Thursday 30 June 2022

A Monday Sunset


This was the sunset I was going to post last week only the Solecist came along. It was taken on a Monday Evening when I noticed how nice the sky looked 

Looking out of the bathroom window over the village

I went to the dining room and looked out seeing the sunset I could not from the bathroom catching a ray

Zooming in between the trees

I went outside to get a better view

And got behind the roses to catch this shot

Happy Skywatch

Saturday 25 June 2022

St Mary Thatcham


This week the Church Explorer visits  St Mary Thatcham a rather nice church which is near the centre of the town 

Thursday 23 June 2022

Sunset on the Solstice


Unlike many of you I missed the sunrise on the summer solstice  but I did not miss the sunset, well I did most of it and only realised it had gone down when I went upstairs around 9:40 but the sky looked so nice I though it worth capturing 

This is what I spotted a beautiful pink hue to the sky after the sun went down 

The clouds all light pink

A lone one to the east
Then a wider view of the sky

and a final look. Makes me wish I had seen the sunset properly
Happy Skywatch


Monday 20 June 2022

A churchyard Walk


I had a few things I could post today but in the end thought I would take you on a walk in a churchyard I visited the other day. In fact I have been here twice, fist time I could only go around the outside of the church the second I went inside as it was open. As I had time to spare I took another walk around the churchyard which as you will see is not quite what you think it would look like.

This was taken 6 weeks previous to my visit, the grass was long which you find in a lot of churchyards

The next tome I came it was really long and you could not see the gravestones but they had cut paths to walk along

Over on the fences you can make out the drawing of a fox

some where over there is a drawing of a badger

Near the entrance a notice that explains all and what you can see

I found walking around it quite peaceful and tranquil under the tree canopy

The churchyard runs along the side of the church as well, I might add the north side of the church the grass is cut but then that is near the roadside

The trees you can see in the churchyard

and the Bees

who were busy, I've seen beehives in other churchyards

One of the graves which is in the under growth and like a lot of others forgotten about. Most churchyards now have areas that have been left to nature and the graves are really old and forgotten. Littlemore church has taken it a bit further and created a nature reserve which is a little haven in Oxford
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Take Care

Saturday 18 June 2022

St Peter Cassington


This week The Church Explorer Visits St Peter Cassington, one place I knew of from working in a nearby place and until I visited the church at Yarnton had forgotten it had a church.

Thursday 16 June 2022

Skywatch the End of May


Towards the end of May one Friday Evening I looked out and noticed the sky, ideal skywatch I thought

 The sky looked like fireworks had exploded with the vapour trails fading away

 I moved the phone to get a little more of the sky

Later the sun was setting well set as I missed it but it left an orange hue 

Looking the other way the sky was a pink colour.
Happy Skywatch

Monday 13 June 2022

Garden Update


Thought I would show a quick garden update with you 

Quick way of showing some of it is with a collage, these are the roses I planted a while ago in new beds and a pot, they are growing well and smell gorgeous 

This one is a climber and is waiting for me to find somewhere for it to go

Some of the veg now or fruit which ever way you look at it. Runner beans have taken off and the tomatoes are showing flowers

Looking in the greenhouse you cannot help be confronted by Tomatoes

Aubergines seem to be growing Ok 

Cucumbers are really growing with quite a bit of fruit showing

Bit more that I can say about my Chillies which I am still trying to work out when I should sew the seed. The other plants are some flower seed I started a wile ago and seem to be doing OK.

Take Care 

Taking Part in My Little Corner of the World  Our World Tuesday, Imag-in-ing , InkTorrents 
 Through my Lens  and Pictorial Potpourri you can find all the links in the right hand column
Take Care

Saturday 11 June 2022

St Peter Caversham


This week the Church Explorer visits St Peter Caversham on a chance revisit to find the church open something I failed on the previous occasions I stopped here. I felt is was well worth my stopping off.

Thursday 9 June 2022

Evening Walk


 This week I go mack to mid May where I went out for a quick walk one evening which took in a route along an old footpath

I'll start here a DIY store in Abingdon where I went earlier in the day. It has been built on the site of the old one that was here a few years ago. I was told at the time they would not be coming back. Seems someone thought different.

This is the path though the field which takes you to a place called Lollingdon

Looking back North towards the railway embankment and the village

East towards The Elms and which used to be Elms Farm

West towards the sunset

Though I would do a 180 panoramic shot going from north to east to the south
Happy Skywatch