Monday 29 April 2019

Part of the Path

This week I will take you down another part of the Thames Path. It's a part I have never been along even though I live not far away. This part starts at Moulsford and I will show you part of it. I intend to show the whole Moulsford to Wallingford section in my Spuds Rural Exploration Blog.

Above the Reading Road at Moulsford where you have to walk along from Ferry Lane. That section of river some of the houses, Manor and School have  river frontages where you cannot walk. You go down this farm track

Passing School playing fields on either side

There are signs telling you it's private

At the gate you see a kissing gate you go through

Looking along the School side of the river I was amazed at what had been done to it. These kids don't know how lucky they are, mind you the parents pay enough so no wonder it is well kept

From the kissing gate you follow a footpath that has been fenced in

It passed a landscaped area with ponds. In the distance you see the Moulsford Viaduct or the Four Arches as it is called locally

As you near the railway you come across these high fences to stop you trespassing on the railway

The footpath here is fenced off as well
At the end you come to a footbridge that takes you through one arches of the Viaduct. I will tel you more about it in another post. From here you can follow the Thames to Wallingford and I will take you all along that another time
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday 27 April 2019

St Mary Great Shefford

This week the Church Explorer takes you to West Berkshire for the first of  a series of churches that date to Saxon times. Today's  is unusual in that it has a round tower, one of two in Berkshire, the second I will show in a few weeks

Thursday 25 April 2019

Information Office Sky

Going back in time here a bit, back to May 2010 when I was in Builth Wells. I stopped to take a photo of statue of a Bill beside the River Wye. I also took on eo fthis tourest information office with the blue sky behind it

The weathervane was a Bull
And this is the bull I had come to see with the Bridge in the background and River Wye flowing under it
Have a great weekend

Saturday 20 April 2019

Osney Cemetery

This week the Church Explorer takes you to Oxford and Osney Cemetery. A place I visited many years ago and stopped off to get some photos.

Happy Easter 

Thursday 18 April 2019

Rook in the sky

I was visiting a church a few weeks ago in West Berkshire and outside heard a commotion. I noticed a rookery over in the trees near the church then while taking photos of the church one of them flew over silhouetted by the sky

Monday 15 April 2019

Boston Tea Party

You might have gathered that I had been to the US many years ago well just lately I have been trying to sort out some of my photos and came across some I took around Boston.

Now I think this is Faneuil Hall Market Place

Above another view along the market place

One thing we went on was a Harbour trip

getting shown some of the places of interest

I think this was where Griffins Wharf was where the Boston Tea Party was held
and this was on the side of the Independence Wharf building
Anyway we went on this boat for a look around even though it is a replica
We also went along to this place and had a look around the Museum
Coming out to see this ship the USS Constitution

Very impressive considering it is the Oldest floating commissioned warship HMS Victory may be older but is kept in Drydock
Saw this ship there as well USS Cassin Young 
The only downside to was that I only had a quick look around due to I was working at MIT installing equipment for the company I worked for. A couple of days later I flew off to Vancouver and I will show some phots I took there in due course.
 Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday 13 April 2019

All Saints Woolstone

This week the Church Explorer finished his tour of West Oxfordshire for now with visit to All Saints Woolstone. A 13 century church with a Lead Font

Thursday 11 April 2019

Sky at the Toll

I showed a photo of the Toll bridge as you come into Wales last year, It was the last time I would see it as a Toll. A few weeks ago we drove though it again to find them demolishing the Toll

The traffic was passing though the old part of the Toll while over the barrier they realigned the M4
The motorway was still wet from the rain but the sky overhead was clearing
Happy Skywatch

Monday 8 April 2019

Development updates

The other week I walked into Wallingford to visit the Dentist. I took my camera to get some updates on some of the developments that are happening along my route

The first show house on East End Farm in Cholsey is nearing completion 
 Looking where the farm entrance was you can see that the houses are well on the way to being finished

Along the Wallingford Road I popped through a gap in the hedge to take this photo of a field. Sad to say but it will soon be excavated for a gravel pit. I heard a rumour that in World War Two  that a German bomber dumped it's bomb load in the field and they were not found. That would be a surprise for them digging that lot up

I took this picture of the Wallingford Bypass because this is where the gravel pit entrance will be

Right between those two white posts you can see on the road side, they even cut the shrubbery down.

Finally getting to near the Hospital and you can see barricades marking a new footpath
 You might remember me showing a white house here I said was being demolished, this is what replaced it

The garden where the pond was,(still some of it on the other side of the barrier) The estate is in the process of being finished
Last of all the Police station now gone and a fence placed there to stop people wandering in, it will be a while till you see any housing appearing over the top
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday