Thursday 31 March 2022

Night Skywatch


I thought it was time I tried some long exposure night time shots so when I was at our caravan it Wales I gave it a go one evening.  The first three photos are the first attempt not helped by the moon which was over to the left in the first photo

 After some attempts at different settings I managed a reasonable shot

I turned around 90deg for this view

 After which I went to the lake for this shot.

The following week I was back again only this time I have bought a 16mm wide angel lens and the moon had not risen yet. I'm still unsure abut this one 

This one in the opposite direction was a bit better

Trying to get the plough in this one but got a couple of satellites as well 

So while I was trying for another view along the jetty a car came past and totally ruined the shot with light. By the time I took this it had gone but you can see the light over in the trees on the right. The lights had lit up something which you might be able to make out in the darkness

I swapped over to a longer lens to get this, the two swans I have taken photo of on the lake resting on a platform. This will not be the last of my night time escapades I will be trying again
Happy Skywatch
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Monday 28 March 2022

Flowers in the Garden

As it was sunny a lot of last week I though I would go around the garden   for some flowers to show you this week

One of the shrubs that are budding in January the Magnolia, this one puts on a beautiful display

This one on the other had is always a little behind but none the less beautiful

Grape Hyacinths

Could not tell you what these are I just remember planting little bulbs along with the others I put in

I planted Snakes Head Fritillaria which I love seeing
Daffodils and the Lupins are growing as well
Marsh Marigold in the pond

Last of all Tet a tet  daffodils which were a big disappointment to us after looking for them, we never realised they would be so small. They will need digging up to go in a put next year.
If you are wondering the pink plant behind is Rhubarb, I took the forcer off to let it grow naturally 

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Saturday 26 March 2022

St Nicolas Abiingdon



This week the Church Explorer visits  St Nicolas Abingdon, and old church that dominates the market square. Unfortunately for me the church was locked. 

Thursday 24 March 2022

Welsh Skys


The beginning of  March my wife and I visited out caravan in Wales for a few days. In the evening we went out for a walk with our dog and as usual I lagged behind to get a few photos

The sky's did look a little dramatic

But there was some blue to be seen

The seat overlooking the lake

Looking over the lake at the dramatic part

The downhill towards the lake and the clearer sky beyond

From further up the hill a different view to see

On the way down the last of the sunset could be seen
Happy Skywatch

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Random Photos


This week I'm showing a few random photos I have taken lately

While passing a house just outside Wallingford I spotted this Bottle Tree

A bit further on I passed this new residential care home, last year it was an empty field

I walked passed the new gravel pit, this has now extended to near the old far buildings

This excavator has a long reach

Later that day I was at the local garden centre where they have extended it with new buildings

It's quite pleasure to walk around it, this looks to the new building

A few weeks ago there was a huge crane that could be seen in the village, it lifted this pod in which is part of the Tree House school, there are a few more pods being delivered  yet to be connected, I'll get more photos the.

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Saturday 19 March 2022

St Andrews Headington


This week the Church Explorer visits St Andrews Church Headington near Oxford, a church which roots date back to the 12th century 

Thursday 17 March 2022

March Sky


 Still playing catch up with my Skywatch photos. These were taken one Friday Morning the beginning of March. I noticed the sky  a nice pink from the sunrise and well poked my head out through the bathroom window with my phone for these

Looking towards the sunrise

The south was from our house

Then west where the could still show  nice pink

South west and just look at those clouds.

Happy Skywatch

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Some Birds in Wales


 This post is my 2000th one on Spuds Daily Photo

These photos were taken on different days during my visit to my Caravan in Wales

 I noticed this woodpecker on a feeder while looking out the reception window

The next day I went over to the lake to see the swans that have taken up residence there and noticed a couple off geese had moved in as well
They seemed quite happy in the lake
The swans and geese seemed quite happy with each others company
The swan watched as I walked back to my caravan
Then thought it would be good to look at the wildlife camera

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