Monday 27 June 2016

Village of Tichborne

Back in March I visited this church in Tichborne for my Church Explorer Blog. After taking my photos I took a few around the Village

In the parking are beside the church is this seat

 which over looks the Village

Might add if you walk round the churchyard you look out on this view of the surrounding countryside

I stopped off for a few photos through the Village, this way takes you towards the church

and back through the Village

Village pub is called the Tichborne Arms and I must admit looked tempting to visit as it was lunchtime

Opposite you can see the old village post office

which from what is see is now just residential

Nearby is an nice row of terraced cottages

along with a few further along going towards where I took the first photos

I'll leave you with a photo of an old telephone box which from the look is still in use
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Culham Church

Visited back in march for The Church Explorer and found some interesting items in the church

Over the entrance was the coat of arms on the left which in a way was Victorian and I have not come across one from then before.
To the right the church banner which is an embroidery

It was beside the altar I found these paintings of different saints

Unfortunately I'm not very good at recognising them

I'll leave you with one of the two Funerary Hatchment's, that were also in the church

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Thursday 23 June 2016

Going Home

I took this photo through the windscreen as we were going back home. The view shows the Wye Valley going from Builth Wells the small hamlet you see is called Llanelwedd

Monday 20 June 2016

Ovington Village

 Back in the Begining of March I happened to be down near Winchester visiting a few churches. On of them was in a place called Ovington where I took some time to get a few photos from round the village

Looking down the road beside the church

Just along the road from the last photo

From the churchyard you could see these cottages

 that had the builders initials on a stone at the end

The cottages looks the typical type you would expect to see out in a country village

Gates leading to the manor house
 and looking back along the road near the gates

The house here from what I can make out used to be the old village post office

this is a view you get coming ito the village of Ovington
 The other end now and I presume the local pub

  Looking up the road from nea rthe pub towards the Village of Ovington

This path runs past th epub

and goes over a bridge crossing the River Itchen and heads off to a village called Itchen Stoke

The river  is one of the cleanest I've seen

 Time to go, only sad I did not visit the pub as I was off to the next place I wanted to visit
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Ovington Church

Took these a few weeks ago while visiting some churches. This church is relatively new so no really old wall paintings but did have a few interesting mosaics.

Over the door you can see this Funerary Hatchment and behind the alter this tiled cross

 Most of the churches I visit have embroidered kneelers which are works of art in their own right

But this roll of Honour I thought was best being as it is made from ceramic tiles. A lot of thought and work went into making this memorial to Honour the fallen in World War One
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