Sunday 28 December 2014

Rail Chaos

You might have heard about this on the BBC news, well this is part of the cause in Reading Station.

 In the first phoo you cab see the rail points are missing and over to the right a line of waggons. This two lines are a the main lines to Bristol
The line heading off to the left goes to Newbury and the South Coast, no way will any one be going that way. Took me three hours to get home and we found most of the trains were delayed then cancelled. Happy Christmas Network Rail.

Friday 26 December 2014

Christmas Sky

Hope your all having a great Christmas. 

St Mary's church Cholsey on Christmas Day

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Technicians Tree

Merry Christmas Everyone

Diamond Lego Day

Diamond Lego Take over

Photo is copyrighted to Diamond Light Source
On the 22nd December Diamond opened its doors for a Lego Take Over day where staff to bring their children along to help create a Lego model of the Diamond synchrotron.

This is the finished model  and Diamond would look just like that if you stripped away the outside and left the Storage Ring

This is the whole thing looking down from a walkway. How did they do? well from my point of view as one of the team who fitted it in and joined it all together in the first place I think really well
I'll take you through some of the parts of the Diamond Synchrotron

This part is the beam dumps on the linac,

in reality they look like this

so 10 out of 10 for that one

This is an ID make up section

looks like this so another 10 out of 10

This is the BTS or Beam to Storage ring section

It looks like this so another 10 out of 10

The beam dump on the BTS

I'd say 10 out of 10 again

The BTS again

Which is here 10 out of 10

This is part of the booster ring

What can you say 10 out of 10

The cage on the Linac gun

They are just too good 10 out of 10

last of all the storage ring

What more can I say other than 10 out of 10. I think it is very impressive what the Children done with the help of their parents. Even more impressive when you think it took us six months to assemble it all and they did  make the model in a day. Think I'd better look out for a new job.
You can read more on the day Here You can also visit the Diamond Website Here

Monday 22 December 2014

A Trip to Oxford

This was a trip I did with my wife a while ago. We decided to go to the Ashmolean Museum to see the TutAnkhAmun   Exhibition that was on. So I took a few photos of the day.

I took the train  (Oxford is not nice to motorists)   and when you get off you see this building names after Maggy Thatcher

Right opposite you can see the Oxford Bull

and lots of bikes parked in the bike park

This is the Ashmolean Museum, not easy to photograph with a compact

The Main entrance and banner and this is as much as you will see of Exhibition as they did not allow photos of it though you can take as many as you like in the museum.

Not sure of this building but it's one of the collages

Not far from the above building if you look on one of the wall pillars you can see this plaque. Oxford was a Kingly place

A blue plaque telling you about the forming of the Oxfordshire Yeomanry

Its on the wall of this alley which takes you to a former watering hole of mine. I remember it as the Corn Dolly it's now the Cellar Bar

This sign is outside Count Hall in Oxford and is one of the original cross road ones and below you can see an Old Milestone from near Banbury

This used to be the crown court as behind was Oxford Prison

and this was part of the prison, now its an hotel where you can stay

More of the prison which dates back to the 1700's

The tower is from Oxford Castle and was part of the prison. During the Anarchy Empress Matilda managed to escape from the place while it was under siege

The Quaking Bridge you can read the history about it in the link and see another of my photo's

A sad place to me as it is the Old Lion Brewery in St Thomas Street Oxford which was where Morrels beer was brewed. It ended being sold to Green king who I have no good words for. Morrels beer was bad but it deserved better than being sold off to Green king

The Jam Factory which got its name from Frank Cooper who used to make marmalade here. It ended being a short day looking round as we found the exhibition was not really that good and when we went off to get breakfast the restaurant was closed for staff training.

Well thats it for this year with Our World Tuesday for me and no appologies if you check the links and see a few more of my phtos on Wikipedia. I'll be back next year with another tour maybe of Oxford maybe another place but in the mean time have a great Christmas & New Year

London Timeline

Here is one I forgot about, I took thins while on my trip to London back in October and spotted it while walking along the Thames Path. It's a mosaic along a wall near the Thames. These were the only photos I took as they were working on the project at the Time. I'm sure a couple of my fellow bloggers can pinpoint the place and I know one has walked past it on their Thames Path Walk

It looks like it will be a very  impressive history timeline for London

Taking Part in Monday Mural

Saturday 20 December 2014