Monday 28 August 2023

July Walk


I forgot about this little walk I took with my wife back in July 

The walk took us to a place called Lollingdon, the shot looks towards Lollingdon Hill with some menacing clouds overhead 

Taking  footpath back we pass some cows sheltering under trees watching us

Further on the footpath takes you near this pylon which I remember being erected back in the 1960's

as you get nearer you get an idea as to the side

A view up the centre, I have done this before but then I did not have to contend with the weeds that grow around it leaving you covered in seeds and darts

On the was to the Bullshole through the field of barley

a last look back to the pylon

Saturday 26 August 2023

All Saints Headington


The week the Church Explorer visits  All Saints Headington on an opportunist visit to this lovely Victorian church which has some beautiful stained glass windows.

Thursday 24 August 2023

Random skys


 Finishing off my week at the flower show, I thought it rude not to show some sky shots that I had taken and did not use

Bird feeder with Rudbeckia growing around it

 This one I did enter in Blue

It was part of this sunflower growing in the allotment

Allotment with blue sky

Took it for allotment

You saw the onion shot that won on Tuesday, I took a few more like this one

I also took another shot of the sunflowers because they looked so good with the sky behind.
Happy Skywatch

Sunday 20 August 2023

The Show Photos


 Last week I showed a few of the photos I did not use in the village flower show which was the 80th anniversary of the event

 These four photos were a theme showing the local church

This one of the two insect photos I entered

The letter "O" is represented here

I put in two for the Allotment, this one I set up bringing over a fork and trug, I borrowed the vegetables off a lady picking them nearby and returned them after. I do not know who's allotment it was

I took this one in the heatwave last year

Last this one depicted the Thames and was taken over ten years ago

 I also entered a couple of Cucumbers. The photos I have show all got a first, the second to last a Second and the last one a Highly Commended which I did not realise I had been given. Not only that my wife won a first for her knitting and a third for a drawing and my son was awarded a first for some artwork. All in all a very successful even for us.

Take Care

Saturday 19 August 2023

St Cammarch Llanammarch Wells



Llanammarch Wells is one of the  four spa villages in the area it is dominated by St Cammarch's church which stands on a hill and replaced a former church that was here 

Thursday 17 August 2023

Llanwrtyd View


 Back at the end of July I visited some churches in Wales, I showed the views from one last week. This week the views are from another and even more spectacular

I had parked up and walked in to the church not taking much notice of what was around me Went I went to the top of the churchyard I was hit by the view

Going back down you look at the mountains opposite

You get an amazing view looking south along the back of the church

And when you turn around you see this

It was a beautiful setting

I mean how could you miss a view like this, I did

Happy Skywatch

Monday 14 August 2023

Some photos I did not use


This week see the annual flower show for our village where you can show off your handicrafts and produce. This year my wife & I decided to enter, I made a new birdhouse and took some photos to enter. Here are a few photos I did not use
One of the classes was four photos using a theme
As I visit a lot of churches I thought that could work 

I selected a few

But in the end rejected the idea and went with one using four photos about this church

I did consider using four photos of bees but decided against this as well

Thought about using this for blue but I felt it did not look right 

I also gave up on this for blue as well.
I will show you some of the photos I did enter next week.

Saturday 12 August 2023

Eglwys Oen Duw Beulah


Eglwys Oen Duw Beulah roughly translates to The Church of the Lamb of God. I noticed it many years ago when I drove past with my wife on our way to visit The Llyn Brianne Reservoir. I thought at the time I must try and visit some time, it took a few years but I finally managed it.

Monday 7 August 2023

Llanlleonfel Church Views


If you follow my Church Explorer blog you will have see the church I am talking about. The church sands at the top of a small hill and when I drove up to park my car I did not take much notice of what was nearby. When I came out the view was staring me in the face

This was looking east towards Garth

Looking at the map this is Garth Bank

Looking west in the Beulah direction

Wider view looking east

Being I was using my iphone I took a panoramic view 

Take Care

Saturday 5 August 2023

Llanlleonfel Church


Finding Llanlleonfel Church ist not easy because it is set back up a track on the top of a hill hidden from view behind a ring of trees, there is no sign telling you where to go only what you see on a map. The church is not far from a village called Garth and worth a look if you know where it is.