Wednesday 30 November 2016

Dawn Sky

Tuesday was one of those Frosty morning that mad you wantto go out an watch the sunrise, but I  had to go to work and did not get to appreciate it. Wedenday again promised the same but this time  I stopped off at Habourne Hill to ge a photo of the dawn.

The sun beging to show its rays  

A track used by the landowner 

Down the track Phesants begining to look for food 

I took this when I got out of the car at work 

But I left this till last, its a stich photo showing what I was looking at in the First photo. This was the top of Hagboune Hill looking over towards the Thames Valley

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Cooking Bluebery Muffins

Watch this space

I took the dog to the vets last Friday I noticed something going on across the nearby field. An area had been fenced off for the building of a new housing estate of 20 odd houses. I knew it was on the cards now it looks like it is final here. So watch this space because I will take a few photos periodicity of the progress

The whole are across the field, I might add the area in the forground has been archioligicly  inspected and I have no doubt will be built on in the future.

This is looking towards some houses that were built back in 1960, my best friend at the time live in one of them with his family. Don't know where he lives now

The houses you see here were built in the 1980's, in front is the safety fence for the work to be done

The odd shaped building is a care in the community house for people who were in Faremile  Mental Hospital, far as I know it is still used to house them

All the houses here were built in the 1960's and while they were being built my firends and I used to use it as a playground, not something you can do nowadays.
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Sunday 27 November 2016

Henry of England

I was visiting and art exhibition in Reading the other week and walked past St James Church spotting this huge poster advertising the play being done in the church, a few days later I saw some news about it on the TV and recognised the church. The poster here is about 3 meters high and is the height of the North aisle wall

Taking part in Monday Mural

Thursday 24 November 2016

Allotment Sky

I frequently walk past these allotments and thought the sky threatened rain on this occasion, it soon passed and the sun came out a little later 

Monday 21 November 2016

Headington Road Oxford

A few months ago I took my son over the Oxford Brooks University which used to know as Oxford Polytec. I might add I had the privilege of seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd there only a short time before some were killed in the air crash. While my son was in the uni I went of to visit St Clements church not far away and on my way there & back I took a few photos.

Just across the road is the old entrance to Headington Hill Hall now part of Brooks University Campus

just along from the entrance you can see this bridge which crosses Headington Hill

II think it allowed the original  owner of Headington Hill Hall private acess  to his estate

Looking back towards the campus 

Headdington Hill looking down to Oxford

and uphill towards the London Road

Above the gates leading to Headington Hill Park  and on the left is St Clements Street names after the church which is along over to my right

I think the pillar above is the Old Oxfrord City Boundary beside Suth Park. On the right I took a walk back this way through the park where you can see in the distance some of the students off some place 

Headington Hill Park

It's also quite popular with walkers and joggers like these two

Above one of the pointerd for a run and on the left a look up Headinton hill towards the bridge

Above is Headington Hill Hall  wich was built for the Morrel family who were local brewers in Oxford (It was never a favorite of mine). I'm not sure what happened to the family but it ended up being owned by Oxford City Council and is now leased by Brooks University who hav etaken over a large part of the area. On the right is a sculpture on the campus

The campus and students hanging around

Headington Road
And the new university camupus sign. The building is under going some renivation at the moment and will open agan in the not too distant future though none of it is how I remember the place. Hope you liked the little walk round.
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Sunday 20 November 2016

Nativity Mural

A couple of weeks ago I visited St Giles Church in Reading for the Church Explorer Blog and while taking photos in the Chancel I saw this mural of the Nativity behind the altar a bit of a hidden gem only those who visit the church see and appreciate

The Shepherds with the Angel Gabriel

 Jesus with his Mother Mary

The three wise men following the Star

A Stitch of the whole thing
Taking part in Monday Mural

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Birthday Sky

I took this from my back yard on my Birthday a few months ago maybe the skytrails were saying Happy Birthday 😎

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Bar Bus

Hero with a Shovel

Friday I posted a statue of Fred Potts VC and today I'll show a few more of it and tell you a bit about how it came to be. Fred you could say was a hero a couple of times over because he saved a young child from drowning in the Thames before signing up for the Berkshire Yeomanry. In 1915 he was  sent to Gallipoli  with the regiment where they were sent to attack Hill 70, during the attack he was wounded in the thigh not far from the Turkish positions along with a fellow Yeoman. In the next 48 hours he managed to fix a shovel to his fellows equipment and drag him back to their own positions while still under enemy fire. That earned him the Victoria Cross. They both survived the war. Fred went on to become a cobbler and lived in Reading till he died in 1943 aged 50. He was cremated so there is no grave to see. I think he sort of became for gotten about until his story came out around 2009 on a BBC program was made and the relatives of the two me were reunited. In 2010 a trust was established to raise the funds for a permanent t memorial which is what you see here and it was unveiled in 2015. I had read it was going to happen and had not released it had been built until I went for a look on Friday 11th November the Sculptor is Tom Murphy

The memorial is a lot larger than I thought it would be

Fred dragging his fellow behind

His fellow Trooper was Arthur Andrews who also came from Reading and died in 1980 ages 87

The Victoria Cross, Britian's Highest Honour

The memorial with The Yeomanry roll of Honour behind

The Berkshire Yeomanry roll of honour

If you wonder why the White Horse well its from White Horse hill which used to be in Berkshire along with Abingdon which was the County Town

One of the history boards beside the memorial

The other telling you about the Victoria Cross

A pano shot of the Toll of Honour

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