Friday 28 February 2014

Lifeboat on the A34

Spotted this along the A34 last Sunday, wonder if they know something we don't

Have a good weekend

Flooded Footpath

Last Week I showed a photo of a sign poking out of some floods, well here you can see said floods and where the sign was pointing

 The bridleway as you can see is well flooded from Ground water

 The sign is to the right & points in that direction

The path goes under this bridge which at the moment is about waste deep in water. Gona be a while befor any one can go through.
Lucky there is a bridge nearby. Taking part in Our World Tuesday
I'll post some photos of the other side in another post

Morning Skytrails

Just to prove we don't have rain all the time. This was Monday morning as I got to work, the contrails are being formed by planes going places.

We were lucky as we had a few days of intermittent sun

and the odd cloud
 Still back to reality, it's raining again.

 Taking part in Skywatch Friday

Monday 24 February 2014

Putting on the Roof

Fitting the roof on the Diamond Ring Building

The photo was taken a few weeks after I started work at this place and is a stitch of three photos

Monday 17 February 2014


Start the week of with some spring flowers, snowdrops taken in my Garden
Happy Monday

Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Floods are Back

A few weeks ago I showed some photos of Goring and the floods there. At the time the water was not that high and the place seemed to escape the worst. Sunday I visited again only to find things a lot worse.

I took a photo  near the bridge last time and you could see the river, the building on the left is the Old Mill
 This is the mill stream which drives the wheel, normally it flows under the bridge, as you can see its under the water.
 Goring weir
 The Swan, if you look you can see the water being pumped out of the place
Looking upstream towards Cleeve. The Thames is due to get higher yet as there is more rain on the way. Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Monday 10 February 2014

The Last from the Underpass

These are the last of the photos I have taken from the underpass in Reading. These are also the last proper Murals I have. All I have to offer now is some Graffiti, painted wall signs and what we in the UK call ghost signs.
The first one you see here has at least been spared the destruction of tagging

 The second here looks like it is depicting more moder children than the previous ones I have shown.
Taking Part in Monday Mural

10 Feb 1943

As it is the 71years since this happened I'm reshowing this blog.
This is the window from St Laurence in Reading, It was damaged in and air raid on the 10 Feb 1943. A plaque on the base reads
 "This tracery formed part of what was the West Window of St Laurence's Church. It was dislodged during an enemy action on February 10th 1943."

What it fails to mention are the 41 poor souls who lost their lives nearby. To me it is a stark reminder of that day. Since writing this blog a plaque was unveiled near the spot where this happened. You can read more in my blog 10th Febuary 1943.

Friday 7 February 2014

Dawn of the Day

Been out of it due to no computer so have missed my Skywatch well time to catch up with a couple from work taken as you can see at Dawn.

On a couple of different days

Taking Part in Skywatch Friday.
Have a good weekend

Thursday 6 February 2014

Back at the Oracle

Remember a while ahgo I posted a few photos of the Oracle shopping well this year it suffered in the flooding and here is what it looked like on Monday

 Looking towards the Watlington road bridge

 Not a lot of clearance there

Don't think any one will be walking there for awhile. The Thames had gone down around half a meter last time I looked but as you can see the Kennet is still backed up.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Fishing by the Kennet

Newbury on Sunday, noticed this guy quietly fishing beside the lock in Newbury. He looked quite happy in his own little world away from the rest of the town.

 Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

A view from on High

Different skywatch this week, fed up with rain and floods. These two photo were taken out the window of the third floor at the  JR Hospital in Oxford looking west

Happy Skywatch Friday

Monday 3 February 2014

Bus Shelter Mural

Finaly have a new laptop but still working a few things out with it as it is Windows 8 and I need to get my head round how it works. In the meantime I'll start posting again though it will be more of a random Daily Photo for a while.
This weeks Mural I came across a while ago but noticed it on Friday while I was out and passing through a village called Steadhampton. It's a mural painted in a Bus Shelter which looks like it may have been done buy the local school and brightens up a dull looking bus shelter.

Taking part in Monday Mural

Sunday 2 February 2014