Saturday 30 April 2022

St Lawrence South Hinksey


This week the Church Explorer visits St Lawrence South Hinksey a church I visited during lock down last year only to find it locked at the time. This time I looked around and a beautiful little church with something I have wanted to see for long time

Thursday 28 April 2022

Some Random Sky's


Bit behind this week as I have not really done much about my blogging or getting new photos for Skywatch because all my family have been ill with a nasty cold virus since last weekend, so today I'm showing a few random photos of sky's

You saw a bigger picture of this on Wedensday, it's at a quarry near where I live, I really want to go there and get a photo of the dozer with my Canon EOS R6 and wide angle lens. This was not the best day to get a photo as the sun was nearly in my line of view with my iphone

This is another shot which is a panoramic to get the whole church in again using my iphone 

My wife called this tree the mistletoe tree because it is full of the stuff it is near Henley on Thames by a garden centre called Toad Hall

If you saw my Blog Tuesday you will know what I feel about these, I call it bluebell sky

I will leave you with this panoramic of Botley Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery Near Oxford. What I will say is this photo has had 60,000 views on Google Maps so I am thinking on writing a blog about Googel mays on Tuesday. I might add I took one photo which has had over 94,000 views
More next week
Happy Skywatch

Monday 25 April 2022

Garden Bluebells


Bluebells I find are a curse in my Garden, not doubt many of you will disagree saying they are a beautiful flower, the trouble is the spread like the plague and I am forever trying to dig them up and bin them. If they were like the native English bluebells I would welcome them but these are Spanish Blubells  which was introduced in to England and which most of you see in peoples gardens. Look around mine and found a few different colours for you to see

These are the ones I am forever pulling up but they tend to be deep and tend to escape

 But for some reason we have  a few white ones which I tend to leave

Some grow on their own

Others mixed in

 I have noticed few with a pink ting
though I found one which looks confused 
Take Care

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Saturday 23 April 2022

St Lawrence North Hinksey


This week the Church Explorer visits St Lawrence North Hinksey, I church I used to pass everyday on my way home from work in Oxford and always wondered what it was like inside, this week you can see it on my visit.

Thursday 21 April 2022

Always find a sky


I've said it before that you don't have to go far to get a skywatch photo and I thought this one looked good for this week

From the back door looking over the houses south west, the plane streaking across the sky

Similar position but I noticed the clouds looks rippled in one place

Opposite direction and the moon has risen and a dirty cloud spoils the scene

Moving south and the trees highlite the sky

Happy Skywatch

Monday 18 April 2022

The Greenhouse


 A quick blog this week to show what is going on in my Greenhouse. I left planing any seeds till the end of March and over a few nights had to bring them in the house because of a frost we had. You might notice  gas green house heater in one shot but I found out it uses a lot of gas so it was easier to bring them in. I'm going to try and see if I can find a cheaper way of heating the greenhouse when we have a frost so watch this space because I have found something.

 About ten or so days after planing the seeds they were coming up and at the present time I have thinned them out. I will only be keeping a few so the rest will be given away. The empty milk bottle containers you see will be making pots for them

These are various flowers I'm trying to grow

The little green shoots here are Cos Lettuce, they will need  bit of thinning out yet

 The big leaves are cucumbers

and  these are another pair I potted on. The shoot in the foreground is the sole sunflower from some I got at a friends funeral. I grow it in his memory. There are some more growing in another tray. That's it hope you enjoyed what I am trying to do I'll come back to it in the future

Take Care

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Saturday 16 April 2022

St Helen Abingdon Inside


This week the Church Explorer takes you back to St Helen Abingdon for a look around the inside of this wonderful church 

Thursday 14 April 2022

Mid March Walk

While on another visit to our caravan in Wales we were out for an afternoon walk


 This took us around the lake where I thought I'd get a photo of the rock in the lake

On the opposite side the swans and geese were unimpressed by me being there

We went in the camping field  where no one was around

To walk though to another track

Our dog eagerly waiting for us to catch up so he could run off again

On the track the catkins were hanging like lambs tails
Happy Skywatch

Monday 11 April 2022

Oxford Business Park


 An odd place to visit I must admit but on Sunday I had to take my lad there fro a scan at a mobile unit based at one of the buildings there. I knew where the park was and remembered the old Morris factory that used to occupy the site. As I was going to he hanging about for a while I went off for a walk to see what was around. I'll be starting at the Garsington Road where I walked to.

This looks across the road towards the business park.

And this was the building behind me. I'd gone there thinking that there would be Bikes on show and sale there but no it the main office

This is the obelisk on the roundabout marking the City of Oxford

Far as I know this was the old pressed steel site where all the car body shells were made, now the main building you see is the Harley Davidson HQ
The road in to where I was going , the building opposite if a restaurant

 This stone is a commemoration of Sir Michael Heseltine opening the site

 It sits in a green between a couple of Ponds

Road through the park called John Smith Drive which I suspect was named in his honour as he died in May 1994 and the park was opened in October. The UK lost a person who would have mad e brilliant PM.

This is where I was going a place that was used by the NHS 

I also went to see this building which looked interesting though I could not find who has the place.

This place was next door though

This is the main HQ for Oxfam so if you want to know where you money goes when you donate well In my opinion most of it goes to running this place and paying wages and is one of the reasons I will not give to big charities like this.

 On my was back I met my son coming out of the scanner unit

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