Monday 29 March 2021

Another Development


 There always seems to be more land disappearing from around the village like so many other villages greedy developers have their eyes on land they can built on. After finishing one development they long to get on with another on the pretence of housing for people to buy. The Councils are no better rubbing their hands with glee with the exception of development money and council taxes. The developers of East End Farm had already planed the next one before the one they were building had finished with planning going in. Panning was passed and the land south of the farm was next.

This photo of the field with poppies would be the last time you would see them flowering here in June 2020
 January 2021 and I looked across the field towards the Development that had been finished in 2020 at East end Farm from By Blackhalls Farm
A trailer was stood near the Farm
In the few months since the development was finished people had walking along the edge of the field starting an unofficial footpath
Come March I walked the same route and noticed a pile of safety fencing
The fencing had been laid out in a line awaiting erection
The path to the estate by now clearly defined 
I came back a few weeks later to see what had happened, the fencing was up
And to my surprise they left the path
At the other end of the field a sign telling you what would be their soon. I'll show you what in six months 
Construction had started
This view will change in the next few months and will be  housing
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Saturday 27 March 2021

Psalm Sunday


This week the Church Explorer visits St Laurence Eynsham, a church that is built beside where Eynsham Abbey used to be, visit the link to see the church. Tomorrow is Psalm Sunday where Jesus entered Jerusalem on the back of a Donkey and the people waved psalms at him. In church you are given a psalm cross to keep for a year. I was reminded of the day while out for a walk today and passing the retired school teachers house who has the cabinet with the teddy display. To one side is a smaller one with another display, this one had the Psalm Sunday scene I thought that this would be a more apt photo for today.

 Jesus rides on the donkey

Thursday 25 March 2021

Friday Sky


After posting  last week I thought about what to do the next week and on the Friday looking out over the garden the clouds provided the answer again

The sun reflecting on the blossom with a dark background
Even with a little blue sky peeking through
Looking over the near by houses gave a dramatic sky
Out the back the sky over the house next door
Going upstairs to the bedroom the sky looked very dramatic over the village
Out the bathroom Velox window the sun still shone on the blossom
Happy Skywatch

Monday 22 March 2021

The Magnolia Flower


This week a change from wandering around village roads. I thought it was time to look in the garden again and to start with a Magnolia we have growing outside the door. I noticed it was starting to bud so thought I take the various stages of it flowering.

 A furry little bud

 One of them is starting to flower

A little more coming out


 Finally it come out into flower

With the petals spreading out

A day or so later after some sun the flower petals fully out

With more on the tree flowering as well

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Saturday 20 March 2021

St Peter Eyensham


This week the Church Explorer  visits St Peters Catholic Church in Eynsham a repetitively new church the dream of a parish priest. It sits in the former ground of Eyensham Abbey.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Garden Sky

Never one for missing Skywatch if I can help it I look for inspiration in the clouds from my Garden and have to say I am rarely disappointed

 Walking out the Saturday after posting I looked at the fluffy clouds and went back for my Phone

 They looked like big cotton wool puffs

To the south the sun was at least behind the clouds allowing a photo of the cloud

Happy Skywatch

Monday 15 March 2021

Caps Lane


Caps lane is one of the older roads of Cholsey and the original way you would have gone to Wallingford before they built the new road. I have part from the Wallinford Road end, this week I will show it to you from the Reading Road side

We start here which I did show last week, this was the old entrance to Caps Lane from the Toll Road
From there you just follow the road past some cottages and stables 
You will come to a series of bends a little further along
which comes out nearer houses and the entrance to the Mill
Over to the left of the road near here there used to be a track that linked up with Ilgies Lane, it is shown on very old maps but went into decline around when the enclosures act came into being 
It most likely went across the road to take people along here to the water mill that is along here. There was around three in the village but this one is the only one that remains. Might add it is privately owned and I have never seen it
Walk on along here 
You pass this cottage along the way which is called Field Cottage
A little past the cottage if you look back you can see you have gone downhill
Looking on you see another bend
Where you walk past Blackhalls Barn which has been converted into a house now
That it, a little further and you turn right towards the Wallingford road. This part is new but I thing some of it was farm track once as was part of the lane I just walked. Behind me is the Track I took up along a few weeks ago. I will show what has changed since then next week

Taking Part in My Little Corner of the World  Our World Tuesday and Imag-in-ing, you can find all the links in the right hand column Take care everyone.