Monday 29 August 2022

A few places in Wallingford


Not really prepared anything this week mainly because it is a Bank Holiday today and have not done anything. I did remember I took my bike to have it checked over as my Son has been riding it to work and on Friday I was informed it was ready to collect. Once I picked it up I rode it around to him to take home and went back to pick my car up

The shop is in here it's called Rides on Air

The more impressive side is here where you can view bikes though the barred window, sad state of affairs when they have to place steel bars on the windows

Not far from where I was stood you can see this shop Wildwood, I must pop in sometime

After dropping of my sons ride home I walked back to my car passing this place a low cost supermarket called Lidl It is a very popular one though I have only ever been in to look around once

Not far from where the carpark was I passed this place, Boughtons Mill which has been converted into flats. The grain lift is the wooden cladded room sticking out. It used to be in operation when I was a kid and a stream runs under the place and I remember going in there buying corn for my dads doves. The place was covered in flour and there was a water wheel tat worked. Not sure if it is still in there but the stream is still there but little water runs through it. The shop used to be on the far right. I always feel it is a shame it was never kept as a going concern, now adays it would be very welcome around here.

Take Care  

Saturday 27 August 2022

St James Bourton


This week the church explorer visit St James Bourton on the far edge of Oxfordshire. A rather nice little Victorian church

Thursday 25 August 2022

A Lake Walk


This was the beginning of August at Fforest Fields where I go early in the morning well 8:30 so not that early but before most other people who were staying there took their dogs out. It promised to be a beautiful day

Always on the lookout fro a SkyWatch photo I looked at the bull rushes  and the sky reflecting in the lake

 Zooming in a little at the covered seat the water mirror like with the reflections

In the background mist still rolled across the hill

Towards the Radnorshire hills morning mist hung around in the valley

 Zooming in between some shrubs at the mist collected in the low ground

I looked towards Aberedw Hill and the clouds overhead

A few lingered across from where I stood

We went back to our caravan to ave some tea and pack but before I took this panoramic of the clouds over Aberedw Hill

I also took this shot before we went back for tea and though it would make a good shot to finish with

Happy SkyWatch

Monday 22 August 2022

Some More Random Photos


A few weeks ago I showed a few random photos I too with a zoom lens , this week I'll show a few more I took which are mostly birds

I liked this one of the blackbird on top of the birdhouse 

Roses in the garden

Overhead a red kite was patrolling around

Not the best photo but I like Red Kites

They were the first I had taken of a Red Kite in a long time

A few days later I took these at the local churchyard

Getting there 
Take Care

Saturday 20 August 2022

St Andrew's Shrivenham


This week the Church Explorer goes to the far west of Oxfordshire to  visit St Andrew's Shrivenham a beautiful old church dating back to the 12th century 

Thursday 18 August 2022

Saturday Sky


This  beautiful blue sky was something I noticed while in the garden a few days after the sky from Last week. I just looked up and saw a criss cross of vapour trails and clouds

 I had zoomed in for the photo over my greenhouse

Zooming out the sun caught the edge with ray

One of the culprits making another trail

From my patio by the kitchen

I went to the allotment across the road to get a photo of the artichokes in flower with the sky

But could not resit a close up of one
Happy SkyWatch

Monday 15 August 2022

Morning Walk


 I took these latest photos of the new housing estate which I was recording back towards the end of July just after the really hot spell we had and as we have just been though another which has not quite as fierce I had not been up to much in that time  and remembered these photos I had not show yet  

This was my first visit in a while so was not expecting all this planing a small wooded are had been planted

The winding path along the edge of the estate had trees lining it

And the path that paralleled the track to the right. I have to wonder with the drought we are now in if all of them will survive

As I walked along the path I noticed the houses were now being built along the outer road

A little further along the roofs were going on

The road in the front of the houses that had been built already was getting final topcoat of ash-felt

The main road though the estate looked to be getting the same treatment

This is the view I normally take of the estate as a reference to the original one I took of the empty field.
Ill have to return when it is less busy like a Sunday and I can walk on the roads that have been laid
Take Care

Saturday 13 August 2022

St James Sevenhampton


 This week the Church explorer visits St James Sevenhampton a church which is not far from Swindon and where the Author of James Bond Ian Fleming is buried

Thursday 11 August 2022

Sunday Sunset


This is a post that I have put of for a while because of the amount I had  in my collection. I had intended to post it when we had the really hot day but I felt that that was such and even it wanted a mention now I have finally gotten around to showing the sunset. It was take on a Sunday night in July and I took quite a few photos so no apologies for the number I posted

This is what I looked at first of all the clouds in the sky with the sun going down, it was about 8:30 in the evening

 I loved how the clouds looked like fluffy little cotton balls

One more shot a moment later

Nearly half an hour later I went out the front and just got a shot with a plane leaving a vapour trail

I looked there again nearly 20 min's later

It was nearly 9:30 when I took this from the patio 

It was 9:30 when I too this from the bathroom

Going back out the front a couple of moments later the colour looked superb

A minuet later I took my last shot, The sky kept giving that evening and was all gone a short time later.
Happy Skywatch