Monday 31 October 2022

Saturday 29 October 2022

St Anno's Church Llananno


This week the Church Explorer  visits St Anno's Church Llananno which is the first one I visited in Wales for a long time, the amazing Rood Screen was worth the visit just to see alone

Happy Halloween

Thursday 27 October 2022

SkyWatch in two Countries


Yes in England and Wales. The sunrise was first thing when I got up at our house and the sunset later when we went to our caravan in Wales, sort of start and end to a beautiful day. If there is overkill on the photos you know I'm a sucker for sunrises & sunsets

First thing in the morning I let the dog out and noticed this sky

A beautiful pink culour

The sky and clouds waiting for the sunrise to happen

About 11 hours later while walking the dog in Wales where we stay I noticed these clouds reflecting the sun going down

The sky was glowing

Further on looking back north east

and east towards the Radnor hills

Firther up the hill I stopped to see the last sky of the sunset

The sky still glowed from the colour

The clouds seemed reluctant to gather while the sun gave off it's last rays 

Happy Skywatch

Monday 24 October 2022

Abbey Cwmhir


Normally I would write about this in the church Explorer but I thought I would do a shorter version for this blog. A few weeks ago I visited a church at Abbey Cwmhir nearby an this old sign pointing directions to places in the village

One finger pointed to the Abbey Ruins

If you follow it you come to this farm follow the directions show there

and after going past the back door of the far you come to this field where you can see the ruined walls of the old abbey

Looking down it the place must have been huge

The pillars that held the roof up must have been imminence

Near the end of the abbey you will find this memorial stone of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd the last native Prince of Wales

There is a small museum you can visit in one of the farm buildings

where you will see information boards and a photo frame

Which commemorates King Charles III visiting when he was Prince of Wales. Makes you feel humbled to know who's footsteps you folowed

Take Care

Saturday 22 October 2022

St Matthew Llanewedd


This week the Church explorer visits  St Matthew Llanewedd a church that has defied me for years to see inside, This time I noticed an angel and wondered if I would be in luck this time, I was and saw angels everywhere

Thursday 20 October 2022

Ist October


Back to some clearer skys (Apart form the cloud) for this weeks SkyWatch taken on the 1st of October in Wales

The aim to take the dog for a walk which is around the lake

Clouds were coming in to cover the blue sky

Towards the Radnorshire hills

The clouds threaten rain

 But the sun did shine on one of the hills

Happy SkyWatch

Monday 17 October 2022

Some of our Trees


I'm begging to get behind on what to post Tuesday so I may well cut down on the photos in the future and only stick to a couple. Today I thought I'd show a few of our trees in the garden

This acer has a long history with us. It was bought at a local supermarket or should I say imposed on us. The supervisor was trying to get rid of some plants that were the last left in the store. The acer was nothing more than a small shoot no one wanted and rather than throw it away she handed it to us for 50p. We took it home and grew it in a pot, planted it out where it nearly died, put it back in a pot and grew it on finally planting it out here a few years ago where it grew to the size you see

This time of year the leaves take on a beautiful colour

Going from green to red

This silver Birch tree was bought earlier this year for this bed we made

The leaves are now turning yellow and I hope it will grow on next year

 Last our little Oak tree, this was a small shoot we noticed growing in one of the flower beds, I dug it up and planted it in a pot where it will stay fro a while longer before I plant it in a bigger one. We have a few more tree which are taller and I'll show them another time

Take care

Saturday 15 October 2022

St Bartholomew's Chapel



This week the church explorer visits  St Bartholomew's Chapel Chapel  a peaceful little sanctuary which is hidden off the busy Cowley Road in Oxford  

Thursday 13 October 2022

More from the mist


Some photos I left out from the two days of misty morning I had back in September  

On the way back down from above the mist the first time we went out from a walk, we were back in the mist on the way back down and passed a  Fallen tree. Looking up it looked blury

The next day you could see blue sky

The trees blown down during some of the high winds that come through here

Looking back you could see over  the mist towards the wind farm that had been built and does not produce energy

The opposite was the sun could be seen shining on the hills

Happy Skywatch

Monday 10 October 2022

Autumn Colours


After wondering what to post today I looked outside and noticed all the colour still in our garden so what better that some Autumn colour  

I just know this one as Hot Lips

One of the hydrangeas leaves changing colour

Sorry forgot the name but the flour head have changed

Another of the hydrangeas only its flowers have changed colour

Lady Emma Hamilton is still flowering

some of the other plants around in flower

Out around the front of the house this rose has been prolific this year

And much to my wife's joy some cyclamens have started growing and I know we did not plant them
I join various links during the week and they are listed in the Right Hand Column 
Take Care