Thursday 29 November 2018

Late Fireworks

So bonfire night had finished apart from a few fireworks being let off over the next night or so. A quite week then a week later I heard an almighty bang, and looking outside saw fireworks being let off on the other side of the allotments. Who ever had the party going there was not crimping on cheap fireworks as you will see

Time to try the firework mode out on my Canon SX740

These were really loud bangs going off

Making a wonderful display

The fireworks were amazing

Making huge starbursts

I was loving it, no doubt so was every one else

The fireworks were the best I had seen in a while

But they had to come to an end. Next year I keep an eye out for them again and see if I can get more photos.

Monday 26 November 2018

End of the Barns

Many years ago I took this photo of some old barns outside the village, they had become dilapidated and one had collapsed

Eventually the barn was removed and the others renovated and another built

One of the ones built is out of site over to the right of the photos but the looked better and they were used by some business or other

Then the other week I walked past and they were gone, all of them demolished

All you could see was the demolition machine and lots of tracks

This is looking at the site the other way towards the north the large area that is lighter was were one of the newer barns used to be. It's quite a big site so I assumed that it would be used for new business units but no, I looked up the planning and five blocks of housing is going in here three of them looking like barns. I await to see what the look like and cost.
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Saturday 24 November 2018

St Michael Letcombe Bassett

This weeks Church Explorer comes from St Michael Letcombe Bassett  a church that dates back to the 12th century with some nice features to it

Click the link in the post to see more of the church

Thursday 22 November 2018

Sun on the Dark Sky

Early this month I went out to put the rubbish in the bin and noticed how dark the sky looked and the fact the sun was still shining, I thought the trees were highlighted by the sun, well I had to get my camera

 From the side patio the oak tree was lit by the sun

 These trees stood silhouetted by the clouds

 Like the golden hue on the dark cloud 

The oak tree with dark and light

In the distance another tree shone with the dark cloud behind. Lucky it did not rain.
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Monday 19 November 2018

The Allotments

I have been keeping an eye on the new housing being built at East End Farm and after the buildings had been demolished I went back to look from the allotments that were on the edge of the old farm

This is the view down towards where the farm building used to be not long after the demolition crew had gone in July

 Come the end of August work had begun and the footings for the new houses and the roads was on the way

 Behind me the allotments were suffering in the summer heat

 The allotments looked well kept with all types of plants and vegetables growing, this one had been covered in plastic sheet to make the weeds die off so the ground can be cultivated 

 Other plots had crops growing or had been cleared for the next crop

These allotments are always well used and though you can't see them people are working on their plots and getting one means being on a waiting list. From my point of view I'm glad they are used it would be sad to see them go and be built on like East End Farm
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Saturday 17 November 2018

St Andrew Letcombe Regis

This weeks church from the Church Explorer comes from St Andrews Letcombe Regis, a church in the heart of the an area famous for Horse Racing Stables 

Monday 12 November 2018

Greenhouse sky

Spotted this beautiful blue sky a few weeks ago when I was at Garden Center in Henley

Coffee & Croissant

Remembrance Sunday

Over the weekend we had Remembrance Sunday you may have seen the post I published. Cholsey commemorated the centenary of the ending of the First World War like other towns and villages through out the country. They all celebrated in their own way.

 During the week Cholsey Remembers 1914-1918 was fixed to the chains that surrounded the Forty

It was made up poppies knitted by the local people

 Sunday the number 100 was placed near the memorial, each poppy had a name of one of one of the fallen from Cholsey who gave their life. There were over 60 making the number up

 I could not tell you if they were placed in order

 But each poppy had a name

Every man who lost his life was remembered

 The Chestnut tree was decorated with poppies. The tree was probably  one of the last things the men saw of the village when they went off to war

The memorial was decorated with stones which were painted by the village primary school then placed in a box. People were asked to pick one and place around the memorial after the service

People were asked to place a stone in memory of someone they knew from the war

The walnut tree you can see in the distance was also decorated though with less poppies and a black ribbon I found out after that there are 100 poppies here which we given to the the organiser but as they were different to the ones being sold they were used in the display you see. The last post was played by a young girl from the school and added to the occasion. Personally I felt it was fitting remembrance of those men from the village who gave their lives in such a terrible war.
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