Monday, 24 January 2022

Woody the Woodpecker

We all know who he is the little cartoon character you see on the TV well this is a little story about another woody we have visiting our garden

Lets start here, this dovecote was a Christmas Present I made my wife a few years ago after she asked for one, Being as we did not was Pigeons nesting in it I made the doors so that the same birds could use it. and that is what they did, at least the blue tits did which was very pleasing to see. A couple of mornings ago we were woken to a loud drumming noise which sounded like the birdhouse. Looking out the window showed nothing but when we got up my wife went to see what was going on

and this is what she found, peck marks around the holes

which were big

The hole ended up looking like this

He then had  a go at another hole enlarging it

I finally caught the little blighter in action

Since then I think he has been looking for a mate and chasing off other birds but the starlings have noticed the holes and are now trying to take up residence. I will let you know what happend.

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Saturday, 22 January 2022

St Andrew West Bradley


 This week the Church Explorer makes a surprise visit to St Andrew West Bradley, surprise well this was unplanned and I went along while my wife and I were visiting her fiend so I went off and let them catch up on things. Beautiful little church worth finding not far from Glastonbury

Thursday, 20 January 2022



Back on the 9th of January I spotted the clouds at sunset which looked feathery and had a pink tinge 

It was up to the Bathroom window to get the photo

Going right a little

then a little more. Stupid thing is I forgot to do a panoramic of it

Next morning I let the dog out and was greeted by this

Out of the bedroom a beautiful red sky.
Happy Skywatch.

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Monday, 17 January 2022

Garden in January


Bit of a rush to find what to post today so went to the garden for inspiration

On the patio a rambling rose still had leaves growing on it

A magnolia in a flower bed is budding well

This one will be in flower in another month or so

In another flower bed bulbs can bed seen sticking their tops through the soil

Not far away in the lawn daffodils are showing themselves

One with a flower bud

Lots of flowers seeded and they are growing now

Some of the roses are budding

snowdrops show their presence below the Olive Tree

And in the flower bed beside it a clump of snowdrops show that they will be flowering very soon.

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Saturday, 15 January 2022

St Nicholas Forest Hill


This week the church explorer visits St Nicholas Forest Hill near Oxford a beautiful old church standing beside the road on a hill 

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Sunset 29 Dec


So this were the photos I had thought about posting as we came up to New Years Eve but I managed to get some that day. It was a shame not to post these as I felt it was a nicer sunset that new years eve.

Straight to the bathroom window for this view of the beautifully coloured clouds

I took a panoramic one to show all the sky in it's glory

Looking west towards the front of our house

This was me thinking ahead looking where the sun rises the next day

Final look at that beautiful sky

Happy Skwatch

Monday, 10 January 2022

Another update


This week another update on the  on the new development  that is happening in our village, I thought it worth looking to see if the show homes were any where near being finished. The link here will show you how it looked back at the end of November To fill a couple of Friends in who do not live around here this filed is behind what we knew as the slaughter house near Blackhalls Farm, this shot is from where East End Farm ended.

Since last time grass has been laid and the fencing moved near the road

Looking up the new road at the bungalows that look like they are near completion

This way shows down the road towards East End Farm

This was one of the first building I took photos of that starting at the footings seems to be taking longer that the others

The road leading through the development

Footings up to DPC that wait more work

The machinery parked up over the weekend

This is stacks of insulation waiting to me laid in one of the  buildings

That's it, I'll come back up here again and get a few photos when the building you see is finished.
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