Saturday 23 December 2023

St Peter & St Paul Worminghall


St Peter & St Paul Worminghall. is a nice old Norman church not far from Oxford with some interesting old features in the church and beautiful stained glass.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Thursday 21 December 2023

Sunrise, Sunset, sunrise


As this is my last Skywatch for 2023 I thought I would make it a good one and I think two sunrises does that nicely though I have to admit I did not take the second sunrise

November I find it always good for sunrises and sunsets but to see both the same day is not usual so when I saw the morning glow when I got up I had to get some photos out the bedroom window

The was a beautiful glow on the horizon

That seem to last for quite a while

Later in the evening looking out the kitchen window I could not help but notice the pink clouds so I went to the bathroom to get a better view looking south

The clouds were glowing where the sun set

They looked quite beautiful back to the south

But a wide view made it even more so

I felt really pleased I had seen to have seen both sun rise and sunset

But even more please to get this sent to me by Robin a fellow blogger in California, the sunrise there. Seeing two sunrises is something else. May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Happy Skywatch 

Monday 18 December 2023

Some Random Photos


As this is the last post before Christmas I thought I would show a few random  photos I took that normally I would not post

Holly Berries in the winter the blackbirds will eat them

Swans over on the River Kennet, if the see you they will swim over expecting food

The sign tells you what it is. This was one of the runways that the D Day forces would have us. The Building at the end Diamond Light Source is where I used to work. None of this is here now as a new building is being built fro Maderna to make vaccines

Floating Duck house though as you can see a goose is nesting there

Yew tree at Didcot Church, it has to be over 1000 years old

Wooden sculpture, this was at a place called the Silvia Foundation where they teach traditional wood craft

Blackbird which was pecking around on the flowerbed we were making

Mobile scanners, I took this when I was over in Oxford the other day. Last time I saw a scanner it was in the factory being built

As this will be my last post this year I will leave you with this photo taken in our local church and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 

Take Care


Saturday 16 December 2023

St Mary Magdalene Shabbington


This week The Church Explorer revisits St Mary Magdalene  Shabbington. My first visit I found the church locked but decided to look again after visiting another church not far away. The church was worth the visit as I found some very welcoming parishioners there.  

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Morning and afternoon


Taken back in mid November two different skys

 Early morning at 6.44

The cloud just colouring from the rising sun

Across the river in nearby Ipsten at a church I visited about 13:14 blue skys and clouds

Looking down the churchyard clouds hide some of the sky

Happy Skywatch

Monday 11 December 2023

More Lights


Well it is Christmas and as I said I would go out and check on the lights along a different road hear they are 

This is the road all lit up

Everyone has decorations in the garden or on the house

Walk past this one in daylight and you will see a cabinet full of teddies in some scene, it changes once a month or so

This is how it looks tonight

Beautifully lit up

All the teddies waiting fro Christmas

Don't forget to look in the garden

Raindeer's in another

Right at the top you find the North Pole

Last week you saw the tree in the village centrer, here it is all lit up.

Take Care

Saturday 9 December 2023

St Mary Magdalene Woodstock


This week The Church Explorer visit St Mary Magdalene  Woodstock, a market town a few miles from Oxford near the Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday 7 December 2023

Moon in a Blue Sky


Took these back in November after letting our dog out and looking up at the sky to see a few wispy clouds and the moon with a star

This is zoomed a little, the moon can be seen with a star under it

Normal view from my phone

Portrait view of the scene

 Happy Skywatch

Monday 4 December 2023

Christmas Countdown


 Friday I happen to drive past this tree as they were erecting it so I popped back later and got a photo. Since then I have see it lit up so that will be my next trip take a photo at night

 This evening my wife noticed the star shining from our back window

So as I was going out I went and took this photo down the street

 Just around the corner along the road I was walking this place stood out. People were busy over the weekend. I still have visit a  few other places in the village and see what lights are on there so watch out for the next installment

Saturday 2 December 2023

St Mary the Virgin Black Bourton


 This week the Church Explorer visits St Mary the Virgin Black Bourton  which is quiet a stunning old church this with some medieval wall paintings and beautiful Norman priest door. The churchyard also has one of the biggest Commonwealth War Grave cemeteries I have seen in a village


Thursday 30 November 2023

Rainbow Road


A double rainbow along the road, wee it was rude not to get a photo now 

It was a beauty a full rainbow with a second just forming above

Zooming in on the colorful arch

The other side not quite as bright
I'll leave you with a second look at this stunning rainbow
Happy Skywatch