Thursday 30 April 2020

Night Skywatch

Last week I read about the Skylink satellites that were going to be seen in the night sky, good opportunity I think to get some photos at night. Now this is something I have not down in a while so a little trial & error ensued.

Well that is the result from my back garden, as you can see the light pollution is terrible but then considering there are housing estates and towns nearby they came out ok. I intend to get some more when I get back to Wales where the is less pollution but I think that will be a little time yet. I did see the satellites on a few occasions but missed getting a photo. 
Never mind Stay Safe
Happy Skywatch 

Monday 27 April 2020

Sixth Garden Blog

It does seem a little surreal writing blogs on my garden, this is the sixth one, has it been that long before we were told not to go out. I that time my garden has changed a lot with flowers coming out and dying off.
 The runner beans just keep growing and now live in a cold frame to harden off, hopefully the will be getting planted out later this week

In the greenhouse the Cucumbers, and tomatoes have been potted on continue to grow well. The aubergines lag a little but do look like they are starting to grow. The Carrots are getting bigger as well

The is a favourite place to sit with a cup of tea when we have the  table and chairs there

 This clematis has come into flower and looks wonderful

It grows on a pyramid on one side opposite this potato vyne 

which is also coming into flower as well.

 Purple and white lilac flowers behind the greenhouse
 While flowering near the house another clematis flowers 

I will end this week with a photo of this little clematis which was only planted just before the virus raised it's ugly head, it is starting to grow and has had it's first flowers.
Take Care everyone.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday 25 April 2020

The Fair Mile Chapel

This week I am writing in the Church Explorer about the old chapel at Fair Mile Hospital that was, I have never written any thing on the chapel in the Church Explorer so I thought I would do an extended piece about it. 

Stay safe everyone and Take Care

Thursday 23 April 2020

A Rare Sight

This was a rare sight in these times, a plane leaving a skytrail as the sun went down

Onto something to cheer us up, Apple blossom
Slightly pink going on here
Clouds behind
Remember the tree last week it was a Horse Chestnut tree or Conker tree as all the kids know them. 
Nearby a garden down you can see this beautiful Oak tree, it sheds leaves in the Autumn most of which seem to end up in our garden
Happy Skywatch 
Stay Safe Everyone

St Georges Day

It is St Georges Day in England, not that we celibate it with a bank holiday like it should be but people do in their own way as I noticed on my way to pick up a prescription from the vets this morning .

 There is an ex schoolteacher who has a display case she puts teddies in celebrating something, I noticed St George
 Not only that there is the Dragon he is about to slay
But this was the one I loved, a little girl had dressed her teddy for the occasion in a Scout neckerchief and woggle. waving the  flag of St George
Sat Safe everyone

Monday 20 April 2020

How the Beans Grow

This week it's more from my Garden, hope your not getting bored with what I show. Lots going on at the moment with the greenhouse  and the rest of the garden
The runner beans are really growing well and the roots are now coming out the bottom of the pot

But they will have to wait another week or so before I plant them out, even the dwarf beans are growing well

Very pleased with the cucumbers and the Tomatoes I planted about the same time seem to be growing as well though I'm not sure about them at the moment

Outside on the Dovecote post a clematis is now flowering after being planted last year. Looking forward to seeing how well it grows

The flowers look beautiful

In one of the raised beds Bluebells grow, don't let the beauty fool you they are a bane in my garden. I pull them up when they go over. They are the Spanish verity and I missed them when I built the bed so they go down deep. The other bed they were in I dug the whole lot out and dumped them in the council compost bin

This is a potato vine I have been trying to grow over our pergola by the shed. It replaced a clematis that died

This is a lilac that came into flower out the front of the house, my wife nurtured it from a twig she found growing in a flowerbed and rather than let it bush out made it into a small tree
I will leave you with this collage of some of the flowers in the garden 
Take care and stay safe
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday 18 April 2020

The Churches Conservation Trust

This week in the Church Explorer I will be showing some of the Churches Conservation Trust churches I visited on my travels. Do click the link and check some of them out.