uncovered sandstone. I know for a fact it's not sandstone the hill is made from.  During the summer the water had dried up, grass I moss had grown in the meantime. When it rained heavy like in the previous days the water  had poured down here over the grass I moss turning it white the grass giving it a look like sandstone

Later in the day I sat out under the Oak tree behind the caravan. Only when my wife said where did that branch behind me come from did she look up and point out this ling branch hang down by a single twig. I had bee sitting under it not realising what was above my head. When I told the site owner about it he said like "the Sword of Damocles", he was not wrong it was not a pleasant thought if that had fallen. We soon had it removed and breathed a sight of relief when it was gone.
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Take Care Everyone

Saturday 12 September 2020

St Peter Charney Bassett


This week the church Explorer Visits St Peter Charney Bassett an interesting old church with a lot of History. At the time of my visit the rain was coming down and the church was locked so I could not get any photos inside but hopefully I will go back when that is possible.  

Thursday 10 September 2020

Sunset, Sunrise


Last Week saw some nice Sunsets and a Sunrise

Sunday the 30th August I noticed this sunset

Then on Thursday 3rd September  as I was putting some rubbish in the bin I noticed the sky was this beautiful red colour

The following morning while at the kitchen sink filling the kettle at 5:50 (woke up early) I noticed the clouds were a nice pink colour and going out the back of the house I watched it change colour

I love seeing a sunrise it makes you feel good to be alive.

Happy Skywatch


Saturday 5 September 2020

A Church Explorer

I first started Blogging back in 2012 in March with Spuds Rural Explorations which I do update with new posts on occasion now. This blog was stared in September along with the Church Explorer which makes them both 8 years old. I have not amassed a lot of followers in that time but as long as people see my work and make the odd comment I am happy. For a little while now I have posted a link to the Church Explorer on here to show where I have visited, you might have noticed this little gif at the bottom of the post
 I came across it looking for a gif to use on a card I tend to leave in churches I visited. While checking out some websites on churches I came across Explore Churches and noticed their gif was the same one, difference was I had changed the colour of it. I thought I Better ask if the minded. They had no problem if I posted a link back which I have. I even wrote a blog on them during lockdown. As lockdown finished they came back to me and asked if I would write something about myself that they could publish on their website. Well I did and here is a link to the article.
 This weeks Church is St Andrew Bradfield which has now been sold to the college. I feel it was a shame that this happened as it is a lovely church 
 Stay Safe

Thursday 3 September 2020

Evening Clouds

 If all else fails there are always clouds for skywatch and I took theses on Thursday evening back in August during the hot spell we had. The clouds were a welcome sight in the blue sky's we had been having

Looking west over the house
Turning towards the North
Think these were looking East
And finally North. The clouds were a promise of the rain that would be coming and the cooler weather though it got hotter before it cooled down
Happy Skywatch