Monday 27 October 2014

A Trip to London

Face it we all have days when we wished we had stayed in bed, well Sunday was one of those days for my wife & I. We had wanted to go to the Tower of London to see the Poppy's before they went. The last one is due to be planted on Remembrance day 11th November.The day started by catching a train from our local station and I wondered if the train was on time then realised we were on the wrong platform as they had changed lines. Nice start but we caught the train and we were off on our Journey. More problems happened when we got to Paddington and found the Circle line was closed at the station we wanted to go to so we took another. We got off at Westminster which was actual near the place we wanted to visit The Jewel Tower but both of us were under the impression it was near the Tower of London and that was along the embankment. Both of us thought it would be a short walk, no it was around 45 mins but gave us the chance to see the Thames and walk along some of the Thames Path.

Yep we got off the tube near this place

and this is across the river. I went on it back in 2000, mind you I did not go much on the London Aquarium next door when we visited that after.

Walking along by the river we passed these two monuments, you might recognise Cleopatra's Needle

HMS President, I'd like to know how they got it this far up the Thames 

 This Bridge

and the remains of this one

the shard was always in sight

The wobbly bridge also known as the Millennium Bridge, least they have sorted out the wobble now
 On the way past we spied St Paul's

Then the Globe
 The Tower St. Mary Somerset church

spotted a couple of canons

 HMS Belfast

and Tower Bridge

Finally got sight of the poppy's we had come to see
 Lot of activity going on

carefully watched over by a Beefeater

Big crowd of people on tower hill, doubt it's seen that many since they were having public executions here way back when

Finally we had had enough of the crowds so went home via a different route passing this public art called Paieys On Pilers in Aldgate

We got back to Paddington and went off to spend a penny well 30 pence now that was 72 penny's in old money. Think I'd have been very shocked as a child if I had know that is how much I'd be paying in the future. Best of it all was the turnstile would not let me through so I had to call an attendant. My wife had the same problem  (but I won't tell you what happened to her & the turnstile) I'd have been better off waiting and going on the train for free. Did I enjoy my day, with all the problems we had no and we were glad to get home. I 'm not good with crowds like we met so the next visit will be planned a bit better. Below is a short video I took at the Tower of London of the Poppy's

Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Sunday 26 October 2014

Baker Street

I don't think it would be hard to guess where I took this. Just happened to go to London yesterday and could not help myself taking this photo of Bakers Street most famous inhabitant.

Taking Part in Monday Mural

Saturday 25 October 2014

Sunday Photo


I spotted this photoshoot going on at Wallingford Castle gardens today in he sunshine looked like they were having fun.

Have a nice Day

Thursday 23 October 2014

A Welsh Valley

Hope your not bored with my photos from Wales. This one is from up along the mountain road to Aberystwyth I took it when we stopped off to get a few photos.

Happy Skywatch

Monday 20 October 2014

The Dress Rehearsal

Yesterdays post was about the advertising of the Play Oh What a Lovely War which is being put on by the Sinoden Players at the Corn Exchange in Wallingford. Today I will show you the theatre and some of the play itself during the dress rehearsal 

Looking down from the top of the auditorium towards the stage, The flags you see are the country's that were involved in the first war

This is what you see from the back of the stage

some of the costumes hanging on a rail

Couple of props

Start of the play

One of the songs in the play

The girls in costume during the play
One of the scenes from the trenches

This lady played Emily Pankhurst

Another of the songs in the play

Looking up at the actors

This was one of my favorite photos I took of the show

The final chorus in the show
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Sunday 19 October 2014

Oh What a Lovely War

This weeks Mural is a bit of an ad for the Sinoden Players in Wallingford. I was asked to take some photos of the actors by the Producer of the show (well my son volunteered me) and who was I to turn the chance.  The show is on from the 20th - 25th of October and my son is one of the actors in the show. Tomorrows Our World Tuesday I will show some internal views of the Theater and a few from the Dress Rehearsal.

The Corn Exchange in Wallingford Market Place which is now a Theatre and where the Sinoden Players are based. Agatha Christie was a past patron

The main poster for for the show outside the Theatre. Break a Leg Guys.
Taking Part in Monday Mural
PS I just realised this is my 600th post