Friday 30 January 2015

Windmill Sky

While out the other week I spotted this windmill and felt I had to get a photo. I might add it has recently been restored to it's former glory and now is a working windmill which will grind corn.

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Tuesday 27 January 2015


Oxford University Museum

I mentioned in the Blog on Oxford I would show the University museum that I shown and a little tour we took around it.  It's correct name is Oxford University Museum of Natural History  and it was built between 1855 -60, you can find it along Parks Road

 This little pillar is just outside the entrance

This is the view you get going through the doors along with a couple of the Dinosaurs you can see in the Gallery

 The Oxford Dodo, the head and feet on show are the most complete anywhere

The head of Trex

and the original


Crocodile or Alligator

This is part of the display in the Mammal Gallery

some of the statues you can see round the pillars in the museum with Darwin over looking the Central  hall

Not sure what George Stevenson did apart from inventing the Rocket (Train)

More Dinosaurs skulls

Looking down on the  gallery's
And a view of the Dinosaur Gallery with the ceiling on show

All these pillars you see are made from the different rocks you can find round the British isles

An original desk students worked from

A fossilized sea going creature

Dinosaur Eggs
You can read on the base of the pillar where the rock came from

The Museum recently had a refurbishment and the glass above cleaned which allows the place to light up. The one other place you can visit here  is the Pit Rivers and that is also well worth going round though on this occasion we did not have time
I'll leave you with a photo of what amazed me, the Victorian ironwork.
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Monday 26 January 2015

Entrance Mural

This is a small mosaic mural I spotted a the entrance to a church hall in Headington Oxford. Took me a while to realise it was a fish swimming through the weeds.

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Thursday 22 January 2015

Radnor Sky

Taken in December from the hillside overlooking Fforest Fields campsite

Clouds floating over Radnor


Tuesday 20 January 2015

Oxford Day Out

On this little trip to Oxford I took my wife for afternoon tea for her Birthday Treat and while we were there took in a few of the famous places round the city. Here are a few photos from the day.

We wandered up New Inn Hall Street past this building
 How about that clock then

I'd seen this building many times but never realised the history behind it
John Wesley Preached here in 1783 making it the first Methodist meeting house in Oxford

next was first treat of the day. My wife never had a Krispy Kreme till I bought her one with a coffee, bad move she loved it, apart from when we went to sit in Bonn Square to eat them we were bothered by some charity so we found a quiet seat along St Ebbes Street away from them.

Next was off to M&S for a quick look at the clothes and Christmas tat well my wife likes looking at clothes and we had not been here in a while
 Now it you look over near the lift you can see this

The original boundary stone from the parishes 

Which was a few yards away and is marked with this cross in the floor. The still beat the bounds and this one of them

Next on the list was this place the Carfax Tower which is the remains of the parish church that was here

Here is the plaque at the base of the Tower
 and this is looking down from the top of the tower

across to the high street
You can see some of the views in this blog  and this one

Just in case you can't be bothered checking the two links this is what you see from the tower

After we started to walk to the next place ans saw these buskers along Cornmarket Street

 We took a route past the covered market off Cornmarket Street

 Then past the Radcliffe camera which is a mini St Paul's

walked past the Bodleian Library

and the Bridge of Sighs  which I had never seen even though I used to be in Oxford a lot as a youngster

The Oxford University Museum was next on the list and we had a hour wandering round it (I'll show it in another blog)
Then it was off to Tea at the Old Parsonage , what do you think?

After tea we headed home and passed under this tree, that is Mistletoe you see growing and you know what you do under that

We came out on St Giles near this place which is where C S Lewis and his mate J RR Tolkien used to meet up for a jar

That's enough for now as I don't want to bore you. I'll do another couple of blogs from Oxford in the future. Taking Part in Our World Tuesday