Monday 31 July 2023

Three years later


Three years ago I took this photo of some poppies in a field not far from where I live, over to the right you can see a Thatched cottage 

 Three years later it has all changed

 There is a footpath that is open now which meanders around the edge of the estate

It also connects to  the estate

 The estate is called Poppy fields, no doubt the poppy head and seeds  sculpture are a nod at this

The butterfly another nod as they are a rarity around here so it's about the only one you will see

 The poppy head a sad reminder of what we have lost.

Take Care

Saturday 29 July 2023

St Mary Weston on the Green



I would hate to know the number of times I drove through this village on my way to Silverstone of  or Mallory Park race circuits before the M40 was built. it never seemed much of a village with an RAF station on the outside and a few houses along the roadside. Never occurred to me there was more to it along with St Mary's Church

Thursday 27 July 2023

Light and Dark


I took this sunset was towards the end of June and was struck with the contrast of the light and dark clouds caused by the setting sun

Looking out of the bedroom window I noticed the clouds glowing beneath the dark rain clouds

Zooming in they shone with light

Almost lighting up the dark clouds

The setting sun fought off the darkness but it did rain a little
Take Care

Monday 24 July 2023

Banbury Cross


I seem to be getting lax on getting photos to use during the week but I did remember some I took in Banbury one evening while wandering around

The fine Lady on her horse

Not far away is Banbury Cross

This was where I was heading, a church which unfortunately was closed. It did not stop me wandering around the churchyard

Where I spotted this little fellow

He even stopped to pose for me

Take Care

Saturday 22 July 2023

St Nicholas & St Swithun Yelford


I doubt many people know of St Nicholas & St Swithun Yelford it is so well hidden from the road, there is even no sign to tell you it is there not to mention being tucked back up a path beside the entrance to a house but it is a nice little church to visit for some peace.

Thursday 20 July 2023

Dark Clouds


After looking out the patio windows  one evening back in June I noticed dark clouds, I felt they needed recording

These clouds looked foreboding

Could they contain rain

As dark as they look I do not remember any rain coming. I did enhance them a little to give the darker look. It showed up how the clouds looked like they were boiling
Happy Skywatch

Monday 17 July 2023

Woody's back


 First a couple of photos I got after last weeks blog. I had the wildlife camera out and was surprised when I found I captured a couple of sparrows in flight

The male was flying away with his prize

Then a female came to have a try while another had it's head in the feeder

A few days later we looked out the window and saw Woody on the peanuts

These were taken with a long lens

Next day it was raining and he looked bedraggled  but I got a few photos with my phone using the zoom

He was keeping a watch in case any one mad an appearance. Since then he has been back a few times, I'll see if I can get him with my wildlife camera next

Take Care

Saturday 15 July 2023

St Giles Stanlake


I never knew about St Giles Church in Stanlake until recently  when I took notice in a book I have called Oxfordshires Best Churches where it is mentioned. The one thing I noticed was I have visited over half the ones mentioned in the book so it seemed the right thing to do in visiting it

Monday 10 July 2023

The Feeder


We seem to have a few sparrows flying around our garden and going to the bird feeder. I sat on the patio the other day with my camera and 400mm zoom lens taking photos

One sat in the cherry tree

Looking alert 

On the ground looking from seeds fallen from the feeder

A good number of seed fall or get dropped when they are on it

 A male looks on ready to fly off

One watches one feeds

The whole family  get on there

I took these from inside the house as the gold finches would not feed while I was near

This little fellow only fed when I was in  the house, It took a while till he came on the fat balls

It pleases me to see them feeding, though our dog has something to say when he sees the pigeon and chases them off
Take Care

Saturday 8 July 2023

St John the Evangelist Catholic church Banbury



Funny enough I have gone past this church years ago but this time I found the church open so took some photos inside. Found St John the Evangelist Catholic church Banbury very nice and peaceful.