Monday 30 August 2021

Road Closed


Early on this month after coming back from Wales I noticed the load we lived along was closed, so being nosey I though I'd have a look to see what was going on

 Looking down the road you could see the centre of the village blocked off

As you got near to the centre a long swath of road had been milled up

The tarmac machine was waiting to lay the top surface

In the centre the silly roundabouts and need refurbished with new tarmac and white lines. The council had fixed pat of the road in the village but much more is in need of doing like most of the roads in Oxfordshire.

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Saturday 28 August 2021

Ickford Return


This week the church explorer  starts a series of church revisits of the ones that I did not get inside to see on my first visit. This week we return to St Nicholas Ickford.


Thursday 26 August 2021

Hanging Around


These were taken  in Wales back in July and I forgot about them. One afternoon while sitting outside in the shade by our caravan I spotted this guy in his para-glider hanging around

Must say he looked comfy sat there

Just sailing around in the sky

Eventually he came down to land but I missed that bit.
Happy Skywatch everyone

Monday 23 August 2021

The rest of the Walk


About time I carried on and showed you the rest of the walk I featured on Skywatch Friday a couple of weeks ago. It was time I revisited the development that had been started early this year, if you click on the link it will refresh your memory of what I am talking about

Since the last time I came along here the developers have now improved the road leading through Blackhalls Farm

On coming to where the barns are opposite you see the construction site, the site offices are to my right out of sight but this huge mortar mixer dominates it all

Further on  looking through the fence you can see work is well on its way with a road already laid

Part of one of the estate roads where the houses will be. On my last visit the whole area was stripped and they had done archaeological work here finding an ancient driftway showing people had build a road here in the past 

The fittings for the fist houses are laid

The close up shows the floor construction, concrete joists and in between thick layers of foam. Another load of cement will go on top of this get and no doubt some more foam. All this to ensure the house has no hear loss.

The scene has chance since my last visit and will again by the next time I come along here

It will not be long before you see houses lining this entrance road.

I'll finish my walk here at the start of Bill Money way named after one of the villagers from the past and who was the fist chairman of the village council. His son passed away early this year and I might add he was one of the nicest people I knew.
Take Care 
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Saturday 21 August 2021

St Georges Hatford


 This week the Church Explorer visits St Georges Hatford. an old church with some nice Norman features surviving 

Thursday 19 August 2021

The Bridge


Some different photo's for a change this week which I took while in Wallingford the other day  well last Friday to be exact so truly a Sywatch Friday even if it was the 13th

I took a  walk down to Wallingford Bridge while waiting for my son to see what had changed, turning around to go back I thought it would be nice to get a shot of St Peter Church with it's iconic spire

I turned around and there was the riverside park, changed a lot since I was a kid when the water splash you see in the foreground used to be a paddling pool with a bridge and a boat. The swimming pool behind was where I spent most of my teenage summers messing around with the other teens, we even went for midnight swims by climbing over the fence. Happy Days
Another view back along the bridge towards the high street on the left the old boathouse
The boathouse, which is just what it used to be, a family used to own the whole lot and there was a boathouse here where you could hire boats to take out on the river down a slipway, the steamer used to moor up here as well for trips. A few of my friends worked here during the summer before the place was sold off and it was bought. The boathouses were demolished the conservatories added and a balcony built plus the patio area by the river built. I have never been in the place but a certain blogger I follow has. Remember the paddling pool well when the Thames floods it all disappears under water which does come up over the steps leading to the boathouse flooding the conservatories.
Happy Skywatch 

Monday 16 August 2021

The Skate Park


 This has been a while in the planing and making and was something I had forgotten about till I noticed work going on in the park. My first thought was that it was services being worked on then after taking a look I realised they were building a skate park. I pooped over just after it was finished for some photos.

This was my first view of the park you can see a mother walking around it with her little daughter

Zooming in a little closer after the mother and child had gone

Taking a look along the skating surface

The other way towards a ramp and places where you can grind your board on walls and railing

Code of conduct, I can only say that people do not read them because one of them is no bikes apart from BMX bikes which Is a bit confusing for them being as I've seen a few mountain bikes on there

Looking along from the start ramp. The park is very popular from what I have seen of the numbers of people on there a lot of them adults
Take Care 
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Saturday 14 August 2021

All Saints Pusey


This week the Church Explorer Visits  All Saints Pusey a long overdue visit for me and one which completed a series a churches belong to a group

Thursday 12 August 2021

Cloud watching


 After taking a few days off from blogging this week I could not miss my favourite Meme of Skywatch Friday. I was pondering as to what to post when I looked out the back of the house and spotted some cloud shapes, what better to post


 Now that one I looked at and though a flying horse or a fox running, what do you see?

This photo I thought looked like smoke rising on the horizon till I looked at it on my phone and spotted a photo bomber. I thought I was looking at a little alien on a flying carpet or the Mekon from Dan Dare, you need to have read the eagle comic for that one, turned out the object was a dove flying past

When I saw this one at first I though it looked like a hare and a space invader from the game but after it morphed a bit and I took the photo I thought a rabbit running with it's ears down

The Bat signal at first but looking again a hawk

The whole lot as a panoramic shot

Happy Skywatch


Sunday 8 August 2021

Taking a Break



No Blog this week I'm taking a break for a few days

Take Care


Saturday 7 August 2021

St Mary the Virgin Ambroseden



This week the Church Explorer visits St Mary the Virgin Ambroseden. As the church was only a few miles from Murton it made sense to visit and I admit it was worth going to I was surprised to find was not far from Bicester and the church was also the garrison chapel.