Thursday 28 July 2016

Two Valleys

The last of my photos from my visit to Llandegley. These were taken from abend in the road I stopped near Crugerydd Castle (Crug Eryr Castle)

This way you look down the valley towards Llandegley

The other way towards Aberedw Hill

I think the hill on the left here is called Bwlch-Y-Cefn Bank

  This is Crugerydd Castle (Crug Eryr Castle) which overlooks both places

Last look down the Valley towards Aberedw
Taking Part in Skywatch Friday

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Station in the Mirror

Kite in the Tree

The reintroduction of Red Kites to the UK is one of the greater successes that have happened in our area. Many years ago you would never have seen these graceful birds flying around now they are commonplace and quite frequently (every day) stop off in a nearby tree  where they can be hear calling to each other. I have often tried to get a good photo of one but am never happy with the result but  I though I'd show my latest effort anyway. The first two are taken with a Canon powershot SX240 compact camera, the other three using a Canon 70D with a 70-200mm Sigma lens

So from this tree he sits and watches all around him

A most impressive bird

What I would normally see is the Kite sitting like this and hope to catch him taking off

and this time I caught it

I just need a longer zoom I cropped the last two a little

This is a new branch to sit in

And one I hope he uses a bit more as it is a little closer to get a view of him in.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Monday 25 July 2016

Sutton Courtenay Church

A few months ago I visited this church called All Saints Sutton Courtenay, I know I was in for a treat when I read the history about the place and had previously visited George Orwell's grave and looked round the outside of the place. Well I did not expect to see these wall paintings and was quite in awe of them.

Ok they are not mediaeval but they are old and I love how some one went to the trouble of painting this will on the wall at the back of the church 
A well painted GR coat of arms sits in between the ten Commandments

I love this bequest you see on the south aisle wall. William Andrews Left money to Six poor widows, one wonders why because it does not say for how long and get the six widows coming to him at the bottom for their goods

But this mural under the arch of the bell tower was the best, I presume it's a memorial for some one who died in 1607 but I like how the guy is grinning at everyone.
Taking Part in Monday Mural

Thursday 21 July 2016

Radnorshire Sky

Which is now in the county of Powys and not far from where I took the photos in last weeks Skywatch. the hills below are what you saw from further along the road near a ruined chapel

Looking the other way towards a hill called Nyth-Grug 

Taking Part in Skywatch Friday

Shooting the Breeze

My wife & I were on a campsite a few weeks ago and while sat in the shade shooting the breeze were watching the wildlife and taking the odd photo of them

This blackbird was trying to keep cool

but eventually decided to leave

Not far away a Goldfinch was preening itself

and having a good old preen

while it's mate looked for the odd morel

A squirrel spotted we had put out some bread

and went to investigate

Behind him a dragonfly sun itself on a twig

Do I come closer for that piece of bread

 Yes I will

Not sure I should have with that dog nearby

Maybe I'll hide
Mean while the blackbird watched on

Amazing what you can see if you sit sill and watch
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Monday 18 July 2016

The Fly

I was taking some marco photo's of some flowers in our garden the other day and noticed this fly on a rose so I took a few photo's of it.

The photos have been cropped a little

Have to admit I don't really like fly's but it made a good subject

Taking Part in Marco Monday2

Friday 15 July 2016

Sky from a Layby

Last week I showed the sky from  a village Llandegley  Well after I left I stopped along the road in a Layby to get a photo of a milestone I spotted and took some more of the sky nearby as well.

In last weeks photos I showed this hill looking from the church  

Here we look along the layby which is the old A44, they straightened the road and made it more suitable for modern traffic so this part was left on it's own

Looking out of the layby towards Llandegley and the hill behind it.

Please remember the people who were killed in Nice last night and will not see the sky anymore