Tuesday 28 February 2017

Pink Flamingos

Whitchurch on Thames

Whitchurch is just over the river Thames from my last weeks post of Pangbourne its a small village which has one of the two remaining toll bridges over the Thames still in use.

Panbourne Lock from bank 

Above is an old slipway leading to the river, no doubt a ferry used to be here to join with the other side, On the left the doctors surgery fro Pangbourne, think its built on an old boatyard 

because this boat windlass can be seen on show 

above Whitchurch bridge as it was then, it's since been replaced, on the left a scene on the river looking towards Whitchuch Lock

 This side looks towards Reading

 A view of Whitchurch Lock and the toll house at the end of the bridge

 It is worth stopping for a view towards the church and manor

The toll House and booth, unlike the one at Eyensham this one costs 60p to cross and the has barriers that only lift when you paid. Eynsham the guy stands and takes your 5p and no barrier, the bridge is also a lot older

 Historic tolls listed on a plague shown in Pounds Shillings & Pence
A lot of other toll houses  have this painted on a wooden board.

The toll booth which is quite a posh affair 

Looking back towards the booth, house and bridge from Whitchurch. A few years ago the bridge wars rebuilt again and was shutdown which you can read about in this link Whitchurch Bridge
Here is a time-lapse  of the demolition 

And the opening of it

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thursday 23 February 2017

Sunrise in at the Village

Taken back in January when I took the dog to the vets for a checkup. A frosty morning and sunrise

The sun rises over the old Fairmile Hospital site 

  And shines it light over on the village 

Over the other side of the bridleway the sun lights up the Chiltern Hills 

And a blue sky promises a beautiful day in the Village

Tuesday 21 February 2017

The Invisible Man


These photos were taken many years ago when I visited Pangbourne to look a couple of Churches and take some photos around the village. Pangbourne lays on the River Thames where the River Pang joins it. The Railway also runs past just behind where I am stood taking the photo below.  One of the first things you see when you come into the village from the station side is this sign, I remember it appearing when I went to school one day. It depicts the King of Mercia who granted some land here. Now quite what a King of Mercia was doing owning land in Wessex is beyond me. The ship I suppose represents the Vikings who were always raiding the area as the had a stronghold in Reading

Going a little further along you see the road leading through the town

the junction here takes you to Theale on the right and Reading straight ahead

A little way along the Theale road are these old buildings, one you can see is the Post Office

Old shop fonts and a pub

The Post Office entrance which I don't think is use now

These old cottages are opposite the church

and is at the bottom of Shooters Hill

I think this may be an old dovecote but the cottage on the left here was where Kenneth Grahame lived till he died in 1932

Another view of the pub on the Theale road

The Hotel I remember here near the Tee junction was called the Elephant could not tell you what it's called now

Above the River Pang which goes to giving Pangbourne it's name

The centre of the town looking towards Reading

The George Hotel

Old shop fronts here have not changed much since Victorian times

Above the road leading to Witchurch and the George again on the left

The Witchurch road heads on under this bridge past this Ghost sign.

I'll bring you some photos of what is on the other side of the bridge in another blog. Have a Great Tuesday

Thursday 16 February 2017

Denby Sky

To finish off my Denby theam this week a photo showing the sky over Denby Pottery

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Tea for Two