Thursday, 21 September 2017

Moon Shoots

I bought the Canon Powershot SX730 a few weeks ago & decided to try out the zoom. Now I have taken photos of the moon before with my old SX240 but they did not come out like these

 The moon was out in the evening sky when I took these photos

 You can clearly see the craters on this view

 And more lower down

Don't think I ever noticed my photos this of the moon this clear before

This is a stitch of the last two

A week or so later I took the full moon in the night sky
Happy Skywatch

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Discovery Point Dundee

One of the places I visited in Dundee was Discovery Point, it was built back in 1986 to take the ship RRS Discovery. I think it is built on the old Camperdown Docks  

Looking from across the Roundabout you can see the Discovery and the Museum
The compass points at Discovery Point
RRS Discovery you can read about my visit to it here
The Museum from the waterside 

This was a drinking fountain, not sure if it is still used as one though

This is a commemoration of the  Long distance Seaplane Record  that started off from near this location. I might add during the Second World War Flying Boats were stationed around here

The River Tay looking towards the Tay Railway bridge
I will bring more from the city next week
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Balloon Time

There was a Balloon festival in the Village the other week and this time there were more balloons than ever and more colourful as well. These are the ones which flew over.

The Virgin Balloon

Happy People enjoying the flight

Flame on with this one
Another fly's gracefully past
Not see the green one before

But it went right over my head

BT Sport
Three in the air
One above the other

Out of all the Balloons that went over I have only seen two of them before. I wonder if there will be more next year 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Desperate Dan & Minnie the Minx


Had occasion to be there back in 2010 when my son went to work there for a while, here are some of the buildings I say there

Real Time World was a gaming company were my son went to work, unfortunately it went bust months later leaving my son out of a job

Above the Dundee Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Not sure the names of this building but it look impressive though it could have been the old Post office

The entrance to the Thompson building

Above if you wonder what the Thompson building is it where the Dandy and Beano Comics were produced, you can see Dennis the Menace looking out of the window

Left the  McManus Galleries

The Thompson Building again

and last a view across to the Thompson Building from the steps of the McManus Galleries

I'll bring more photos of Dundee Next week 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Fountain of Love

Seems in the last few weeks I missed going over 100000 hits on my blog so thank you all for visiting
This weeks Skywatch Friday photos finish off my recent trip to Cliveden and show the Fountain of Love
The central statue showing the goddess pouring love

either side are more figures with cherubs

The whole fountain with a shell in the centre 

Pity the sky behind was cloudy at the time