Thursday 25 February 2016

Wedensday Morning

Just over a week ago I was seeing my wife off to work and went out to open the garage and gates on turning rond to walk back to the house I could not help but notice the red sky. Going up to the bedroom I took a few photos out of the sunrise.

Monday 22 February 2016

A couple of Blue Plaques

The photos were taken the end of 2013 while I had a few moments in Marston after going round the church

This house is on the corner of Mill Lane and the first thing I noticed was the Plue Plaque

I thought Marston was a smll village that played a big part in our history.  Charles I had escaped and left the Royalists to their own devices which in effect meant surrendering.

After that I headed down mill lane to the church

 Where I might add I noticed this in the porch to Howard Walter Florey. I know now who the unit was named after at the Royal Berks Hospital in Reading

Out the back of the church on the corner of Pond lane is thih house which I have no doubt used to be a pub in the village

Coming out of Church Lane you see Elsfield Road 
 and on the junction is this wonderful ofl school house now the village hall

I passed St Nicholas Church and the war memorial

and along Oxford Road 
 passing this house

and another Blue Plaque, this one to Norman Heatley 

He lived in this row of houses like any one else. Marston it seems has its place in history to be remembered.

 Had to leave and head off after seein the plaques and passed this friendly little cat.

Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

First Macro's

First time I have tried out  a new Macro lens I got for Christmas, need to get some more practice with it though

Close up of a daffodil

Even closer

Thursday 18 February 2016

Frosty Morning in Piddington

Taken a few years ago but I thought needed showing, I'll follow with a blog soon

Monday 15 February 2016

A Crane in Wallingford

Happened to go into Wallingford with my wife the other Friday and the first thing I saw was a crane jib jutting above the buildings 

Well what can I say other than I had to go and check it out

Walked passed Rides on Air, you might have noticed their Van on Midsummer Murders

The crane was working on Pettits refurbishment
Lifting the new steelwork which needed fitting to the building

The road was closed all the way down for cars but you could still walk along there
Certainly stood out in he town

Back in the town I noticed a new shop called busy brush which I think is a restaurant where you can go for a coffee

Going back to the car we passed the green tree  a pub I have been in a few time when I was younger.
Hope you enjoyed my short visit.

Thursday 11 February 2016

Cloud Watching

Thursday lunchtime with my wife and a cup of coffee on the downs near work where we had fun watching the clouds and seeing what animals  or thinks we could make out .

 Not much looking towards Didcot

 But promising clouds towards reading

We did se rabbits towards Newbury but by the time I took the photo they were gone

Looking towards Didcot again you could see black smoke riseing, someone spoiled the view with a bonfire. Happy Skywatching

Tuesday 9 February 2016

A Real Butchers Bike

Reading in the Morning

The photos were taken a few years ago now but show an area of Reading which was devastated by bombs on the 10th Feb 1943. Looking at it now it's hard to believe people died here  

The statue of Queen Victoria looking towards the station did not escape unscathed, she lost a finger in the incident

Looking towards Friar Street in the morning Sun
If you click the link at the top it will tell you more about what happened

Thursday 4 February 2016

Goring Weir

Goring Weir in the winter sun after all the rain we had, the Thames is flooded but not as high as in other times I have seen it. Goring lock is over to the right