Thursday 31 December 2020

Christmas Day


This time last week it was Christmas Day now we are into the first day of 2021 for which I wish you Happy New Year. Looking out the window on Christmas morning I noticed the clouds so thought I'd take them through the day.

 Looking out the kitchen patio doors these clouds are what started me off

 Turning around towards the garden the sun was low behind the trees

Looking over the house next door more clouds

These were looking east out the front of the house
Evening came and the sun went down giving a beautiful light on the clouds
As the sun went down further clouds took on different colours
Finally taking on a red hue
A panoramic view from the bathroom window over towards the sunset.
Lets hope 2021 is better for all of us than last year.
Happy Skywatch


Thursday 24 December 2020

Christmas Eve Sky


 On Christmas Eve  my sons and I always would go for Breakfast in Newbury or Reading. This year it did not feel the same and none of use wanted to traipse around a town doing what we always have done in the past getting stocking fillers and last moment presents for each other. The sad thing is we had been doing this since they were old enough to go. This year I made us all Breakfast at home which is when I looked out of the kitchen window as I was washing up the plates and spotted the sun was reflecting off the clouds.

Just after 8AM

Three quarters of an hour later the sun was up

It was quarter to three in afternoon when I took this, clearly Christmas day for someone around the world

Out the back blue sky and clouds

Half an hour later the sun was setting and the moon was in the sky

The last rays lighting up the clouds
Out the front of the house clouds flew past 
An hour later darkness was chasing off the sun. See you next year  
Merry Christmas Everyone
Happy Skywatch

Monday 21 December 2020

Snoopy is on his Way


Sunday Walk


There are a number of things going on around the village at the moment various trails for kids to follow during the holidays, (I will feature the walks in another blog) for now I will show some of the places I have written about or am going to blog about on Our World Tuesday

 I will start at the Station which opened in 1892 having been moved from the original place about a mile back up the line. Most usual thing about this photo is it is the first time I have seen no cars in the carpark  
The next few photos were taken a couple of days previous when I walked around the village. The is the entrance to what was Fair Mile Hospital my parents worked there for most of their life. I have written a series of blogs on the place.

The old farm entrance to Fair Mile, when the place first opened they kept livestock and a dairy herd and were nearly self sufficient, the original farm buildings left were restored being used for homes and small businesses one of them is a coffee shop

The set of houses here were built on a property that once had a bungalow on it. I did show it a while ago now the houses are nearly ready for occupation 

I will end with this picture of the old Phone box where in the past youngsters would be phone their sweethearts and girlfriends now a mobile phone does the same. Th box has deteriorated and is in need of some TLC. The other one at the ether side of the village is now used for a defibrillator but the future of this one is unknown to me. I just home it is restored and put to a good use it would be sad to see it go. That it for Our World Tuesday from me this year hopefully I will be back in the new year with more for you to see. Do have a merry Christmas  and lets hope next year brings us all better times.

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Saturday 19 December 2020

All Saints Cuddeston


This is the last Church featured in the Church Explorer this year as I will be taking a break till the new year when I will be featuring a round-up of the churches visited in 2020. In this last church you get the chance to look around inside which I feel was a lucky break considering the last one was locked.

 Till next year Do have a Happy & Safe Cristmas


Thursday 17 December 2020

Evening Cloud


 This evening I went outside and noticed the sun low in the sky

Getting my phone I took a few photos and a Kite flew past

Out the back I looked at the clouds over the village

 Going upstairs I took this shot out the Bathroom window the sun misted by clouds

Out the bedroom window the clouds over the village

That's it for this year as it is Christmas next week so I will be taking a break for a few days have a happy Safe Christmas

Happy Skywatch


Monday 14 December 2020

Christmas Lights


 As it is drawing near Christmas I noticed that there seemed to be a few more lights around the village, people seem to be trying to give everyone a little bit of cheer in these times. I first noticed a small close that seem to be full of lights so one evening I went out for a walk to see what was around.

This road was the first I went down to see what had been done






The first houses were well lit up

Some were even more well lit
In the village centre this person puts on a good show every year
Remember the pumpkins from Halloween well the playhouse was now bedecked with snow and the tree behind lit up. I really liked this one
My next destination was this place on the edge of the village

You passed this display on your way along the road

This is what I wanted to see, the display put on by the retired school teacher Pooh and friends had changed
And I think this was the winter wonderland
Lots of lights here
Santa on the roof with his sled 
The last house the nativity scene was lit buy a tree of lights
On the way back I noticed this on a fence. NHS who have been the real heroes though the epidemic this year
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