Thursday, 20 February 2020

Sky at Pishill

Last weekend on posted a blog on Pishill Church (no saint name) after I finished getting photo's I went up the road a bit from the church and took another shot of the nearby valley

 Inside the church the sun shone through a stained glass window reflecting on the pews
The window looks amazing and made by local artiest John Piper in 1967
Outside you got a good view of the clouds above the church
 Looking South you have the clouds over the rectory, lucky the sun was behind the clouds at the time
 Walking down the path to the entrance there was a blue and cloudy sky
The other way you looked across the valley in the direction of Stoner
Happy Skywatch

Monday, 17 February 2020

Medow View

Meadow view is a new housing estate built in our village. About 18 months ago the place was just a field now it is almost finished. I took a tour around to see how the field had changed.

This is what the place looks like now

The developers sign is still up advertising houses for sale
 So this is the road in it's called Agatha Christie Way named after the Author who once live in Winterbrook which was in the Parish of Cholsey before it was purloined by Wallingford. She is buried in the village Churchyard

The only green bit on the estate they cannot build on because they found Roman Farmhouse here

This road turns right  from the entrance road

If you go left this is the view you get
 Keep going around and you walk along this long straight part

It finishes here along a road called Ashfield Way, just beyond that van is another field I have no doubt that developers would like to get their hands on. I night add the road ends there as well. This part of the estate was built on wasteland an the end of another road

I was stood here when I took the past photo the junction of Agatha Christie Way

Which is where I went to get a photo of the last house being built, Might add it has the biggest garden 
I walked back out and took this photo of a  seating area in the green space though I really do not know the purpose of the rocks
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Pishill Church

This week the Church Explorer visits Pishill Church which has no saint attributed to it. The church for me was minute decision to visit and hard to find but worth the effort for it history and association with nearby Stoner Park

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Storm Sky

Last weekend Storm came through the country and on the Sunday morning they were due to blow up the remaining stack from the old Didcot Power Station
For once I really did not fell like battling the elements to get a few photos and I thought the weather would postpone it but no it came down at 7:30 in the morning. I waited till after mid day and went along to see how the countryside looked now

The wind was still blowing hard, in the region of 60MPH gusts so when I tried to get a photo with my camera and long lens it kept getting blown to the right. I'm not sure I would have done that well with it on a tripod getting blown over early in the morning when the winds were worse/ The link at the beginning shows this view from the last time I came to get photos. It's the last photo and shows how different it looks, the link is a video I got off you tube

I walked down the hill and used the tree you see the branch of as a support but I found that was not a lot better due to the tree moving. These were taken with my iPhone which move a bit as well and looks West

Going back to my car in the distance we look East, over the village I was nearly blown over heading back
The top of Cholsey Hill
Zoomed in in the iPhone you can see the stacks of the New Didcot Power Station that runs now
The Ashdown hills as I call them and where the battle of Ashdown took place between King Alfred the great and the Danes, nowadays it is know as the Downs
Last look Last the clouds towards Wallingford
Last of All Happy Valentines Day

Monday, 10 February 2020

Anniversary Walk

So what do most people do to celibate a wedding anniversary, go out for a nice meal with wine, go away somewhere for the weekend. We were are a bit different, neither of us like the idea of wasting money going to some over priced restaurant for a meal we would not enjoy. My wife would rather spend the money to cook a nice meal at home (which would feed the whole family for less). Instead we opted to go for a walk along the Ridgeway above where I used to work and bring along a little treat of Cheese scones and Coffee. It was a beautiful morning when we set out and this is what I saw.

On the way towards the A34 end of the ridgeway I took this view over towards the Harwell Campus

The A34 is a road that goes from the M4 Motorway to Southampton and a tunnel takes the Ridgeway under it. On the side is this mural which is now suffering a but from age

After getting back for our Cheese scones an welcome hot coffee I popped off to get a few more photos
Here we look towards the Rutherford part of the Harwell Campus
 This is towards Didcot, notice the tall stack to the right, the blew it up and demolished it on Sunday Morning, No I did not get any photos time, we has a serious storm on with 50-60mph winds.
Next time I get a photo from up here it will be a whole new scene

This building is part of Rutherford and is called
TS2 part of ISIS neurton source

These are the two reactors from the Atomic Energy days Of  Harwell and AERE.
they were called Pluto and Dido 
Last of all Diamond Light Source where I used to work, if you click the link you can see what I did there. We enjoyed our Cheese scones and Coffee and no doubt in the future we will go back up there for another walk
Taking Part if Our World Tuesday