Thursday 22 December 2022

Mediterranean Sunset


This week as it is my last blog of 2022 (I'm taking a break till next year) I thought I would go retro and show a  Mediterranean Sunset which was taken when I was on Holiday with my wife. This really was more of a honeymoon as it was 38 years ago. Our Honeymoon was in Cyprus at the end of Jan 83 and was a place we both wish we never went  to due to it being quiet empty where we were with very few people around. Still on with the photos which were taken in June just before Live Aid on one of the Greek Islands

This was the bar where we went for a cocktail every night

Sun setting behind the buildings

One with a boat

Wider view of the first one

Sun setting over the sea.

Happy Skywatch

With that I will wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday 19 December 2022

Frosty Marsh


Last wee it was cold, the coldest |I have known it in years. I cannot remember the  temperature back in the bad winter of 1963 but this year had to be comparable. Most nights the gauge read -4 or 5 even down to -9 but on two nights it got down to under -11 in fact -12.9 was recorded at RAF Benson a few miles away. I thought that during this time I should pop down the River Thames and see if it had frozen at all, I temperatures we had been having gave me a inclining it would. This is what I saw

This is what is now know as Cholsey Marsh, back in Jan 1963 this looked totally different as it was flooded and onto of that totally frozen over, none of this could be see and no trees could be seen.

You could see all the way along the meadow then, the trees have grown up in the last 60 years because there  is no cattle to graze here any more

The hoar frost on the plants make it look as cold as it was

The Thames was not froze more to my surprise, I thought it might have been and I have seen it frozen a few times in my life

The little Stoke side looked not different to the one I was on
The Thames path is in there somewhere

At least a sight tells me it is

The Marsh on the other side

I left the Thames to flow on it's way to the sea

I will wish you all a Merry Christmas

Saturday 17 December 2022

St Giles Hampton Gay Pt 2



This week the Church Explorer returns to  St Giles Hampton Gay to see around the inside of the church, something I could not do on my last visit. It was worth returning to. 

As this will be the last blog before Christmas may I wish you all

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday 15 December 2022

November Sunset


Last day of November and another beautiful sunset or should I say the last of it because I missed it going down 

The sun left a fiery glow out lining the houses

The clouds still reflecting the colours

Even the wispy ones in the east with the moon rising

The clouds were pink

The glow was turning orange 

As the sun set further the night was not far behind
Happy Skywatch

Monday 12 December 2022

Winter Chill


Here in the UK we are going though a cold winter, very cold. My garden has been frozen all day and white with frost. Time to get out for a few photos.

 Passing along the patio a spiders web frosted up

It was not the only one to be that way

The garden in a covering of frost

The pond frozen over

One spider had been busy making a web on the patio table and chair only to have it frozen in time

This morning I woke up to the garden covered in snow.
Stay Warm & Take Care

Saturday 10 December 2022

St Giles Hampton Gay


This week the Church Explorer visits St Giles Hampton Gay a church which is literally in a field on it's own. On this occasion it was locked but I did return and you will see the inside next week

Thursday 8 December 2022

Morning Glow


I had thought that all my October sunrises and sunsets had finished till I downloaded some photos off my Mirror-less camera and came across these taken around 70:30 in the morning when the sun was just rising 

I was about to go downstairs to join my wife for a cup of tea when I noticed a glow though the shutters

So I grabbed my DSLM as it was nearest and took this photos which are not edited 
Happy Skywatch

Monday 5 December 2022

A Glimpse of the Past


This week I am showing a glimpse  of the past. I came across a couple of Photos of Fforest Fields which I took when we first started visiting the camp-site. The photo were taken using my SLR camera. The first two photos are how the site looked. You can see the sheep in the field

This is a view that you would not get now due to trees which have been planted and grown over the years. The field where sheep are in the foreground is now a camping field

Now this view was taken from a place I stop most time I climb up the hill and look down.

Back then this was how we went camping in a trailer tent

This is a view of the present time taken back in July this year, as you can see it has changed a little, the first photos were taken around 2001/2 a lot has changed in 20 years

Take Care

Saturday 3 December 2022

Holy Cross Shipton-on-Cherwell


This week the Church Explorer takes you to the  Holy Cross Shipton-on-Cherwell a pleasant looking church beside the River Cherwell 

Thursday 1 December 2022

Firey Sunset

 Taken towards the end of October I could not help see this wonderful sky as I looked out the back of the house

The sky as I seen it from the bedroom window a reflection of the sun on the clouds

Lets look at the whole picture

This we looking over next door from the bathroom window

Looking south from the bathroom window

East from the bathroom

This is where I normally look for the setting sun

The colour changed to a fiery look

The setting sun behind the trees

By now some spots of ran were falling on the bedroom window. Time to go

Happy Skywatch