Monday 28 May 2018

Watching the Birds

These photos were taken over a few days down at Fforest Fields campsite

Above I noticed this little fellow sitting on the coverd bridge I was going through and turing around I saw why, there was a nest above my head

By the lake this fellow was sat on post looking at me

Thought he would hav e look for a grub or two

#My good side do you think

These two kept swimming off on me

So there I was beside my caravan when I looked over at next doors and saw what looks like  a load of mud stuck on the back wheel

 Is that a nest with a beak 

O yes and keeping an eye on me

A few days late and some one had been out feeding

Then back on the nest and keeping an eye out
I'll let you know how they get on when I go down next, might have some fledlings hopping around

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Thursday 24 May 2018

Nightwatch Sky

These photos were taken over a couple of weeks of the sky at dusk with my iPhone

Long lake which you have seen during the day, you can just make out the jetty
Looking across at the moon
Over  a week later stood near my caravan with the moon and north star
Zooming out you can the solar lights off a caravan awning and the night sky
Happy Skywatch

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Water Power

My wife & I went  for a walk the other day up along Aberedw hill, now the water is always running off the hill somewhere as you come across wet patches. As we rounded a corner I spotted this long trench which was cut by run off from the hills in times of heavy winter rain
Deep cut in the ground

It had cut quite  a groove in the ground

Which followed the track down the hill
Nearer the point we turned off the cutting had gone
But nearby was another which was near the top of the hill, at the time it was dryer but in times of rain it is awash with water

This was what I had come to see, a new view point that was being built, not quite finished
but when it is this is the view you will get.
Taking part in Our World Tuesday

Thursday 17 May 2018

Sky at Newbridge-on-Wye

So a couple of weeks ago I went along to visit a church a Newbridge-on-Wye and of course the sky was one of the things I noticed would make a nice blog post

The church in question is the one you see in the photo below

The road is the main one taking you to Rhayader and the Elan Valley and the sky had just enough interest in it with the cloud and blue skys
Happy Skywatch

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Electric Diamond

Mutterings abounded last week at Diamond Light Source that there was a Jaguar outside the building, it was to do with the launch of the Faraday Institute and Diamond was helping out on the occasion and showcasing the event with various companies showing off their work

Above the I-pace Jaguar which is Electric

Most interest was around this one which was used in the Film Spectre which was built in conjunction with Williams

Williams also had this on show

Their work on F1 also helps out ways

The floor of the platform contains the batteries

The drive at the front, I might add the wishbone suspension was Carbon Fibre

This got me wondering though I thought it might be a bit power supply I was not far wrong. In one of the photos of the Jaguar you can see a white Nissan Leaf, well at the end of it's life the batteries which are still useful can be stored in this unit which is connected to your Solar panels on the roof of your house and store the energy for use around your home. The unit can be put in your garage taking up little space. I like this idea

Want a bike, this one is a Brompton Electric also made in conjunction with Williams I was told.

The future looks electrifying 
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