Monday 28 July 2014

End of the Towers

My Sunday photo was of the Cooling Towers at Didcot Powerstation 3 minuets before they were blown up. The build up started the week before with people from all over the place let alone the locals getting a photo of the cooling towers. If you believed the press you would think the whole lot was coming down but it was only the 3 South towers by the town. The contractors would not put it off till a more reasonable hour so it was taking place between 3 & 5 AM. I went along to see the event with my sons. The Powerstation is over 40 years old & I remember it being built watching the new electric pylons going up now it was going.

 Not the last sunset but the last one I took of all the towers a few days before the event, The three on left are going. it was taken just outside our village. You can see the powerstation from most of South Oxfordshire. When it was built it was Berkshire
2:40 am in the morning & lit up like Christmas
3 minutes to go
 Bang and off they go, I nearly missed it and hit the remote button to set the camera off when some one said there they go. I've enhanced the photos a bit to show more detail, the orange glow is the explosions

 The first tower is well on the way down and the second following with the third starting it's decent
 The first is nearly down with dust coming off
This is what I saw as far as light is concerned but you can see the first has fallen and the second nearly down
 The last moments of the third cooling tower as it brakes up, I might add the sound of the explosions came just after this
 That's it all they are all gone and we went home
About 12 hours later from the same spot.
If you type in to YouTube Didcot Powerstation Demolition you can see videos of the even but here are a couple I like. The first was taken not far from the powerstation and the second about half a mile from where I was stood so is the same as what I was looking at.

Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Sunday 27 July 2014

Street Murals

Now before you think I have been walking along checking out street graffiti this is in a place called Street not far from Glastonbury in the UK. The thing the place is famous for is shoes as it is where Clarks shoes have their HQ and shoes are made. It will be a future Our Workd Tuesday. Back to the murals. My wife & I were walking round Street and came out to the town from the shopping outlet (Big Mall) to find a local bakery we liked when I spotted these murals opposit it.

Soon as I saw it I was off and running to check it out
First part you could see was this superb town plan with shops round the outside
Next was a wall with local items you can find
Presume this is the Summerset Levels an Prehistorc finds
Mural of the Twin Town
The Mural wall with all the Murals on. 
Taking Part in Monday Mural

Sunday Photo

Didcot Powerstation at 4.55 am this morning, three minits later the towers were gone. You will have to wait till Our World Tuesday what happend after this photo was taken.

Have a nice Sunday

Friday 25 July 2014

Days To Go

I posted some sunsets on my Wordless Wednesday of these towers, the reason is because they only have days before they are blown up and gone form the skyline.

The sun sets one more time on Didcot Powerstion now with only two more to go

Tuesday 22 July 2014


Boris started it all of in London with Boris Bikes so all the other city's & bit towns decided to jump on the band wagon, now Reading is in on the act with Ready Bike. You can hire a bike and ride round the town to where eve. Not sure how popular it is but you can get them on Broad Street.

 Rows of bikes
 Telling you about the launch
 Another row of Bikes. Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Sunday 20 July 2014

Future Mural

This is a small painting that is being made into a Mural for our Local Village Hall. It depicts a timeline of the Village history and is being made into a Four Meter x Two Meter sized mural on one of the walls using Half Meter tiles. The finished mural should be unveiled in September and I will then show you how it was painted and the finished mural

Taking Part in Monday Mural

Thursday 17 July 2014


The moon was in the sky when I got up Tuesday Morning

Next day was cloudy

And yesterday was hot and muggy

Didcot Powersation with  just over a week to go before the towers come down


Got to love ducks

Have a nice day

Monday 14 July 2014

Greys Court

Thought I'd show you a little of a world near where I live. I went there with my wife a few weeks ago for a little visit one afternoon. It's called Greys Court and is an old Tudor Manor House which is now owned by the National Trust.
 The manor house as you walk though the gates leading to it
 It has some very nice walled gardens

 and places like thi sto look through
 The manor house is well worth looking round

and after the tour is finished you come out here.

After you wander down to the old stables and have a cup of tea and a cake
If you want to see more then check my blog on my day there at Greys Court
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Murals at Work

Took these round the site I work at. They are giant posters really and depict what goes on inthe various places.

 You see this one as you come in the main gate

 This is another you can see along one of the internal roads
This one is my favorites showing Rutherford & Appleton who the labs are named after. Taking part in Monday Mural